Black Friday Kinda Bugs Me

I normally don’t rant over here on Kremb de la Kremb. And I am most definitely opinionated about this topic, but I have to say it: Black Friday kinda bugs me. Cyber Monday too–both which are turning into weekends and weeks. Don’t get me wrong; I love a good sale. Most of my clothing is discounted, secondhand, or already cheap. But the hype around Black Friday just irks me. First, I’ve never really understood the day not living in the States for the last twenty years, yet I can’t use that as an excuse anymore. On my Instagram feed it’s evident that Black Friday is a global event: just to name a few, bloggers from Hong Kong, Spain, and the UK are pushing their Black Friday choices. I did it once–I chose a bunch of stuff for people to shop from in hopes that I’d benefit from the affiliate links, but it failed. I don’t know what bugs me more… is it the constant push from every which way I look, OR the fact that my influence doesn’t count for much? Is it because the day–that isn’t even a holiday–over powers the American holiday of Thanksgiving? I’m a consumer; there’s no doubt about that! But the rampant push to buy, buy, buy is so excessive. What about the actual act of giving? And before we go to give, shouldn’t we (Americans anyway) take a moment to be thankful for all our gifts? Rather than preparing for all that we can buy the very next day. Ya, Black Friday, it just kinda bugs me!

Hmmm, let’s take a moment to monetize this Black Friday outfit….the cold shoulder top was ordered for about $12 bucks from ASOS where they offer free international shipping all year long! The black pants are my FAVORITE! (And I will push them by providing a link.) I bought them in two sizes–in hopes of losing some weight and fitting into the smaller size eventually. These trousers are a part of the Who What Wear line (which is such a great line!) from Target–again free shipping was provided when purchased this summer. These pants are the most expensive item I’m wearing at $29.99. The shoes were bought on crazy sale for maybe $8 from my neighborhood HM that I can see from my living room window. Finally, the pièce de résistance is my new floral black jean jacket that I most recently picked up at the Rug Lane Markets: the brand new tags from Monki were still in tact, but I paid $100 HKD for it (that’s $12.82 in US dollars). I guess I wanted to take the time to total up the sum of my outfit–$63 US dollars–to prove that sales and deals happen all year long. I don’t need a day or week like Black Friday to be an economical shopper. I only buy good deals.

What do you think about Black Friday?
Do you shop during this sale? Or are you like me and a bargain shopper all year long? Or maybe you like Black Friday because otherwise you pay full price. Tell me your thoughts in the comments….

In English, Make Sure You Say “Please” and “Thank You”

Please and Thank You 4
When I saw this “please and thank you” graphic tee, I had to have it. I don’t usually get too opinionated here on Kremb de la Kremb–which is quite the opposite in my real life; if you know me personally, you know I am always full of opinions in person. Usually I play it safer here on the blog, but in this post, I plan to say something bold: in English, “please” and “thank you” are two really important words. (I say in English because across the world in different languages you won’t always find a translation for “please” or “thank you.”) As a librarian, I work in a service industry, so I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to hear these two words used. As a mom, these are the two words I consistently remind my two children to use when they leave our home. Personally I try to use both of these words–everywhere. Using “please” acknowledges that someone will be doing something for me, and obviously, using “thank you” demonstrates my appreciation. Yet, not everyone uses these words which makes me wonder why….Is it upbringing? Is it education? Is it cultural? Is it entitlement? Or is it just plain rudeness? At any rate, I thought I would share my two simple rules for saying “please” and “thank you” in an attempt to help out my mini, manner revolution.

Rule #1:

If you want something from someone, say “please.”

Rule #2:

If you get something (for example an actual item or service) from an individual, say “thank you.”

Don’t forget please and thank you:

Here’s a list of some random, some special people I thought of that throughout my day today deserved a “please” and “thank you.” Consider your day…are you handing out these two words as often as you should?

  • The taxi driver who takes me to work
  • The barrista who makes my coffee
  • Any cashier checkers I encounter in the day
  • My colleagues
  • Any email recipients
  • The students I interact with throughout the day
  • The bus driver who takes me home
  • My housekeeper for helping with our home
  • My kids when I ask them to help me with dinner
  • My husband for his help with the dishes
  • Any social media comments and blog commenters–hey, will that be you!?

Are there any manners that you feel strongly about? What are they?

Please and Thank You 2

Please and Thank You 3

Please and Thank You 10

Please and Thank You 5

Thank you to I’m a Norbyah for taking these pictures.

Some Outfit Details:

Graphic Tee–H&M
Sweatshirt–Forever 21
Black Cape and Patent Flats–Forever 21

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