Zara DIY Pants: the Double Red Stripe

zara-diy-pants-11Called the “Zara Item Everyone Wore at Fashion Week” by Who What Wear, it’s been love at first, second, third sight with these double red striped trousers. I repeatedly looked at them, almost buying them, but then figured this too easy a pair to recreate adding another Zara DIY pants to my to-do list. This trendy piece is half jogger track pant and the other marching band uniform. Any way you spin it, I kept falling in love with these pants and had to have them. According to my Instagram feed, I haven’t been the only one! If it’s not Zara’s version, there have been plenty others; they can either be dressed up or down. Of course, I went down as I pair most things with any one of my tennis shoes these days. Despite causual shoes, I felt terrbily chic in this outfit and especially loved all the money I saved by making the look on my own!







Zara DIY Pants: the Double Red Stripe

Again, I searched through all my black pants and found a simple straight legged pair. I went to my gal Suzanne at TinTin Beads on Etsy, and she found the perfect 1 inch wide, red, gross grain ribbon for me. In fact, she made a separate entry on Etsy just for me. I went to my tailor, and she easily sewed the double trimming onto the side seam of each pant leg. If this DIY isn’t easy, I don’t know what is! I saved at least fifty dollars on this as I only spent about $15 to make these trendy, must-have, track pant. These Zara DIY pants could easily be done in any color combo; I just happened to copy the high street fashion, but for inspiration, look at all these interpretations.

What do you think of the double striped trouser? Too casual or something you might embrace?

I’ve got one more pair of Zara DIY pants ready for tomorrow, so do make sure to come back!

Norbyah, thanks for these shots. You line the pic of so nicely every single time!

PS The kerchief is often seen wrapped around the neck, but it can also be wrapped around the wrist providing a nice bracelet type accessory.

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DIY Découpage Purse

DIY Découpage Purse 11Découpage is the craft of gluing cut outs onto another surface. When I saw this Découpage purse, I felt inspired to create something similar. The black purse I picked up from the 4th of July Spirit Lake Fair in the town park. The honest truth was I needed another black bag like I need a whole in the head. But, this black bag was different, and the stories it had experienced called to me as the vintage seller explained what a special bag it was. Heck, I was an easy sale. I got it along with a few other special vintage items as she’s my favorite stall at this annual fair; I beeline to each and every summer. With a little Pinterest fun, this bag seemed like it could use some découpage love.

1. Gather the supplies.

DIY Découpage Purse 1Any plastic based purse or even leather purse will work. Mod Podge is the perfect glue for découpage. A sponge brush will be best for adhering the glue–I actually picked this one up at Forever 21! Also, small, fine scissors are necessary for cutting out the desired items. Since I don’t have a red and black bag, I went with this color scheme. I looked for fabrics that had details that I would be able to cut out. The little butterflies from one scrap and the peonies from the other seemed like a perfect combination. All the items for this project–aside from the purse and the sponge brush–were purchased at JoAnn’s.

2. Carefully cut out the details.

DIY Découpage Purse 14I chose two scraps of fabric with details that I thought could be cut out: butterflies and peony flowers. Using small, sharp scissors is perfect for delicately cutting closely to the exact detail.

3. Glue on the details.

DIY Découpage Purse 15Once I had a substantial amount of cut out items, I arranged the items on the purse in a few varieties. When I found the arrangement, I liked, I left it as is, and began gluing on the cut outs. Basically I globbed a bunch of glue on the underside, attached it back to the purse, and then painted more glue down. Each cut out item has therefore been glued on twice from both sides.

4. Don’t worry how it looks wet.

DIY Découpage Purse 10Mod Podge glue is all white and gooey. But it doesn’t matter; once it dries it becomes transparent. It’s a water based glue, so when the decals had dried, I then cleaned up any glue leftovers with a wet cloth.

A DIY Découpage Purse added to my collection!

DIY Découpage Purse 13
As the holiday season approaches, I think this is the perfect clutch for me to use with the hints of holiday red. And…maybe this easy DIY could become a thematic gift idea for the upcoming holidays.

DIY Découpage Purse 12If you have an old purse in your closet that’s getting neglected this is an easy way to provide it with some new life. Let me know if you want help….I’d be happy to figure out how!

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