March, You Give Me a Style Rut

Yellow WallThe fog has hit Hong Kong. If the sunny weather comes back, I want to wear this dress to Easter Sunday.

Oh March. You really do put me into a style rut! And this is coming from someone who loves getting dressed! March drags on forever and ever. It’s not quite spring, and most are surely feeling finished with Winter. Poor March. This month really does get a bad wrap. But here I am in a serious style rut not knowing what to wear. Hence, a jaunt down memories lane….I went to last year’s spring posts to seek inspiration. Ahhh, now there I go–I can almost feel my style rut leaving!

Two Suede BottomsSuede seems like the perfect almost spring material. Paired with bright whites and denim, suede acts as a warm yet playful layer.

ginghamI keep thinking I should get rid of this red and white checked shirt, but then I think of how cool it’s worn as a skirt, and it stays. How do you like it better? Top or bottom? And would you ever wear your shirts as a skirt?

Off the Shoulders Dress 4We can almost feel the beach weather ahead of us. This will be the first beach dress I pull out–plus the black off-the-shoulder dress is safe without a tan after a pasty winter.

Fringe PurseI love this jacket! I’m pulling it out of winter hibernation today!! It’s the perfect boho vibe I crave. This is such an easy outfit too–jeans and a grey tee.

Culottes DressyI’m almost tired of culottes but not quite. I love this black pair dressed up with a sequin and beed embroidered top. (Look at the henna on my feet and ankles from my trip to India last year. Oh, I’m really missing this trip right about now!)

Sequin ShiftWho says you can’t wear a sequin dress after the holidays!? Not me. Paired with a denim jacket, this dress is totally dressed down.

Rainy Weekend Wear 4Here’s another great transitional piece–long sleeves with off-the-shoulder. I love how simple this outfit is, and I’m looking forward to pulling out my sandals.

Menswear 14This outfit was worn in the fall, but I think it will be perfect for the approaching spring.

Go Away Style Rut

Awww, that feels better. There is hope for fun outfits ahead even though the weather doesn’t know what it wants to do during March. I’ll bide my time and experiment with new ideas on how to make the most of my wardrobe.

Hmmm, did you notice a trend I’ll probably be back to incorporating this spring? I think it might be the OTS (off-the-shoulder) top!

Also, my hair was so short last spring!!

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  • You look wonderful! I love the dress and hope the weather on Easter day will allow you to wear it!! The entire look is just so happy and colorful. I agree, in March, we are so ready for Spring, but the weather is not in sync with us hehe. xoxo Zuma

    • Totally! Maybe I can pair a turtleneck underneath if it doesn’t work out…which according to the way March is going will be the case! Thank you! A x

  • Anna Parkes

    I love this round up of all your colourful and stylish outfits Ann. Hot stuff as ever x
    Anna’s Island Style

  • Thanks Nikki! You won’t believe it, but I picked them up at Salvation Army here in Hong Kong! Great brand too!! A x

  • That culotte outfit…. breathtaking. And this compliment really means something Ann… as I hate culottes. The last outfit with the DIY shirt… oh I love that shirt. It is such a good outfit.
    I am going through my closets trying to find new outfits with the present clothes. Of course with the amount of clothes and accessories I have, this is a sinch. Nevertheless I have hardly ever done it as I hate having to put everything back (I am so busy, I cannot be bothered in more cleaning up stuff). Today i was pretty chuffed with myself. As I came up with three to four outfits. And ones I can wear with flat boots as that darned ankle still doesn’t allow me to walk on high heels (in my seventh week now.. or is it eight?).. sigh… Greetje

    • With your legs, I bet culottes would look amazing on you Greetje–will you give them a try? Everything I pulled out for March hasn’t really been worn. I didn’t do a very good job creating a wardrobe this March. Maybe April will be better…. Try the culottes Greetje! A x

      • I don’t see any culottes in the shop and although I sometimes step out of my comfort zone, I know they do not look good on me. I would try them if I saw an awesome pair, but haven’t. I did try a jumpsuit. One that the shopowner told me looked good on everybody. Well… not on me. Definitely not on me. Hideous. As I suspected. With hardly any bum or hips you have to be careful.

        • I think that’s why I’m thinking they’ll look good on you–they flare out and would possibly give you the illusion of both! I’ll keep my eye out for you too:D A x