Embracing Green

embracing-green-9After 30 years of ignoring the color, I am finally embracing green. Crazy right? Well, I’ll explain. When I was in 4th grade, we moved into a beautiful new home that my mom helped to design. At the time she was working as a free lance interior designer, and our house was her showcase. Obviously, with blue as my favorite color, I would have preferred for my room to be in any hue of blue. But, my mom had an entire whole house color scheme with the basement designated in forest green with accents of peach. With the hallway carpeted in forest green and my room in peach, the obvious choice for my wallpaper was forest green with tiny peach little flowers all over; ironically, I would have been happy with my next door brothers’ plaid room in the same color scheme. I don’t even know if my mom knows these strong feelings about that room, my first room to myself, but I hated the decor. I’ve just never been a forest green person always loving midnight blue, peacock blue, teal blue, turquoise blue, any shade of blue. My eyes on the other hand are naturally probably more green than blue. Because of the sharing of the green shaggy clothing item last week, I’ve been set on introducing more green into my wardrobe. And guess what? I’m liking green–in specific that army green that pulls out the yellow in my eyes. Granted, any shade of blue is still my favorite color, but it feels good to finally be embracing green after some 30 odd years!







Do you have a favorite color? What is it? And do you have a color you avoid? Again, what is it?

Embracing Green

Just in case you’d like to embrace some (army) green like me, I’ve found some cool options for you:

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