Racing Stripes X 2

For someone who wears tennis shoes pretty much every single day, racing stripes are a win win for me. In this post I’ve styled two sets of racing stripes: a pencil skirt plus a trouser. I wore both of these outfits to work/school. In each of both outfits, I felt professional despite the fact that I was wearing sneakers. Adding a bold lipstick, some quirky earrings, and additional touches like perfectly matching socks compliment the outfit. Since I wear some sort of sports shoe daily, I have had to figure out how to dress them up. You’ll have to tell me…

Do I look like I’m headed to the gym?
Or do you believe me when I tell you I wore these two outfits to the library where I work?

I’d had my eye on this racing striped pencil skirt for a while. It was never in the actual Forever 21 stores, so I finally gave Forever 21’s global shipping a try. It worked out perfectly! I was so happy to finally get this skirt. It basically has my name written all over it! And guess what? It’s only $6.54! That’s a steal. Go get your own here! (And the lip tee is only $5.34!!)

Whenever we head to the Hong Kong International Airport, I always make a quick stop at Zara. During out last trip over October break, I really hated the bottoms I was wearing. Luckily, I snatched up these racing stripe trousers. They are my new perfect traveling pant. They’re super comfy yet somehow polished looking at the same time. I love that our airport has a Zara; and yes, I do make sure to get one piece every time I use the airport! Hahah!

Do you get away with wearing sports shoes to work?
I’m just curious; I really do wear comfy shoes every day. I hope you get to as well!

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