The LBVD (The Little Black Velvet Dress)


An LBD isn’t something I often need to add to my dress collection. But, if the LBD has a special attraction–say like velvet AND fringe bell sleeves, then I’ll make an exception. This is my LBVD–little black velvet dress. With the holiday approaching us all very quickly–I believe Thanksgiving is actually in ten days (Ten days!!? Say what!), grabbing for a no-nonsense easy dress is going to be necessary. Granted, you don’t want to do the cooking in fringe like this, but since the sleeves are cropped, eating in it does not serve (heehe, notice the pun) a problem. Basically, I like a dress I can throw on that’s dressed up all on its own–like this little black velvet dress. It even looks somewhat fancy with no tights (not cold enough in Hong Kong yet) and sparkly slip-ons (yep, still no heels except for flatforms for me). This kind of look is exactly what my easy peasy styling is after.






Get your Little Black Velvet Dress Too

Unfortunately, my dress is sold out. (The moment it comes back in stock, I’ll update this post.) But, with velvet seriously on the trend watch this winter season, there are plenty, I mean tons, of super cute LBVDs out there. Take a look and shop away! I only chose little black velvet dresses that I thought had something special to them–something to make them a little more substantial than the average LBD.

Shop away with Kremb de la Kremb!

(Thank you for the pictures I’m a Norbyah.)

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Shopbop is Having a Huge Sale! Time to update Your LBD!


This LDB is from #flashback from September of 2014 when I used to have really long hair! Wow, is it already time to start growing it long again!?

For those of us in Hong Kong, there are only a couple of places that offer us free shipping, and Shopbop is one of these online boutiques that does! Usually, it’s a little too expensive for my wallet, BUT when there’s a sale on, I can’t resist. Right now Shopbop is offering up 70% off! That’s a ton–especially if you’re looking at the likes of Alexander Wang or Donna Karan (which I found while shopping!).

While there is a ton on sale right now, I focused my attention to the little black dress (LBD). The LBD is an essential item for every woman’s wardrobe. The think is though….sometimes we (well, I’m talking from experience) keep one in there for too long. While many styles of the LBD are classics, sometimes it’s necessary to update this classic dress. I’ve gone ahead and done the preliminary search. All the dresses I shopped for are 70% off! I didn’t even check less but I know there are more!

Shop for your LBD on Shopbop!

If none of these struck your fancy, there’s a ton more. Shop Shopbop’s super sale just in time for summer!

LBD Rituals

Almost everyone (except for some college students and of course Australian students) has now started school! School is in session!! This year when HKIS started school, I realized I have a ritual of wearing an LBD (little black dress) to the first day of school. There’s more: I always accent the LBD with gold. I always wear my YSL gold lip gloss. This year I added a new touch that will probably be repeated; I wore my sparkly leopard earrings. While the dress may change, I’m pretty sure the routine of pulling out a standard yet smart black dress will remain.

Do you have any rituals around an LBD? What about the first day of school? Go ahead….comment!
Walking copy



Photos by Vincent

Some Outfit Details
Jewellery–Earrings from the Temple Street Night Market,  Zara choker, and HM gold hair band
Dress and Sunglasses–Forever 21
Shoes–Heels from Target (Ok, truth be told…I didn’t last all day in the heels. After about 3 hours, I switched to my sandals. Maybe I made it four. I just kept thinking about Julie and how she wore them to Beyonce. I knew I could do it!) and sandals from Dolce Vita (on super sale!)


Karen Jessen, The EcoChic Design Award Winner, 2013

Wednesday night was pretty remarkable! One of my little benchmarks while writing this blog has been that maybe one day I would get to go to something during a fashion week. Well, it has happened and now I am hooked! A fashion show is just amazing! Just dreamy!!

The Eco Chic Design Award Show (as detailed here) was my perfect first fashion week event. The show highlighted six pieces from eight finalists. The finalists were from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, UK, France, and Germany. All the designs were so amazing–and more importantly conscientious. Sustainable fashion is just so much more special to our earth and environment; being a cautious consumer is something I need to work at–to say the least!

Karen Jessen won! She was my first pick all along too. Not only did she when first prize, but she also won the special prize as well. Her styles were made out of shreds of denim and t-shirt material. They were amazingly intricate and just spectacular works of art as detailed below. The dress and better yet collar on the second model to the right of Karen was INSANE!

Somehow the man’s hand in this photo works out just right. He’s pointing to Christina Dean, the master mind behind it all. She founded Redress in Hong Kong and with her team organized this show. I don’t know how she does all that she does. I find her amazing and so kind. Her team welcomed me at the door congratulating me on winning the ticket. I was one of hundreds attending this show, yet he entire team made me feel so special to be there.
For the event I remixed my lbd one more time. For this occasion I pulled out my leopard faux fur plus my DIY booties. I pulled my hair up into a high pony, and my niece Elle let me borrow her handbag. I kept my jewellery very simple yet I added a bold red lip. Really, I could have worn a bag over my head–my clothing didn’t matter. It was the perk in my step from excitement that I was wearing!
Some Outfit Details
MAC Ruby Woo
LBD–Funnily enough this dress is actually from Walmart. When we were passing through the store in Hawaii during Christmas of 2009 for my brother’s wedding, I saw this hanging there for $5. I scooped it up knowing that I would get a lot of use out of this little black shift.
Faux Leopard CoatASOS
LeggingsForever 21
Gold Bootiesself made DIY here
Hand Bag–Elle’s
SunglassesTom Ford