My Style Promises for 2016


For some reason, this is my favorite post from 2015. I just love these pants to no end,
and I like how I styled them here with a simple white tee. Also of note: my hair.
I can’t seem to get it to look like this again, but I’ll keep trying.

There’s no better way to start posting on Kremb de la Kremb in 2016 with a few style promises. Now granted, these style promises are things I will try to attempt during this coming year. Making style promises feels very safe since I love to get dressed every day, I get a thrill out of putting together outfits, and I enjoy helping others to feel stylish. They are little promises just to myself that I will consider and do my best at fulfilling. If I keep revisiting these style promises, it’s quite possible I could fulfil them throughout this 2016 year.

Style Promise 1: Design and Make More Clothes

Skirt Twirling

I dress this skirt up, and I dress it down. I wear to school and I wear it for formal events.
It’s so versatile yet makes me feel classy every time.

This is a lofty promise, so I’ll start with it. I absolutely loved designing a collection for the fashion show put on by the school I work for. It was so exciting and felt very invigorating. I am not designing again for this spring’s show, but regardless, I’d like to try creating more items just for me–like this skirt that I love and always get a ton of compliments on when I wear it.

Style Promise 2: Practice Body Love

bikini halter top

This was my most popular post last year.
I was so nervous to publish it since I am in a two piece X 5 for this post!

I’m getting older. It’s a natural force that happens to everyone. My body is what it is. I can take measures to hopefully help it look good, but some changes are going to occur that can’t be stopped. The legs I usually love….well they’re getting these weird little wrinkles above the knees. I don’t like it! I also don’t enjoy my perpetual double chin–one that I’ve had my whole life despite my age. There are things about my body I could decide to hate, and there are things I can decide to love. I want to continue to embrace my style because I love getting dressed. My body isn’t going to have the benefit of changing this philosophy, so I plan to love my body–with all it’s aches and wrinkles and splotches… I’ll stop there!

Style Promise 3: Continue to Collaborate


This was the second post by The Fab 40s when we all styled jumpsuits.
This was my second most popular post of 2015!

In 2015 I have been AMAZED by how many friendships I have made via blogging. It is really astonishing. Since I feel so rewarded by the community of blogging friends I’ve made, I don’t see an end in establishing new relationships via the Internet. I’ve become friends with some women whom I truly admire. Whether we in the morning, send cards to one another, or collaborate on blog posts, I plan to continue the community that’s being created because of Kremb de la Kremb.

Style Promise 4: Have Fun with My Style

Go Bold with Cozy 2

Yes, my heart did flutter when I received this skirt!

It’s true. I’ll say it just one more time in this blog post: I love getting dressed. I find it fun. It’s something I look forward to every day, and when there’s an event or occasion to dress for, I feel a little thrill. It’s also true that I’ll try things. If you want, I can be the one to experiment for you. I have no problem with that since I like to be the first to wear something new anyway. (Take for instance culottes, now that they’re so popular, I’m kind of like, Meh. I will still wear them though–like I always have.) Since I believe so strongly that getting dressed is fun this is an easy promise for me to fulfil. Call it done!

Style Promise 5: Clean Up the Blog

If You Think You Are 4

Remember my profession of self body love. Here’s an example of that chin I can’t stand.
But, I do like the flip of my hair!! This was my third most popular post of the year stating my belief that,
“If you think you are, you are!”

I guess it’s pretty evident that I’m claiming to be a fashion blogger, style blogger, call it whatever you want. I write blog posts about what I like to wear. The identity confusion behind Kremb de la Kremb needs to be clarified. It’s been on my mind for so long now. I don’t know how I’ll make it happen; I just know it needs to. So, this is a style promise I’m continually making to myself: to find my blogging niche and go with it.

Style Promise 6: Keep Learning About Photography

Two Suede Shorts

I am always inspired when bloggers double themselves up in an image,
so I taught myself how through Photoshop Youtube tutorials.

A blog is only going to be as good as it’s pictures. At least that is my opinion anyway. I go back to blogs and become the author’s reader when the pictures look good. (Writing is also important, but if I’m honest, not as much.) It’s the visual eye candy that has me repeatedly visiting my morning rounds of blogs. I want to do the same for my readers, so this promise is one I am always working at. In fact, Santa brought me a cool new device that will hopefully add some interest to my images. I just have to figure out how to work it! I’ll let it be a surprise….

My Six Style Promises

  1. Design and Make More
  2. Practice Body Love
  3. Continue to Collaborate
  4. Have Fun with My Style
  5. Clean Up the Blog
  6. Keep Learning About Photography

There they are! Six style promises that I think I can try to stick during 2016. It shouldn’t be too hard; although a couple of them will take some work. In fact the only one that will be totally easy is number 4. I do that every single day!

Would you like help with your style? Please, give me a holler if you do. I want to help you enjoy getting dressed every morning too.



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