Cheetah Love

It’s a known fact: I am filled with Cheetah Love! It’s a serious love that expands to scarves, shoes, swimsuits, pillows, coffee mugs, what have you. (In fact, as I write, I am draped in a cozy cheetah throw!) It isn’t limited to the traditional color scheme; it ventures into red and black and turquoise. The love is mutual as Cheetah loves me back. It offers me confidence with an attitudinal shift in my stature.

Here’s a little Cheetah Love for the day. Enjoy! And make sure to link below if you are so interested in any of these lovely finds.


  1. Cheetah Kaftan
  2. Cheetah One Piece Swimsuit
  3. Cheetah Pumps
  4. Cheetah Tee
  5. Cheetah Bikini
  6. Cheetah Coat
  7. Cheetah Clutch