Nordstrom Gift Guide: For Gigi, an 11 Year Old Girl

1. Electric Guitar–Gigi has an acoustic guitar, but this Christmas maybe it’s time for her to get an electric too.

2. Hershey’s Lip Balm–Gigi has a pretty good collection of lip balms, but she doesn’t have her favorite food group yet: CHOCOLATE!

3. Let’s Dance Tee–this groovy girl is known for gettin’ down–puttin’ this tee on will help set her mood!

4. Karaoke System with Disco Lights–I think this is a Gigi gift that the whole family will appreciate when those spontaneous dance nights just happen!

5. Leopard Print Leggings–neon and leopard, win-win!

6. Party Tattoos–Maybe temporary tattoos will stave off any lifelong tats….

7. Tapefetti Craft Tape Caddy–Gigi’s supply of crafty tape is almost out.

8. Dr. Marten Boot–these are so hip! Plus they zip up the side for ease.

9. Begger’s Sweatshirt–is Rani our golden retriever on there?

10. #Photobomb Beanie–Gigi is totally known for being our family photobomber, so this beanie MUST be hers!

11. Boo–World’s Cutest Dog and 12. Boo Calendar–Gigi wants us to get a second dog; maybe Boo will suffice.

13. Créme de la Créme Tee–of course my mini-me MUST have this shirt!!

14. Dream, Doodle Draw! Sweet Treats–Gigi collects journals at about the same rate as lip balms. She also has a sweet tooth like no other. This combo is perfect for her.

15. ‘Roshe Run by Nike–yes, it’s time for new sneakers.

16. Insta Snow Powder–Gigi wants to experience snow so badly. One of these Christmases we need to go home and spend our time up at Schweitzer with the cousins. Until then, maybe this packet of snow will keep her occupied

17. Candy Chemistry Set–Gigi would like it if we let her eat candy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With this candy chemistry set, she could make her own!

18. Scratch ‘n Sniff Chocolate Nail Stickers–in the meantime, when we say “No,” she could smell her fingers and hopefully feel satisfied.

Shop it all at Nordstrom:

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