#BOPO in a Bodycon

This post today might get a little rambly, but I’m ok with that. I hope you will be too….

Today I’m talking about #bopo in a bodycon. #BOPO? What’s that? I wondered the same thing until I figured it out and now I love the hashtag: #bopo stands for body positive. Now this is definitely a hashtag I can support. I have plenty of things I don’t like about my body, but instead I’d rather be #bodypositive and embrace all the bits that make me me. I will admit to feeling body conscious at times; therefore I do all I can to be body positive instead. To that end, being #bopo in a bodycon never crossed my mind. This would be a style of dress I would typically avoid!

But every now and then, I like to give myself imaginary style challenges. Or rather, I open up my holiday box of clothing for the holiday season and find that the forest green dress I purchased the season before at the end of season sales is a bodycon. I thought this green dress was going to be more on the shift side of dresses–not the bodycon variety! Eeek! Sometimes using the dressing room is a good idea… Well, regardless, my challenge was set out for me: how could I style this dress? I gave myself a style challeng: let’s say I was told I had to wear a bodycon dress for Thanksgiving. My first reaction would be, “NO WAY!” Why would one ever choose to wear a body con during a feast? I certainly wouldn’t. But on the other hand, I’m aware that I did buy this dress for the holiday season. Let’s see what I could do with it….while keeping in mind my full intention of being #bopo in a bodycon.

The first thing to do in order to feel good in this form fitting dress would be to highlight some curves while disguising others. I pulled out my sparkly tee for this. This top is doing a few things for me: it’s boxy and hits right at my hips, so it covers my upper curves while highlighting my hippy ones. Since it’s short sleeved, it follows that turtleneck sleeve trend too showing a bit of the green sleeve. I chose my mid calf cowboy boots (that deserve their own paragraph momentarily), and also chose my new Zara holiday clutch that I had to gift myself. Sometimes Santa’s Elf (me!) helps out before the season starts!!

Let’s talk about these ancient but oh so lovely cowboy boots. First the color, cognac, is beautiful. The style is half cowboy, half classy with such an extreme point. The heel is a perfect height in the Goldilocks way–not to small, not too large but just right–especially for my Pinky hip. These shoes were bought because of one of my Fashion Fixations. (There have been so many and they are always very important so capital letters have been used to form a proper noun.) We were living in Venezuela, and often on the weekends we would head to Margarita Island to do one of two things: I would shop and Kevin would wind surf. Margarita Island was duty free, so the prices were great! I walked into Bershka, and low and behold there was the chicest lil’ boho gal I’d seen in a while. She was Shakira’s doppelgänger with this paisley funky dress and these boots. I purchased both, but the boots required some tracking down. Then, I wore her outfit on repeat. The dress I have sadly since gotten rid of but the boots, they’re still with me, and I believe they will be for many more years. My mom actually has a similar pair that I have always coveted–I guess these are my version of her boots. Fashion Fixation fixed times two! I don’t wear these boots often, but when I do, I always feel special. Style Stories…another proper noun that has been attributed to those items in my closet that have become so important simply based on the story behind them.

Now onto Thanksgiving, the one holiday that makes me really, really miss home. It’s the American holiday that I’ve never properly celebrated while living overseas. Yes, I gather with friends, sometimes on the fourth Thursday of the month, sometimes on the Friday. Some Thanksgivings have been celebrated by a purchased roasted turkey; other turkey days have had pizzas on the grill serve as the main course. Sometimes the day is celebrated on a Friday with the main event being the tree going up. Every year we do celebrate family in some way and always Grandma Soogie’s Cinnamon Rolls are made. The one thing that has never happened though is me roasting a turkey. I’ve never done that. But, I’ve always had this burning desire to at least give it a shot one day in my life. Today is that day. I am roasting my first ever turkey. I’m going to stuff it too. I made the pecan pie last night. Kevin has prepared the cinnamon rolls. Vincent will be in charge of the potatoes; Gigi’s making the cranberry sauce. I’ll make the green beans too. And with all this foot, we’re having a proper Thanksgiving feast! Tonight!!

I think I’ll take pictures and report back on how it all goes! I may even wear the tight green dress and feel #bopo in a bodycon!!

Happy Thanksgiving! What makes your celebration special?

What if it looked better on her?

Fringe BodyCon 9
I’m going to take a hunch that maybe you’ve wanted to wear something, but some thoughts like, “It looked better on her,” enter into your brain. I mean when we order online–which is becoming a predominant way of shopping, hello no dressing rooms!–the item is usually featured on a model. If we were to go to the dressing rooms say with a friend, we would then by chance see an item on a girlfriend. No matter how it happens, we often compare ourselves to others. This post isn’t about jealousies–since none of us have time for that. Rather this post is about the comparisons we make in relations to others and how to work through them. Comparing ourselves to others is a real, very genuine action that often takes place when we go to get dressed. If I am honest, I do it too despite my absolute love for getting dressed.

For example, take this bodycon dress on me. I was at a clothing swap, with much thinner women than myself, therefore I was going for stretchy items–like this stretch dress. When I tried it on, nothing, I mean NOTHING was hidden! This dress bares all! Then, another gal, who is utterly gorgeous and is indeed a beautiful, 6 ft tall model, with stunning blue eyes and a statuesque presence, tried this dress on. Well, obviously it looked amazing on her! Sabrina, who is as beautiful inside as she is out, didn’t want the dress though, and since I’m a lover of anything fringe, I ended up going home with it.

But, how do I wear a bodycon dress after seeing it literally hanging off Sabrina, looking so great and just as the dress should be? I’ll tell you what I do.

Armour, Adjust, Accessorize, and Attitude

Fringe BodyCon 4
With the proper armour I was able to wear this dress. I also made some adjustments to the way I wore it, but most importantly my attitude is essential at carrying off anything that verges on making me feel insecure!


Fringe BodyCon 7
The fringe on this dress is created by tied knots–knots that see through to the skin. In fact the ladies during the clothing exchange mentioned wearing this dress without panties or at the very least barely there underwear. For me however, since the dress is exceptionally tight, I paired a nice and tight, slimming, black slip underneath. Knowing that my skin was somewhat smoothed down plus not being able to see through to my skin was reassuring; it made it possible for me to put this fringe dress on!


Fringe BodyCon 8
There are a couple of adjustments I made to this dress. First, normally, it should be worn with the fringe running straight down the side hitting mid shin. Instead I twisted the body of the dress so that the fringe went from one side, across my torso, and over to the other side. This crossover action gives the line of the dress a slimming look at the waist. Second, I ruched the waist a bit so that is was bunched up which in turn shortened the dress. Because the dress is made of a stretchy, cotton material, it was easy to manipulate the way this dress hangs.


Fringe BodyCon 6.5
I would not wear this dress with out a couple of items that detract from its bodycon state. One, I quickly grabbed for my denim cut-of vest. Two, I wore my over-the-knee boots so as to not have any skin show. Finally, to draw attention up toward my face, I stacked on some rhinestone necklaces. Lastly, for a pop of color, I added one of my colorful embroidered clutches from India. It’s not that I want to take away from the fabulous fringe of this dress, but I did want to distract from it’s clinging ways, and with some purposely placed accessories this is possible.


Fringe BodyCon 1Our attitude can make or break us. I will always believe that we need to wear our confidence. It can be tough–especially if we tend to compare ourselves to others. Rather, even if it is hard, we need to embrace the assets we do have and make the best of them. I am curvy! Well, embrace a bodycon! But first, I’ve made some little tweaks and enhancements so to speak that make me feel good in this dress. Then, when I go to wear it, my attitude is better when I like how I wear it. When I like how I wear it, I’m liking me; in turn I will have an attitude of confidence.

Fringe BodyCon 3

Interested in a Black Fringed Dress?

Here are some very cute black dresses that incorporate a little fringe–luckily I didn’t choose only bodycon dresses!