Fall’s Must Have: The Plaid Suit

This plaid! It’s all over this fall. I venture to say that this plaid suit is the must have for the fall season and on into winter. I kept seeing all sorts of different variations all over Hong Kong, but then… on the best site of all, I found the perfect version of the plaid suit. Thanks to International Targé, I now have a plaid suit to wear with pride. I love this ensemble. Now, one might be thinking, “Huh?! All the way from Target?!” Well, with the shipping, this suit still came in under $100USD. This was a steal when I compare the versions at high street shops like Zara, H&M, and the Gap. Just the jacket alone is usually a tad shy of $100, yet at Target I was able to purchase the jacket, trousers, and pay for shipping under $100–this is a great deal. I’ll be shopping at International Target more often! Like a friend of mine told me: “Think of it as the taxi fair to town and back!” which is usually $20USD one way. Done and done!!

Do you have your plaid suit for fall?

Here’s the international link for the jacket and trouser.

And here’s the Stateside link for the jacket and trousers where you’ll appreciate free shipping! (So the suit before tax will be $63 USD. Now that’s a steal for a smart looking plaid suit!)

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Target Holiday Outfit and Gift Guide

Holiday Outfit from Target

Don’t worry: I will get to the gift guide from Target. But first things first–and that happens to be what am I going to wear for Christmas Eve!! We will be celebrating at my sister’s new house. It’s is utterly chic, and our Christmas celebration will be too. To my delight she has declared it a fancy affair, so I’m all about that. I feel determined to wear plaid dressed up, so to that end let me explain the above outfit details:

1. It’s all about THIS SKIRT! It’s long yet tailored and perfectly chic. The waistband cinches in the back to make a nice poofy bow. I can recall one of my dressmaking shenanigans where I tried to design a similar skirt–but this one is so much better. It is pricey at $80–Target’s prices are usually lower. BUT, this is THE holiday skirt. The cost per wear is going to surpass it’s heftier price tag.

2. OR 3. Now, I checked the plaid shirts in both the women’s and men’s section, but like usual, I also checked the kids’ section. From experience, I already know that the boys plaid shirts from Target are awesome: great, crisp cotton. So I found a typical Christmas plaid version OR a fun bright red one. Which one do you prefer?

4. These bow gloves are adorable and not limited to just Christmas Eve.

5. This ruby statement necklace would work with either shirt adding just a bit of glamour to the rather casual top.

6. OR 7. If I go with the Christmas plaid shirt, I’ll opt for the red and black statement earrings. On the other hand, these red and blue baubles would look great with the fun bright red plaid shirt.

8. OR 9. If I’m realistic, the lower heeled, knee-high boot is more practical for me and my hip recuperation, but in my dream world I would totally rock the pointy, stiletto heeled, sock bootie….

My Holiday Outfit from Target:

If I go with the Christmas plaid shirt with matching earrings and the knee-high boots the total is USD $207. If I opt for the red plaid shirt and high-heeled sock booties my total would be $197. To knock $50 off this outfit I could perhaps do without the statement necklace and simply go for just a pair of statement earrings as those are both only $8 dollars each!

Now on to the Pressies:

Target Gift Guide 1

Target Gift Guide 2

Target Gift Guide 3

*1. For the cute cook, some cute bowls

2. For the baker, a really nice kitchen tool

*3. For the coffee coniesseur, an instant espresso machine

4. For the elegant host, some gold flat wear

5. For the wine lover, a pretty bottle of wine

6. To help the wine lover, pretty, holiday stem wear 

7. For the lounger, a fuzzy pair of slippers 

**8. For the Christmas lover, a pine scented candle

9. For the recycler, a candle in a jar to be later re-used

*10. For the cozy craver, a faux fur throw

11. For the nail artist, a 12 pack of e.l.f. colors

12. For the makeup pro, nice, gold brushes

*13. For the true fashionista, a DK fashion book

*14. For the family, the two hour toy

15. For the make believer, a sweet doll house

16. For the engineer, a robot

*I’ve put an asterisk by those items on my actual Christmas list–helps the husby out! 

**I’ve already purchased 4 of these candles! I’ll keep some for myself and give the others as hostess gifts. 

Farmer Girl in Mon Kok

When Vincent saw what I was wearing on the day we went to investigate bearded dragons, he said I looked like a “farmer girl.” Well yeehah! I decided to live it up in the middle of Mon Kok’s streets!
(I’m actually not that tall, but don’t I look like I’m towering over these two little ladies!)

[Farmer Girl: Plaid shirt from the boys’ department at Target (I was trying to emulate the one Julie took.) / Cut-off Levi’s made with the Goddaughter with Style (Farfetched has some good ones.) / Red cowboy booties from the girls’ department at Zara (similar pair by Frye here) / Balenciaga knock-off from ages ago (story below)]

For me, my jewellery always has a story! The first turquoise strand was purchased during my year living on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation way back when. We visited the Hopi Tribe during on of their a pow wows, and this was what I picked up. The turquoise beaded necklace history may be found here. The turquoise pendant was from an amazing student of mine back in Bombay: Aliya Modi. I just did a Google search on her and tons of images came up! I must let her know every time I where the pendant I think of her! And the “K” I bought during this trip to Temple Street. We each had exactly $50 HK (about $6.50 US) to spend. It was a bit of a competition to see who could do the best; of course I think I did! And the silver strands holding the “K” were giving to me by my lovely mother-in-law, Jane. It’s hard for me to wear jewellery and not have it mean something; there’s a story behind everything!
Ahh this little blue bag….it has a history! So, I can’t remember what summer it was, but Julie and I were at Target, and she found this little bag. Of course I copied her and headed to the checkout. Once I got home, I was like, meh, I don’t need this. So I took it back–even thought it was only like $14.99. I don’t know why I took it back because it was really cute, but I did. Then, I hunkered into our 13 hour flight back to school for the start of the year. I opened up my Lucky magazine and started browsing. What do you know! Right there in the middle of the “Must Have for Fall” article was the little blue bag I had taken back! I grew panicky. I was anxious with dread. Why did I just keep the silly purse! Well, we were flying through Seoul with a night layover there. We checked into the airport hotel, and I noticed the business center on our floor. I said, “Kevin you go ahead. I’ll be right there.” Ahh, I hopped online and with in 5 minutes I ordered and shipped my little blue bag. What relief! I didn’t actually get to physically have the bag until the next summer. (We were living in India at time, and if I wanted to ever see it, it would be better to wait and retrieve it in person rather than send it.) I think this might have been my very first online purchase! Needless to say, I was able to sleep that night. Ha!

Have you ever done something this silly? Tell me about it.