Santa Hats

What did we do before Pinterest? I was rummaging around looking at “Christmas Nails,” when I saw simple little Santa hats. While I tried the whole Nordic red and sweater, my attempt was weak! They looked awful. I am simply a beginner at having fun with my nails. This look seemed easy enough.

1. Swipe red half way up–start in the middle with a holiday red and cover the nail from there. It’s like painting the whole nail just from half up.

2. Let it dry a bit and then with a white color, create a nubby ball mid way through which would be the top of the hat.

3. Finish French style again with some nubs–basically you don’t have to be perfect! Scatter the base of the hat (or the top of your nail) with some more white to make the rim of the Santa hat!

Easy! Just three simple steps and you’ve got Santa hat nails!

If I can make Santa hats, so can you!