Gigi is a Young Lady

Gigi is 13 today. It’s cliché to say this, but it really does feel like yesterday when she was my little cuddle bunny born in Venezuela. Yes, she was a bit tremenda as an infant, crying her way through a colic stage, but she was always and still is so close to me. I used to pat my chest, and she would climb atop me and we would sleep just like that. To this day, we snuggle most nights, Kevin leading her to her own bed after we’ve fallen into an entangled sleep. I’ve already wondered how I will handle her departure for college six short years away. I suppose this mental prep starting now will hopefully ease the heartbreak. I also sometimes wonder if it’s natural to feel so close to my daughter–should I be more distant offering her more space as she becomes a young woman. Then I remind myself to quit worrying and let the natural closeness we have continue. If we cuddle in another 13 years when she’s 26 , I will not be surprised.

Of course being close to someone exceeds physical touch. The two of us, most likely similarily to other mother-daughter teams, can read one another so well. Gigi always knows how I’m feeling and can offer me wisdom to alter my state. I’m not quite sure how she’s always been able to have a wise-soul philosophy about her; her emotional intelligence and intuition have always been beyond her years. She reads people and know instinctively how they might be feeling in any given situation.

There are so many ways that I look up to my 13 year old girl. Again, can that be normal? Oh, who cares!? She is really quite amazing. Gigi is kind and thoughtful–attributes I admire and try to be in my own daily life. She’s creative with an imagination that helps her soar. Her athletic abilities amaze me–to see her run is to feel free. Then her gumption to just give anything her all is quite aspirational–an example, dropping in on skate ramp this past weekend. Finally, Gigi’s just fun: her giggle and smile are always and forever will be contagious.

Gigi is 13 and becoming a young lady before Kevin and my eyes. The sporty tomboy is still ever present, but there is a feminity also maturing in our daughter. She recently started cotillion–etiquette classes where the students learn to dance and socialise in a formal setting. On this first night, she appeared angelic, and yes, she brought mist to Kevin’s eyes when he witnessed his daughter as a young lady, a beautiful one at that. The very best part of Gigi’s beauty is she is also so very pretty on the inside as well. My mom always told me “Beauty is as beauty does.” I’ve never had to say this to Gigi–she just is.

Happy Birthday Dear Gigi! I love you so much!!

And this girl’s got a sense of humor! I love that she doesn’t take herself too seriously! Gigi, you’re a hoot and so fun to be with.

Kremb de la Kremb Roundup for 2014

FamilyPicWhat a year! I definitely dove into writing Kremb de la Kremb with gusto and have had so much fun doing so. I’m not sure which direction Kremb de la Kremb will continue, but I definitely know I’ll keep writing…Here’s a roundup of some of the exciting things that happened this past year on Kremb de la Kremb, but first, the fam…

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Gigi is 11

Gigi11.4You’ve probably noticed from my Instagram feed and several posts here on Kremb de la Kremb (like this one) that Kevin and I have got ourselves a skater girl. Yes, Gigi rocks on the board! She’s a dare devil, she’s dedicated, and she WANTS it. Her current goal right now is an ollie–and she’s so close! To get there, it has been evident that she needed a new board. Her old trick board was toast–makes sense too as it’s over a year old. For her birthday, she was pretty clear: she wanted a helmut (smart of her!) and a new trick skateboard. Now, there’s no way that Kevin or I would know what to pick out, so we left that up to her. For Gigi’s birthday, she got a coupon book filled with money toward new gear plus other goodies like 11 free dress days or 11 Nutella days. (If she was allowed to exist off of only Nutella, she would! Thank you very much Giovanni Bello–although it was only a matter of time.) Her birthday was a little tough going at first as she had to shop for the perfect board, but in the end, she was one happy girl!





ReverenceI love the reverence she seems to have in this photo. It’s as if the board is a cuddly stuffed animal or something!



Dressing Gigi in Zara

It is true: when it comes to Gigi and clothes, we sometimes battle it out. While Gigi will occasionally sport some pretty spunky style, usually she is all about practicalities–ease and comfort are important for her when she gets dressed.

While shopping with my daughter, Gigi will say things like, “I don’t need it.” Huh! Who said anything about need? Isn’t it about WANT! Here’s what Gigi would be wearing if I had my way, say at ZARA!


Gigi on the beach…

This is our last potato: Potato Gigi!  Kevin is staying human—thank goodness!

With Santa afterwards. Skateboards for China are on the list!

With the proud mommy!

Can you spot the LuiGigi!?

Last night Gizelle and her husband Vipul and her baby Kiara came over to join us for dinner.  The kids were ECSTATIC to have some baby time.  They just loved playing with her and watching her every move.  She’s really sweet—as you can see!