Merry Christmas (from last year!)

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas with pictures that were meant to be sent out last year… I had the best intentions of sending out a New Year card then a Chinese New Year Card, then maybe just a card, and well, there never was a card! These are a few of the family pictures we took during our trip to India last Christmas. Oh, it was such a fabulous trip! We started in Bombay meeting up with old friends which was so special. Then the magic started happening once we got to Rajasthan. These first two pics were taken on Christmas Eve in Udaipur.

A trip to Rajasthan wouldn’t be complete without a little safari action. We actually saw a snow leopard on this excursion. It was wicked cool! The animal just sat perched up there on his rock, chillin’. It was quite a sight. And typical of an India excursion, we stopped for chai and biscuits.

Another magical moment to be had in Rajasthan is staying in an old havelli. This havelli was ancient–very rustic too, but it was a very cool experience.

Finally, our trip was completed in Jodhpur’s Red Fort where we zip lined across the canyons. It was a phenomenal experience, one that won’t be forgotten!

Our family is very blessed. Kevin and I have somehow created this life full of travel. It’s exciting and fun, and we all have a really good time together. Now, today we start our three week vacation for winter break. We’ll be spending our time in Thailand–with my sister and her family!! We can hardly wait! It’s going to be so fun to share our special Thai times with our family members!

Merry Merry Christmas from the Krembs!

Krembs’ House at Christmas

It was especially fun to decorate the house for Christmas this year since we have just recently moved. We now live right in the heart of Stanley above all the action. Every day we watch the throngs of people coming to admire our little neighborhood. Here you can see up to our place from the road with Gigi looking on at our tree (that’s why the picture is so blurry).
Inside, with all the windows, the tree was super sparkly with the Blake Pier and Murray House adding to the lights.
My mom recently has started to hand down ornaments to all us kids. She remembers the ones we admired growing up. I was always quite in love with this Santa and his glittering, overflowing beard. Now he adorns our tree!
Here’s another one of my favorite ornaments from growing up. I would just stare and stare at this one. I think since I was young I’ve had a thing for sparkles!
I saw a friend do something pretty cool last year that I had to copy. At the end of the season, Tammy wraps up all the Christmas books. The following year when the tree goes up, all the wrapped books sit under the tree. Then, each night, the family opens up a one of the cherished Christmas stories. It was a fun tradition for us to start.
Another display for the Krembs’ house during the holiday season is all the past Christmas photos with Santa and previous Christmas cards. This is probably my most favorite. I love seeing the Santas we’ve seen around the world plus the kids’ growth in each photo. I also look forward to making each year’s Christmas photo: two of my favorites are the rickshaw from India and the Great Wall from China. This year’s was very special too–my mom and dad are in it from their visit in November!

Finally, we’ve got our ratty stockings made from years ago during our stay in Venezuela. One of these Christmases I must update them; they’re missing all their decor. I just don’t have the heart to replace them even though Gigi’s doesn’t even have her name on it anymore–and when it did it said, “Maria,” her given name.
Amazingly, the tree will come down on December 26th this year as we leave for Thailand for a week. Because the tree was right in the sun, it’s dry as dry, and we need to take it down before we leave. Of course I refused today, December 25th! No way can a tree be taken down on Christmas itself.

Merry Christmas to everyone! From the Krembs’ House at Christmas to yours!

Merry Christmas Mary Kelly!

Kremb de la Kremb Christmas Giveaway
This holiday season, I have been totally addicted to this Holiday Lippie combo: MAC Prep + Prime Lip under MAC Ruby Woo. I’ve always tried wearing Ruby Woo before, but because it’s such an incredibly dry matte, I could never get it to apply. That was until I started wearing the lip primer first–now the intense red color glides right on.

This holiday season, I wanted to give a gift to one of my readers. I am so happy that my dear friend Mary Kelly won this Kremb de la Kremb Giveaway! It was a few years ago that MK gave another one of my favorite red lippies: MAC Prolong Wear A11. It’s what she’s wearing in the beautiful picture of her below. I hope the Ruby Woo will be a welcome red to her makeup bag. There were many shopping trips with Mary Kelly–I remember she has some very particular requests for reds as many of them go orange on her. MK, you will have to let me know;D


I adore Mary Kelly’s effortless style: she’s a casual chic kind of girl always rocking a cool pair of blue jeans and a white tee with some sort of twist. She’ll punch up her outfits with a beautiful scarf (like in this picture), a cool jacket, or a pair of red shoes. Mary Kelly embraces both color and prints but in a very simple, classic, and understated sort of way. I love seeing what MK’s wearing. I love how she’s always so perfectly put together with what seems to be no effort at all. I’m so happy you won this gift MK. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for being such a great Kremb de la Kremb reader.¬†Merry Christmas Merry Kelly!