The Faux Fur Leopard Coat–Day 5

faux fur leopard coat

Ok, ok, ok. I cannot and will not unnecessarily force everyone into wearing leopard print. It isn’t for us all. And that is ok. All this week I have simply attempted to show various ways of wearing leopard print: from a touch of leopard print with jeans to leopard print skirts paired with black, to overly bold and even overly casual, leopard print can be embraced in subtle or over the top ways. I will attempt to say however, that there is one leopard print item that with resounding ease will elevate any woman’s day: this item would be faux fur leopard coat!

faux fur leopard coat

Similar to the way I styled two leopard print skirts with black, I’ve done the same with my faux fur leopard coat. I’ve had this coat since I moved to Hong Kong, so that means it’s been in my wardrobe six years this winter. Unless something tragic happens to it, I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it. And yes, it only gets about a weeks worth of wear here in Hong Kong, but that one winter I did go home, it of course went with me. The best thing about a faux fur leopard coat is how chic I feel with one on. In these pictures, underneath the actual jacket I’m wearing a tank top, but I’m so warm! Simply paired with sparkly goodness, and I don’t even need any accessories. If I live in a cold weathered climate I think this would become my uniform: it’s chic yet comfortable all at once.

faux fur leopard coat

faux fur leopard coat

faux fur leopard coat

Shop for your Faux Fur Leopard Coat:

Or maybe you already have one!?
Do tell….

faux fur leopard coat

This time around, I’ve offered some faux fur leopard coats for you to shop. Personally, I used free shipping to HK and went with ASOS. (Pretty much a ton of vendors offer free shipping these days. Just look for a promo somewhere on the site.) I chose prices from $40 at target to $240 from Anthropologie. Whatever your budget, there’s definitely a faux fur leopard coat out there for you!

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Faux Fur Fun

Fur Hat 4
This week on Wednesday, I told you style promise #4 was going to be a cinch for me. I always have fun getting dressed, and with this faux fur hat on, it’s fair to say I felt extra fabulous! If you see a little smirky smirk going on in these outfit photos, it’s real. Adding faux fur in my opinion gives a fun touch to an outfit. While the entire faux fur coat like my leopard one isn’t for everyone (nor my Chewbaca version for that matter!) just adding a little touch of it, does something for an outfit. For one, faux fur is going to look cozy but more importantly keep you cozy–as this hat did for me. (I really never needed a coat in this outfit on our way up to Vancouver.) Another thing is that faux fur in a small dose is going to add a little, not a lot, but just a little spunk to your outfit. Really, I want you to trust me on this. Whether it’s adding a faux fur cuff to your gloves, coat collar, or hat, faux fur is going to feel fun! Check out my faux fur shop for plenty of options.

How can you wear Faux Fur?

  • cuffed on your gloves or shoes
  • with a bauble in your hair, on your bag, or on top of your toe shoe
  • as a vest, coat, or sweater
  • lining your hood or collar
  • as a scarf or stole

Fur Hat 1

Fur Hat 6

Fur Hat 3

Fur Hat 5

During the winter holiday home to the Pacific Northwest, we took a mini vacation from our vacation. We left Seattle for a two night stay in Vancouver. We stopped for lunch and an amazing bookshop in Fairhaven;
make sure to go to Colophon Cafe if you ever pass through!

My Outfit Details

Fur Hat–Target (Visit this shop for tons of easy options to add a little faux fur fun to your outfits.)
Cream Sweater–Needle (The Coco only has charcoal left)
Cream Jeans–Chico’s (These were a hand-me-down from my mom during our visit home to the Pacific Northwest.)
Grey Boots–Zara (old–actually bought in Hong Kong back in 2009 when we visited for my in-laws wedding!)
Lippy–Maybelline Lip Studio Blur in I Like to Mauve It (These lip pencils were my drugstore score while I was home. I picked up four colors!!)

Convinced? Add a touch of Faux Fur to your Wardrobe:


Nah…How about for the home?

I’m asking for this throw for my birthday even though I got this one for Christmas.

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The Fab 40s in Faux Fur

Faux Fur 8

This month The Fab 40s are wearing faux fur. It’s already a known fact that I have a serious thing for faux fur. When Jane from My Midlife Fashion called this month’s theme, I got pretty excited. I love wearing faux fur, and this material is seriously having a moment. Believe it or not, this fluffy Chewbacca coat is probably ten or so years old. I picked it after all the holiday sales when we were home many years ago–mabye over ten or so years ago. We actually can’t pin point the exact year we were last home during a winter vacation. Take note of all the women in this post as they have expertly styled faux fur: from cuffed ponchos and full on clutches, it’s pretty easy to pick up a beautiful faux fur item to compliment your winter outfits.

My Midlife Fashion

Jane from My Midlife Fashion
Faux Fur Gilet–eBay
Polo Neck Jumper–Boden
Bracelets–Bella Jane Jewellery

guest blogger

Beth from Style at a Certain Age
Jane invted Beth to be our guest blogger this month. Beth has such classy style; I really do admire it. You will see what I mean when you visit her 2015 review post of her favorite outfits. To me, I think she looks like a Ralph Lauren model!

Tee–Banana Republic
Shirt–Ralph Lauren
Faux Fur Vest–H&M
Suede Tote–Zara

Dawn Lucy

Dawn Lucy, Fashion Should be Fun
Cropped faux fur vest–Romwe
Faux fur tote–thrifted
Boots–Banana Republic
Jeans & Sweater–Old Navy
Earrings–Ralph Lauren

Sheela Goh

Sheela Goh at Sheela Writes
Invictus Faux Fur Trim Poncho–Poshmark
Ombre Dress–Urbanog
Booties–purchased in Malaysia
Lizard Skin Clutch–10 Crosby Derek Lam
Snakeskin Cuff–Unearthed
Rings–Gifts from Eve

DSC_5181 2 (1)

Dixie from Inside Outer Style
Booties–Dolce & Gabbana
Faux fur–Zara
Sunnies–Ray Ban

Kremb de la Kremb
And me!
Coat and Sock Booties–Target
Sweater Co-Ord and Earrings–Forever 21
Silver Clutch–Vintage
Kremb de la Kremb

Kremb de la Kremb

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Cheetah Love

It’s a known fact: I am filled with Cheetah Love! It’s a serious love that expands to scarves, shoes, swimsuits, pillows, coffee mugs, what have you. (In fact, as I write, I am draped in a cozy cheetah throw!) It isn’t limited to the traditional color scheme; it ventures into red and black and turquoise. The love is mutual as Cheetah loves me back. It offers me confidence with an attitudinal shift in my stature.

Here’s a little Cheetah Love for the day. Enjoy! And make sure to link below if you are so interested in any of these lovely finds.


  1. Cheetah Kaftan
  2. Cheetah One Piece Swimsuit
  3. Cheetah Pumps
  4. Cheetah Tee
  5. Cheetah Bikini
  6. Cheetah Coat
  7. Cheetah Clutch