Tweed for Fall

Tweed for Fall
Do you have your tweed for fall? I had been on the hunt for my tweed for fall ever since I had been seeing a ton of it on all those who inspire my style. Namely this time around it has been Aimee Song of Song of Style and Ashley from A Mother’s Edit. Basically, now I need a tweed blazer–here’s Aimee’s and here’s Ashley’s. Heck I’d even go for an entire suit like this one that I found over at Targé! Luckily until I can get my hands on more tweed for fall, I found this mini at my old faithful, Forever 21. Yes, it’s short, but a short hemline never stops me. I feel that I modestly style a mini when I pair it with a long flowy blouse and a tailored, sleeveless black blazer. While the hemline is short, I still feel professional–hiding my apple and accentuating my legs. We have to embrace what we like right? In this way we wear our confidence, and this is most important when going to get dressed. Depending on what you like to highlight, I’ve included multiple shopping options for you down below so you can get your own tweed for fall!

tweed for fall

Tweed for Fall

Ever since I got my haircut–inspired by Daniel Synder of Dannijo–and ever since I lost one of my Happiness Boutique black tassel earrings, I’ve been into wearing just one earring. Try it–it’s kinda fun!!

Tweed for Fall

Tweed for Fall

I made this sleeveless black blazer. It was getting a bit worn down, so I had replaced it with an updated black blazer, but I wasn’t ready to necessarily get rid of it. I revitalized it by simply taking off the sleeves. Stay tuned for three more stylings of my sleeveless, black blazer this coming Wednesday…

Tweed for Fall

Tweed for Fall

Tweed for Fall

I went shopping! For you–and maybe a bit for me. I don’t think I’m done with this pattern yet! I added my commentary to those items I’m really thinking about!

Which tweed for fall are you thinking about?
Or do you already have some of this classic, timeless pattern?

Tweed for Fall

Just for kicks, here’s a pic of the gal that makes me smile–a lot!/p>

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I got a New Plaid Shirt!

a-line skirtLast week, I declared my need for a new plaid shirt; then, it was the day after that I found one. (Since my doctor’s office is right in the heart of shopping central, I just happened to take a peek in Zara!) This new plaid shirt is perfect for the cooler temperatures since it’s made of flannel. Proving once again the extreme versatility of the plaid shirt I’ve styled it with three different skirts: a preppy red a-line, a glammed-up ball gown skirt, and a (p)leather pencil skirt.

Plaid Shirt paired with a red A-line:

Plaid Shirt 4
Tucked into a fun detailed a-line skirt, this look takes on a bit of a preppy vibe–especially paired with a denim jacket and plaid slip-ons. One of my good friends, Mary Kelly, gave me this skirt. I do love a hand-me-down–in this case more like a hand-me-up.I tried out blue tights again, but this time I went for a more subdued hue–but also sparkly!

red a-line skirt

Plaid Shirt paired with a Ball Gown Skirt:

Plaid Shirt 5I love this ball gown skirt that I designed for my designer walk at last spring’s fashion show that I participated in. The thing is a ball gown is hardly casual, yet I enjoy dressing it down by pairing it with this plaid shirt tied at the waist. Just to honor the glam I also styled it with my faux fur picked up from Jasmine, an amazing local HK fashion blogger. Also, here’s a style tip: always pop in to Zara girls for cute little crossover bags. I doubt you can tell this is a girls’ bag, but it is.

Faux Fur Coat

Ball Gown Skirt

Plaid Shirt paired with a (P)leather pencil skirt:

pencil skirtI have now started to wear flat shoes, but slip-ons and tennis shoes are still making the rounds in my daily wear. Because of the white sole, I thought the white blazer vest tied everything together to compliment the black and white shoes. This used to be a long sleeved blazer, but I have found once I took the sleeves off it, I wear it much more often. Left tucked out the plaid shirt attempts to match the casual shoe choice. Also, here’s another bag from the girls’ section at Zara. Again, can you tell? I didn’t think so!

Leather Pencil Skirt

Zara Plaid

Which way would you wear this plaid shirt? Tucked in, tied at the waist, or left tucked out?

Mad for Plaid!

Maybe you’ve been inspired to make sure your closet also has a plaid shirt in it. If that’s the case, here are the best ones I could find for you. Shop away!

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“K” is for Plaid {Initial Sweaters Just Go with Plaid X 2}

Initial SweaterSometimes there are just certain items that go together; it can’t be helped. That’s how I feel about an initial sweater and plaid–they just automatically go together. In this post I’ve taken one of my favorite sweaters (even though I find it a bit too short–I did pick it up in a HK market afterall!) and matched it with plaid TWICE! One version is a little casual with jeans dressed up with heels and a pearl strand belt.

Louella Odie Hong Kong Tote

Initial Sweater K


PlaidThis other version is a bit more polished with a blazer and riding boots. The boots….they do look rugged, but that’s because they’re from 1993. I bought them while I was studying abroad in Florence Italy. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to part with these–oh I saved and saved (if that’s possible while studying abroad!), and I would try them on weekly until finally they were mine. Wow, that makes those boots over 20 years old! Italians….they know how to craft a shoe!





Some Outfit Details

Outfit One
earrings, Jardines Bazaar HK / lipstick, Topshop Trigger / plaid shirt, Forever 21 / “K” sweater, Ladies’ Market HK / pearl ribbon belt, Aunt Norma via Kremb de la Kremb Swap / grey jeans, Bridget via Kremb de la Kremb Swap / ankle strap heels, Target / Hong Kong tote, Louella Odié
Outfit Two
earrings, Jardines Bazaar HK / lipstick, Topshop Trigger / “K” sweater, Ladies’ Market HK / navy blazer, Vincent’s from Nordstrom / plaid pants, Forever 21 / riding boots, Florence, Italy / sequin clutch, Zara

While I can’t supply you with the exact item, I can recommend adding something along these lines to your wardrobe:

Plaid Shirt:

Plaid Skinny Pants:

Initial Sweater:

Boy’s Navy Blazer

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Fashion Fixation: Slip-ons


It’s been awhile since I’ve been completely fixated on a fashion items, but I want more slip-ons! I already own and frequently wear three pairs of slip-ons: I’ve got my black and white checkered Vans, my leopard skin, and my perforated white ones. Yet, I’m already on the hunt for more. They are the most comfortable shoe, and while this sporty trend is hip, I am prepared to fully embrace it. Also, I’m worried the three I keep wearing are going to wear out! Therefore, I’ve rounded up six that I have my eyes on.


Café Chic


Café Chic: MAC Lips in Rebel // Over-the-top Diamond Studs //Silk Kerchief (from Mom) // Pinstripe Shirt // Boxy Short Sleeve Sweater (old) // Plaid Skirt // Open-toed Booties

Do you wear clothes to bring back memories? I do! My mom and dad recently visited during the end of November, and the day after they I wore this outfit. The silk kerchief around my neck–that was given to me from my mom ions ago. In fact, I think it was when I went away to college. I rarely wear it, but it seemed fitting to add it to this multi patterned ensemble. I like mixing plaid, stripes, a little glitter, and paisley. My mood was set all day long despite their absence. Clothing can do that for me. The nostalgia of clothing can perk me right up! What about you? Can it set a mood for you?




8 Ways to Wear a Christmas Plaid Skirt

Christmas Plaid Skirt
Office Party
Christmas Plaid Skirt
Cozy Comfy
Christmas Plaid Skirt
Créme de la Créme
Christmas Plaid Skirt
Mix ‘n Match
Christmas Plaid Skirt
Christmas Plaid Skirt
Christmas Plaid Skirt
Last but not least Librarian
Christmas Plaid Skirt
What’s your favorite look? How would you wear a Christmas plaid skirt? Share!

Copy Cat

Copy Cat I’m a copy cat! This last summer, on the first day that I saw my sister Julie, she was wearing this exact same ensemble. Since then the outfit has been on my mind, and I have finally replicated it. I think Julie had some cute little white tennies on, so I’ve switched some black booties there. (By the way, she owns the exact pair of ankle boots, so I therefore also got them–see copy cat!) And, I love a red lip with anything, so I’ve added that as well. I recently made two orders: one to ASOS and one to Revolve Clothing for this new Stila “Beso” lip that I see just about every day on Blaire Eadie of Atlantic Pacific. I was so happy that both orders arrived to my doorstop in Hong Kong without a problem. It’s been a very long time since I’ve lived anywhere that I could trust that to happen. Yay, more shopping!! (Uh oh….)

Copy Cat

Copy Cat: ASOS Sunnies // Plaid Shirt (really old ) // ASOS Black Tube Skirt // Dolce Vita Juju Ankle Boots // Stila Liquid Lipstick in “Beso”
Copy Cat Copy Cat Do you have someone you always copy? Who is it? I want to know; maybe I should too!

Farmer Girl in Mon Kok

When Vincent saw what I was wearing on the day we went to investigate bearded dragons, he said I looked like a “farmer girl.” Well yeehah! I decided to live it up in the middle of Mon Kok’s streets!
(I’m actually not that tall, but don’t I look like I’m towering over these two little ladies!)

[Farmer Girl: Plaid shirt from the boys’ department at Target (I was trying to emulate the one Julie took.) / Cut-off Levi’s made with the Goddaughter with Style (Farfetched has some good ones.) / Red cowboy booties from the girls’ department at Zara (similar pair by Frye here) / Balenciaga knock-off from ages ago (story below)]

For me, my jewellery always has a story! The first turquoise strand was purchased during my year living on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation way back when. We visited the Hopi Tribe during on of their a pow wows, and this was what I picked up. The turquoise beaded necklace history may be found here. The turquoise pendant was from an amazing student of mine back in Bombay: Aliya Modi. I just did a Google search on her and tons of images came up! I must let her know every time I where the pendant I think of her! And the “K” I bought during this trip to Temple Street. We each had exactly $50 HK (about $6.50 US) to spend. It was a bit of a competition to see who could do the best; of course I think I did! And the silver strands holding the “K” were giving to me by my lovely mother-in-law, Jane. It’s hard for me to wear jewellery and not have it mean something; there’s a story behind everything!
Ahh this little blue bag….it has a history! So, I can’t remember what summer it was, but Julie and I were at Target, and she found this little bag. Of course I copied her and headed to the checkout. Once I got home, I was like, meh, I don’t need this. So I took it back–even thought it was only like $14.99. I don’t know why I took it back because it was really cute, but I did. Then, I hunkered into our 13 hour flight back to school for the start of the year. I opened up my Lucky magazine and started browsing. What do you know! Right there in the middle of the “Must Have for Fall” article was the little blue bag I had taken back! I grew panicky. I was anxious with dread. Why did I just keep the silly purse! Well, we were flying through Seoul with a night layover there. We checked into the airport hotel, and I noticed the business center on our floor. I said, “Kevin you go ahead. I’ll be right there.” Ahh, I hopped online and with in 5 minutes I ordered and shipped my little blue bag. What relief! I didn’t actually get to physically have the bag until the next summer. (We were living in India at time, and if I wanted to ever see it, it would be better to wait and retrieve it in person rather than send it.) I think this might have been my very first online purchase! Needless to say, I was able to sleep that night. Ha!

Have you ever done something this silly? Tell me about it.

Feeling Plaid?

Timeless tartan shines during December. It’s as if the whole month belongs to this traditional, classic, red plaid.

Are you feeling plaid this holiday season?