Sailing, Takes Me Away….

My brother-in-law sailed my sister to me. It’s very extravagant sounding, but it’s the truth. I was sitting on Railay Beach in Thailand with my family. The sun was beginning its set. Meanwhile, texts were being exchanged between the two of us: “Can you see that cruise boat?” she texted. “I think you just passed us,” I wrote back. It was very, very surreal. And then, before we knew it, my niece and nephew were headed toward us on a dingy boat. We waded out to them in the low tide as Vincent pushed them in to us because the current was too strong for their oars. Once in the dingy’s motor got revving, we sped out to their catamaran sailboat. I hopped off and into my sister’s arms. It was a magical reunion–one I will not forget.

My sister’s husband’s family are sailors. Julie is a sailor–she has been since she dating Matthew at 15. Sadly Matthew’s father is gone, but his legacy of sailing, sailing around the world lives on. It was so spectacular to witness this gift that Mike and Carol Collins’ have given their family. Sailing is dynamic, adventurous, and very fun. I had to keep from squealing at times so as not to be disruptive. Both Vincent and Kevin were able to get involved helping with the sails. It definitely took the expertise of the captain, Matt, and his able crew to get us to our destination. Meanwhile, I was completely awed. It was very special for me to witness how and why sailing is so vital to my sister and her family. It was a unifying task of all involved–even for someone like me who simply just took pictures.

Not all of the sail is frenetic. There are bouts of calm filled with lazy lounges on the decks, gossip amongst the girls, and dips off the deck into the blue waters. Sailing in Thailand is magnificently beautiful with the colors changing before one’s eyes. It’s always sparkly–either from the sun rays filtering through to make diamonds on the water or the blue sky intensifying the turquoise sea water. Of course, the song, the favorite family song, “Sailing, Takes Me Away….” was on full blast and smiles were plastered on everyone’s faces.

Here we all were in the blue waters of Thailand as a Krembs/Collins family sailing away! Oh, it was pure magic!!

Thank you Carol/Frammie/Benny for sharing your family’s love of sailing with my family.

Have you ever been sailing?
What do you think of it? I’ve always thought it to be a thrilling experience ever since my dad took my sister and me as little girls–but that’s a whole other story for another day…

A Mini-Me Post to Start 2017

Mini-me 1
It’s 2017! Actually for a while now, and this is a very delayed first post for the new year. Despite many attempts to post on Kremb de la Kremb, the wifi was never quite strong enough, but our return family trip to India was beyond amazing. I can’t wait to share more of that in the near future….

Posting problems aside, I am very, very happy to have this mini me post be the first of the Kremb de la Kremb new year. Yes, this blog is an attempt at a style blog, but my family does come first, and therefore deserves the first post of the 2017 year. Back in late November, the four of us–our two mini-mes (I have looked up the plural of mini-me and it is mini-mes) went up to the Peak in Hong Kong for a walk (my first with the new hip which was one of my goals) to take our Christmas picture. This was the Christmas picture that was supposed to be sent out in December as a Christmas card, but hey, the picture of the four of us together was an awful picture that wouldn’t work, but these pictures did! (The Christmas card will now be a New Year from a picture chosen from one of the many family pics taken from our trip to India…)

I call reference to mini-me of this first post of 2017 because I’ll be honest: I think each one of our kids is a little mini-me of each of us. Gigi definitely has my facial structure, freckle complexion, and Freuen nose. Yet, Gigi’s eyes are all Krembs–seriously, she’s actually a mini-me of the other Ann Krembs, Kevin’s sister. There are pictures of the other Ann at 13, and it’s seriously hard to tell the two of them apart. Meanwhile, Vincent is a total mini-me of Kevin; I mean they seem identical. But while Gigi’s eyes are all Krembs, Vincent’s face my be Krembs but his eyes and eyebrows are all Freuen. See, each of our kiddos are each a mini-me of each of us. How lucky are we?! I have to admit seeing myself (and Kevin) in each of my kids is such a wonderful pleasure. What else is a pleasure is when these two cute and handsome teenagers allow me to post them on the blog. It’s a special moment when they give me the yeah. So here are the four of us, playing around in an exercise park up on the Peak of Hong Kong. Enjoy! And happy, happy belated new year!

Mini-me 2

Mini-me 3

Mini-me 4

Mini-me 5

Mini-me 6

Mini-me 7

Mini-me 8

Mini-me 9

Mini-me 10

Mini-me 11

Panoramas and Cabin Candids with Rusty and Ted

Rusty and Ted
I can’t say Rusty is our oldest friend–that’s not correct, but he is the friend that Kevin and I have shared for the longest amount of time. We met Rusty exactly five days after getting married when we arrived with him for both of our first posts overseas in El Salvador. That means Rusty has been a friend of ours for 19 years! Now with Ted as his partner and fiancé (Rusty proposed this last November), Ted has also become our good friend. They were with us this past weekend. Even though the weather was bad, with plenty of sleepy rainy mornings, we had a great time playing ladder ball, barbecuing plenty of flat irons, and returning to poker games or campfires at night.

Panorama Ted
These panoramas are a no-brainer, but we’d never done them before. What fun!! Here Ted is contemplating Ted and below Gigi and Ted pointing with some oohin and awing.

Panorama Gigi and Ted

Panorama Ann
I managed to get an #ootd in plus some smooches.

Panorama Kissing

On to the boat for some true cabin candids…

Gigi Wakeboarding
Gigi wakeboarding and her broad, toothy smile after.


Vincent Wakeboarding
Vincent is so strong now behind the boat. He’s now at that age when you can feel him pulling the boat back. That equals man. Yikes!

Vincent Krembs

Annie 2
I had to pose with my tied scarf. While these little bandanas are half for fashion they are fully for warmth. I slept with one around my neck last night. They serve as a make shift turtleneck.

Annie 1

Kevin Krembs Lake
I love catching a candid of Kevin driving the boat–there will be some more. And even though we don’t actually see sun set, we receive glorious sunsets all the same.

The next round of visitors arrive on Wednesday. I’ll try to catch some candids of Kevin’s family during their visit to the Kremb de la Kremb cabin to post next week. Stay tuned for some more pics from our trip to San Diego later on this week. And as for a little DIY–I do have something up my sleeve there as well.

I hope you are enjoying your Summer ’16. Have you joined the Snapchat craze. I have….it turns my day to day life into a reality show! Hahha! No but really, if you’d like to follow what happens out here at the Kremb de la Kremb Cabin, follow me on Snapchat–I’ll let you guess the username. *wink wink* (Ok, it’s krembdelakremb.)

Freuen Family Pic

SiblingsFrom left to right: Julie, Adrian, Annie, Mary, and Nicholas

All my pics from the summer out at Spirit Lake are drawing to an end. These ones, with all my brothers and sisters plus folks, are pretty special. It’s not that often that all the Freuen kids get together; the last time we were all reunited was at Nicholas and Amy’s wedding in Hawaii of December, 2009. We’re all over the world: I’m in Hong Kong, Julie’s in Spokane, Adrian is in Seattle, Mary Margaret is in Shanghai, and Nicholas is in Spokane. Getting together is always a highlight–and definitely a raucous occasion! I love you guys! Enjoy your remaining summer days, and I’m so happy you were able to all join us out at Spirit Lake this summer.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post: the last of the Cabin Candids of Summer 2014.
MomnDadJoining us in this picture are Mom and Dad, Pat and Joanie.

MomnDadwithKidsAnd Mom and Dad are not complete without little Trouser!

Cabin Candids: Nicholas and Amy

Nicholas1My brother Nicholas and sister-in-law Amy were able to visit us a couple of times out at Spirit Lake: once over the 4th and another time while Rusty and Ted were there. It’d been a while since we’d been able to spend time with these two, so we felt lucky to hang out with Nicholas and Amy. Nicholas was pretty cute teasing me about the fashion posts on Kremb de la Kremb, therefore you might notice a bit of extra sass exuding from my little bro! You go Nick!







Some of (Nicholas’) Outfit Details
Both hat and jacket–The North Face
Swimming Trunks–Vanphibian by Vans
Boots–Uggs (Nicholas states that if Tom Brady can pull them off, so can he! I agree! You look great in your Uggs Nicholas!)

Cabin Candids: Cousins and Camp

PickingUpGigiThere was a week during the summer when Gigi went to camp with the Collins’ cousins; meanwhile the Krembs’ cousins from Seattle came over for a visit to the cabin. The boys spent repetitive hours jumping over and over again. They had such fun! Meanwhile the folks cleared the dock and relaxed beachside. At the end of the week when we returned to pick up Gigi from Camp Reed, it’s as if she had bathed in dirt. It took several days for the grime to disappear from her legs! We were so happy to get her back: it was a great all American experience for her, and her cousin Maeve as her bunk mate was the icing on the cake. We were definitely happy to be the four of us again!










Sleepless in Seattle

Oh, jet leg is such a bugger. My poor kiddos are now at an age where it really bothers them. For the first time, especially with Vincent, not being able to sleep is playing mind games with the poor guy. I just keep telling them you have to try to turn off your mind and just stop thinking–easier said than done!

However, to combat jet leg, we simply keep a packed day. I love coming home Seattle; in the last week we have done so much!
1st Day Seattle.jpgGigi, Vincent, and I (Kevin follow later on the 19th) woke up in Hong Kong on Friday the 13th at 5:30 am and hopped on a flight at 8:00 am.   The really weird thing was arriving 11 minutes later on the same day! After settling in and catching up with Jane and Alex, we took naps for the evening ahead. Babaji got us all tickets for the King’s Court at Safeco Field. Go King Felix! We love you (especially Vincent!).

Father's Day.jpgThere are a couple of things that we like to do when we first arrive to Seattle: one is a trip to Target. Gigi declared that she wanted to go to Targé five times this summer! Well, mark one visit down. Another first stop is going to Pike’s Place Market. Just a stroll through there tides me over each year. We also went to cousin Seamus’ soccer game, my brother Adrian’s for the first (and best) burger of the summer, and we took the kids to St. Jame’s Cathedral. We also managed to talk with Papa on Father’s Day/birthday.

CousinDay.jpgFor a tourist day with the cousins we went to both the EMP and the Space Needle. The kids formed a band called the S.S. Failures and even produced their own version of “I Love Rock ‘n Roll.”

Night Out with the Girls.jpgI was able to meet up with my two really good girlfriends Natalie and Cathy. Natalie is literally my Spokane sister: we pledged the same sorority together and became great friends–probably starting on some of our road trips back to the Kan! ;D Cathy may be considered my Italian sister as we became the strongest of amicis while we were roommates in Florence, Italy for our junior year. I love both of these ladies. They are so special to me, and it was quite the treat to spend an evening out with them. We went to a new Tom Douglas restaurant in town called Cuoco. The food was amazingly delicious!

San Juan.jpgThe three of us also went up to San Juan Island and spent a lovely evening with Brian, Jen, Anthony, and Henry. More cousin time means good times! There house up there in Cape San Juan is so beautiful and cozy. Even though the time was short, we had a blast! Going up there is like seeing the Northwest in all its glory. 

Papa.jpgFinally, our family is reunited! Kevin came in on Thursday. Now we just need to help him out with his jet leg. I think a road trip down along the Oregon coast would help, right?!

*Please excuse the image quality–all photos were taken with my iPhone, except for the last one. I got a new lens for my camera! We’ll see how it works….

Sister Sister

SisterPortrait2What a better post to start the new year than one with my Sister Sister, Mary! I feel so lucky that we were able to spend time with her at Samed Villa Resort on Koh Samed. On the eve of the new year she even consented to take a few fashion shots with me. I had brought two sequin items just in case she would indulge me: my black sequin racer back recently seen here and my silver sequin shorts that I wore this summer. I wasn’t sure which item Mary would pick, but I’m so glad she chose the shorts–they look AMAZING on her. My sister Mary is so beautiful, inside and out. We always joke that she’s the prettiest Freuen (although, it’s really no joke!). Many people think we look a lot alike, and I’ve figured it out: we do, but while I take after our mom, she takes after our dad. Don’t you agree? She’s got more of the Freuen while I’ve got more of the Downey. Regardless, I always feel super complimented when anyone tells me we look alike!

Sisters Hugging

Sisters ChattingWe had such fun together whether it was just hanging out with adjacent lounge chairs sitting in the sun overlooking the sparkly water, catching up on our daily scoops from days past, enjoying all sorts of delicious Thai food, or talking over a glass of wine–or two. Mary lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh right now. I’m so utterly proud of her. How and where she is living is no easy task, yet Mary continues to chug along with optimism, strength, and endurance. She is such a patient young woman, and I’m really proud of her for the accomplishments she’s making.


Sisters in Sequin

TableAll these pictures were taken on New Year’s Eve. We had our own perfect little table down on the beach. Fam. Krembs was reserved just for us.

KevinKevin was a great photographer for this shoot. He kept going and going. We had a bit of a time getting the light just right as the sun was setting. I got a flash for Christmas, so he was busy trying out my new gear too. I love how smiley Kevin’s eyes are–always have, always will!

KiddosAnd one last shot of the kiddos on the eve of the first day of 2014. They are still such great buds. They rarely fight and usually just play and play. I love that they are best friends. Because, like I always tell them, look who my best friends are: my brothers and sisters, like Mary my Sister Sister! So happy we got to spend time with you Mary. We love you.

Some Outfit Details
On our lips: Revlon ColurBurst Matte Balm in Sultry SulFureuse (More on this awesome new score of a lipstick late!!)

Mary’s Black Racertank: Zara
Sequin Shorts: Forever 21
Dangling Earrings: Forever 21
Ann’s Black Sequin Racerback:Old Navy
Black Leather Shorts: Zara
Crystal Earrings: Swarovski

Here’s our one and only family shot from Thailand. (We were silly not to get one while Brian and Jen Krembs were also there:(.)