This Season’s Tights: Pants Under Dresses

Pants under dresses–they’re everywhere. In fact it’s fair to say that pants under dresses are replacing tights! These black pants should look familiar; I just posted them on Monday’s post when I rant about Black Friday. This week, and mind you it’s only Wednesday(!), I’ve been having trouble getting dressed. I just can’t figure out what to wear, and I haven’t been feeling very stylish. Basically, I can hardly wait for December 1st to happen, so I can start wearing all my festive holiday clothing! So, in a funk at only Wednesday, hump day, I took the time to sort out my wardrobe. Winter dresses were pulled down, and this fun snake was added to my closet. Changing out my seasonal clothes is a bit like shopping! At any rate, I don’t have any black tights yet, but I do have these amazing black Who What Wear trousers from Target. As professed before, they are utterly perfect. In my opinion this cropped and flared style is excellent for wearing pants under dresses. In fact, I prefer it to a pair of tights. Have you given this rendition a try? Let me confess to feeling fun and flirty today. Ahhh, finally. I liked what I was wearing!

Both this dress and the belt were picked up at swaps. The belt is quite recent from the Rug Lane Markets–I couldn’t decide on the brown or black one, so I got both! The dress has quite a story: the short version is I was visiting my brother-in-law and family in Jakarta. His wife Jenn and I saw a garage sale–yes a literal garage sale! Stop the CAR!! This dress was snatched up in a jiffy. The last time I styled this dress, I wore over the knee boots, a little fringe vest, and no belt. Which way do you like better?

Black and brown isn’t a very popular color combo, but I love the chance to combine the two. My blogging friend, Carelia, over My Small Wardrobe, just brought this unpopular color combo up on her blog giving me extra incentive to prove, like her, that it’s possible. Check out her post here and don’t drool too much over her stunning skirt! Oh….to have that piece of Ralph Lauren vintage…. I dream!

So, what about you? Will you be adding pants under dresses? Or will you stick to tights?
I recommend this. It’s so, so very comfortable!