Boho Romper in Luang Prabang

I bought this boho romper just for my travels to Luang Prabang. I’ll often do that: buy a special outfit that I think will suit the destination for where I’m traveling. It was by chance that we happened upon a bamboo bridge that matched my boho romper perfectly. This bamboo bridge is only up for part of the year; when the rains become to heavy, they have to take the bridge down. Because this bridge is made by the local family that uses it, they charge a nominal fee to cross. I wasn’t too scared to cross the bridge–I figured if we fell, I’d be able to swim in the river. The structure of this bridge is rather amazing–check out how it’s supported by the diagonal bamboo poles inserted into the river. Our days were spent on bicycles in this cute little town–with a stop at the local Joma for an iced coffee. (And baked good of course! Scroll all the way down to see this day’s treat….)

This day’s treat along with the iced coffees was carrot cake.

Do you buy a special item to match where your traveling to?

I’m Lucky! A Reflection on Travel


I’m lucky, very lucky. I’m lucky in travel. When Kevin and I met, travel was definitely a common denominator for both of us. We met in Italy–I always add to this statement that even though we met in Italy, my husband is not Italian. When we fell in love, it happened fast. After just one month he declared he loved me through a kazoo on the top of the Pink Palace in Corfu, Greece. I said it back! Then the rest of that time in Greece we daydreamed about how we could travel together. What could we with our lives to allow for travel?


After that junior year abroad, we did return home to the States to finish our schooling. The traveling started then: I finished university in Seattle at the University of Washington while Kevin finished in Spokane at Gonzaga University. We flipped flopped back and forth all that last year always avoiding our parents’ homes, and yes we did get busted a few times sneaking around to see one another.


Fast forward past some life experiences that I’ll save for another post. We both went back to school to become teachers. One day, early on in our schooling, Kevin saw a flyer for an international educators fair. Upon some further research and absolutely no convincing, we signed up for the fair. I did have one concern though: I wasn’t going to move overseas with him without being married. We were engaged in November and got our first international job that February. We planned our wedding, got married on July 25th of 1997, and moved to El Salvador five days later. We’ve been traveling ever since!


We don’t actually have travel plans for our upcoming spring break–which has me a bit bummed, but it’s ok. I know how lucky we are… We were just in Laos, before that Cambodia and Thailand, and before that the Philippines. That’s a lot of travel in past six months, and I leave on a school trip to Thailand this upcoming week. I am so lucky with travel! I don’t want to take it for granted, but it might be possible that I do. I love to travel though, and I love this life of travel that Kevin and I dreamed into being. It is safe to say that travel and traveling with Kevin is an integral part of our relationship.


Can you guess what prompted this reflection of travel? My new Laos skirt purchased from our recent travels! When I bought it, it was more of an apron. Then the shop tailor cuts off all the white bits of the top and the white strings that tie the apron together. He cuts down to the black and closes the seam adding elastic to the waist. I had to add the belt to give myself a waist–poof on poof at the tummy section is never a good look! Wait till I post pictures from Luang Prabang and you meet Baby V…. this is definitely my Baby V skirt!


Do you enjoy traveling? Or are you more of a homebody?
Come summer, when we hit our cabin, I definitely turn into a home body!

Merry Thai Christmas

Do you remember our trip to the Philippines in October? Remember how I was gushing about the Forever 21 in Clark, Philippines? Well. It was during that trip that I basically purchased all the holiday outfits I’d wear during this winter break holiday to Thailand. When I saw this bright off-the-shoulder red lacy dress, I knew for sure it was going to be my Christmas dress in Thailand. Here in Railay, Krabi, all these decorated longboats serve as the perfect celebratory backdrop. In a spot with no cars–except for an occasional hotel golf cart–these longboats are the mode of transportation. While obviously rickety, they are definitely a fun ride!

I’m about to make a very spoiled statement: I’ve lost track as to how many times we’ve visited this beautiful country. We first came to Thailand in 2000–we think. Back then we were living and working in Saudi Arabia for the airline company’s school; we travelled like banshees on I-90 tickets (in airline speak that means you pay 10% of the ticket but fly standby). We met both of Kevin’s brothers here in Bangkok. (Also within that 2 year time during our employment at the airline company, we also travelled to Hong Kong for the first time and definitely fell in love with our now current home!) Basically ever since living in India, Thailand has been the place we’d go for some luxurious yet affordable comforts. And yes, each trip always seems to end with some awesome shopping for Annie in Bangkok. (This trip we’re on will be no different!) The extremely special part of this trip is my sister is here! We spent two days with them already on their sailboat, and tomorrow we meet her and her family in Chiangmai Mai. (For moment to moment details follow my Instagram stories!)

Here’s my silver fox photographer. While he refuses to let me take videos of him, he’s really getting into the selfie these days. I guess, when I think back on our 20+ relationship, he’s always been up for a selfie–even before that’s what they were called!

Have you been to Thailand?

What sort of things would you like to see while I’m here?