First Day of School


We finally had it! Our first day of school! It was delayed by a day: everyone was waiting in anticipation. Would it curve toward us or not? When I woke up at 5:30 on August 14, with a Typhoon 8 signal hoisted, I knew we’d at least get to sleep in. Then at 10:00 am the signal was still up so we were safe for the day! In the Krembs’ camp, Gigi and I were joyous for an extra day of summer! Vincent was bummed. He really wanted to get 6th grade in the middle school started. And Kevin was happy to catch his breath. On this extra day, we were able to take a family walk, bake, watch some TV, make burritos for dinner. I was finally able to give myself a mani and pedi–something I’d been trying to do for DAYS! Around the world there are different types of snow days, and as long as everyone is safe, I think these days are little gifts of time for us to enjoy!


[ First Day of School: Dress / White Blazer (similar) / White Booties /
Evil eye necklace (similar) / Swarovski earringsSchiap Lips ]

This dress felt like the perfect dress to wear on a delayed start to school. The pattern looks like a typhoon itself: swirls of blue and black and white on an airy chiffon. I had hoped to wear my white sandals, but you never know if it will rain, so I stuck with the white booties similar to here. Also, just in case, I carried a blazer with me. Layers are off, then on right now with the remaining winds and spurts of rain. School has definitely started now. Luckily we’re all well-rested and off to a great start!

College Bound [If]

The other day on a walk, Kevin and I ran into a graduate that I just love. She’s heading off to college this August as many new freshman university students are, therefore it prompted this wistful, nostalgic post.

If I was going off to college, and if I had some money to splurge on back to school basics, I’d start at Free People with  these items:


  • It all centers around the shoes. I love them! I first saw them on Ascot Friday (this post shows them best), and I haven’t stopped daydreaming about them since.
  • Two pairs of pants would definitely be needed. Obviously jeans are a staple. I started with a darker pair so that use fades them. Black pants are also a necessity–the fringe on these adds the perfect funk.
  • The chosen dress poses as a baby doll for fall but once the air changes it could be styled as a shirt. A type of poncho/kimono trend is happening at the moment. I love all the colors in this one, and of course, it’s paisley! 
  • A college student needs a hefty bag. This fringed boho would do the trick. Mirrored sunnies offer both style and a bit of anonymity. The necklace has enough baubles to always match something.
  • For the dorm room, two items were found to add a little intrigue: Tarot cards to become the designated fortune teller and a dream catcher to filter in only good dreams. 

What would you choose for college from  Free People? When you join this site, you can easily make collections similar to the one I made for College Bound. My username is krembdelakremb if you’d like to follow me there and make more collections with me. 

Hong Kong Money


We have many activities to fill our Hong Kong portion of the summer. (In fact we have a jar full, but more on that later….) One of the first things we set out to do when started our summer vacation in Hong Kong was to try and venture to the top of the IFC building. While that isn’t possible, we did learn that one can reach the 55th floor by visiting the Hong Kong Monetary Authority Museum.


We were definitely able to see some fantastic views from up on the 55th floor: we could see the Peak, all the buildings in Wan Chai and Central, plus Kowloon Harbor. I wore my summer white booties–of course, plus some leather Zara shorts (time to grab them now–they’re on sale here!) along with a mirrored cheetah tank. *As a note, amazingly when I loaded my pictures in to Google+, it arranged the panoramic city scape portrayed here. You can tell as there is some discolouration in the middle left.


This purse was a total score! I got it a couple of 4th of July’s ago at the picnic that always takes place in the park after the Spirit Lake Parade. The picnic is awesome; there are always a couple of vintage stalls set up alongside the barbecues and other vendors, and whenever we attend the town parade a highlight after (aside from the free ice cream) is seeing what treasure might be found. For this particular year it was this awesome white purse. I finally decided to bring it back to Hong Kong with me on my last trip home–why let it sit at the cabin all year long! If you like this little bag, I went on Etsy and found some similar styles here, here, and here.


Here’s a pic I got of my photographer as he was gazing out at the majestic views. Oh, we did pay a little attention to the monetary histories of Hong Kong–but only a little bit!

Roar Trip

We took a little road trip yesterday–well, drive from Seattle to Spokane. Vincent questioned us on the concept of a road trip. He said the drive across the state like this could not be considered a road trip. He might be onto something, but I told him any longer than 2-3 hours in a car can be considered a road trip. What do you think?

At any rate, it was like having a date for Kevin and me. The kids had gone ahead earlier with their grandparents, so Kevin and I had the drive to ourselves. We’re actually not used to being alone, so we didn’t quite know what to do at first. Half way through at Ellensberg for his coffee stop, Kevin was informed that he’d have to take an outfit shot. When I walked out of Starbucks to see this hot rod, I knew we were in luck. Here’s what we got!


I’m still sportin’ my summer white booties!


As many of you know, I’m a sucker for anything animalistic! This one is actually from the men’s department of Forever21. When I tried to give it to Kevin, he laughed! Lucky me, I get to keep it!


Kevin was like, “Give me something SEXY!” Ha! I’m working on it…..Mostly he just got laughs!


I wanted to get some ripped up jean shorts for the summer–I know, stupid to pay for soemthing ripped up! I found this pair in market stall in Jardine’s Bazaar. I couldn’t try them on until I bought them. Luckily they fit just right. Here’s some similar.


Splatters in Seattle

I bought new summer boots–in hopes that if my feet are warm, maybe I can wear more summery clothes like shorts, skirts, and sundresses. Today was our first day home for a 3 week vacation in the States, and it was warm! The white booties kept me warm, and I barely ever needed my jacket!

I barely wore my jacket today! It was a beautiful sun-shining day--perfect for celebrating both Father's Day and Kevin's birthday!

I barely wore my jacket today! It was a beautiful sun-shining day–perfect for celebrating both Father’s Day and Kevin’s birthday!

The only thing missing on this almost perfect sundress are some pockets.

The only thing missing on this almost perfect sundress are some pockets.

The backwards cowl neck on this dress dresses it up if need be while the white booties "punk" it up--as stated by my bro.

The backwards cowl neck on this dress dresses it up if need be while the white booties “punk” it up–as stated by my bro. The dress is from Forever21–so is the jacket. The white booties are called Everly by Jeffrey Campbell.