The Faux Fur Leopard Coat–Day 5

faux fur leopard coat

Ok, ok, ok. I cannot and will not unnecessarily force everyone into wearing leopard print. It isn’t for us all. And that is ok. All this week I have simply attempted to show various ways of wearing leopard print: from a touch of leopard print with jeans to leopard print skirts paired with black, to overly bold and even overly casual, leopard print can be embraced in subtle or over the top ways. I will attempt to say however, that there is one leopard print item that with resounding ease will elevate any woman’s day: this item would be faux fur leopard coat!

faux fur leopard coat

Similar to the way I styled two leopard print skirts with black, I’ve done the same with my faux fur leopard coat. I’ve had this coat since I moved to Hong Kong, so that means it’s been in my wardrobe six years this winter. Unless something tragic happens to it, I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it. And yes, it only gets about a weeks worth of wear here in Hong Kong, but that one winter I did go home, it of course went with me. The best thing about a faux fur leopard coat is how chic I feel with one on. In these pictures, underneath the actual jacket I’m wearing a tank top, but I’m so warm! Simply paired with sparkly goodness, and I don’t even need any accessories. If I live in a cold weathered climate I think this would become my uniform: it’s chic yet comfortable all at once.

faux fur leopard coat

faux fur leopard coat

faux fur leopard coat

Shop for your Faux Fur Leopard Coat:

Or maybe you already have one!?
Do tell….

faux fur leopard coat

This time around, I’ve offered some faux fur leopard coats for you to shop. Personally, I used free shipping to HK and went with ASOS. (Pretty much a ton of vendors offer free shipping these days. Just look for a promo somewhere on the site.) I chose prices from $40 at target to $240 from Anthropologie. Whatever your budget, there’s definitely a faux fur leopard coat out there for you!

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Fashion Fixations Fixed

Sparkle Beanie
Recently I have had a few fashion fixations: 1) anything that sparkles, 2) a furry leopard coat, and 3) some (faux) leather track pants. With a little persistence and patience, I’ve fulfilled all three. Fashion fixations fixed! Now winter can start….
Leopard Coat

Leather Track Pants

Fashion Fixation: Leopard Coat

My sister Julie has coined a new series for me: Fashion Fixation. She knows how often they happen, and she sees the frenzy I get into. (Check out the story here or here if you don’t believe me.) Right now, I’m pretty fixated with getting a leopard coat for the winter. I think I may have found one: you’ll just have to wait and see. Although, it will be a long while until I can actually wear it here in Hong Kong, but I will!

Fashion Fixation: Leopard CoatStarting at the top left and working around clockwise:
Pull and Bear
Avenue 32
Dorothy Perkins
New Look

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