Kremb de la Kremb Closet Goals for 2015

NothingToWearSo fashion and style and clothing and shopping and lipstick and necklaces, ok, I better stop! Well, let’s just say all these (frivilous) items are of interest to me. It would only makes sense that when I go to make my goals for 2015 they would center around the above mentioned. Sure, I want to be more patient, I want to plan better meals for the family, and yes, eventually I want to work at losing those last few pounds, but what’s really attainable for me are closet goals!

Closet Goals for 2015: Mainly, Less is More

Focus on Quality

My closet is full–like actually bursting over too full. I’m a sucker for trendy pieces and love to have the next best thing before it’s become the next best thing. I was the girl wearing a tie back in grade school, remember? But when it comes to basics and classic pieces, I am interested in starting to spend more for the timeless piece. Bit by bit I’m trying very hard to embrace “less is more” when it comes to my wardrobe.

Be weary of the SALE

I’ve actually been noticing myself doing this lately. Often, or usually, I’m such a sucker for a good deal. If it’s on sale, it grabs my attention. Yet, even though an item might be on sale, I need to evaluate a couple of things. Like, do I need it, does it even look good on me, and is it something I’ll even wear? This goal matches up with the one up above by trying to focus on quality over quantity.

Master my Organization

I am almost there! Hong Kong is definitely tight on space. I want to get my closet so well organized that it’s just seamless in its constraint. In order to do this, again, I need to keep discarding more and more clothes. I am always doing this. I have made progress, but I still have some work to do. Every time I wear something to work or even around the house, I evaluate if it should stay in or be taken out. The story behind the item is usually what gets me. I finally just got rid of two beautiful blouses from our Saudi days. They’re fresh in my mind, but I just wasn’t wearing them. Again, let’s all say it together, “Less is more!”

Attempt Maturity

I say attempt because I just don’t know if I can do it, but I do realize I am not getting any younger. However, I love youthful clothes. I have nice legs, so I do tend to go shorter on the hemline. A v-neck suits my chest better, but I am cautious of my cleavage. And I love Forever 41–op I mean 21 for it’s hip, funky pieces. I do try to dress more classy and professional, but then there are other days where the hippy chic in me wins. My polish look gets accesorized with some studded pearls or a crisp tailored shirt is paired with a colorful skirt from a market. These are goals though, so if it doesn’t work out, I’ll still have my vibrant vibe!

Venture Out

I’m in my third year here in Hong Kong, and I’ve created some shopping rounds. When I have an Annie day, I usually conduct the same routine. I’d like to venture out and try some new neighborhoods. There’s still so much more to find in Hong Kong like boutiques in Chai Wan and Sheng Wan and more markets over in Kowloon in Mon Kok and Sham Shui Po. It’s time to bring out the explorer in me again.

How about you? Do you have any closet goals? Do you need help with your closet? Just ask…

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  • Less really is more! I’ve learned that the hard way over the years; piling up shopping carts with a whole lot of quantity, ultimately neglecting quality. This post sends a great message! <3

    • Hi Toni, what I also do is stand by the “if I put into the closet, I must take out!” So since I purchased a couple of items yesterday, I will therefore be taking out today. Do you do that too? A x

  • Great goals! I, also, want to focus on quality and not quantity 🙂

    • I know! But it’s so hard!! I just went to Forever 21 yesterday. But now, when I’m there, I really focus on unique and lasting pieces. I scored a sequin gold mini skirt, a beautiful embroidered black blouse, and some plaid pants–which I’ve been wanting to embrace. The white skirt that didn’t fit perfectly (but I loved the cut) did not get purchased. I was proud of myself! Oh, I also reneged on another black skirt–I mean really! I did not need another black skirt!! Thanks for stopping by! A x

  • nice topic to write about ! what better new years resolutions than closet goals? I definitely need to master my organization!

    • Hi there Rei, I like to organize by color, but it doesn’t always shake down like that, but it’s close. Also, because my space is tight, I use these cute white and black brocade boxes stored above my wardrobe that contain the opposite season’s clothes. Recently I just added name tags since before I’d have to pull a box down, open it up, find it was shorts, and put it back. I’m getting there….Do you have any organization at present? A x

  • I have similar closet goals. Need to stop giving into those sales!! Good luck. – KL

    • We can do it Kelly-Lee! I just keep asking myself, “Do I really need this? Does it actually look good on me? Or am I being swayed by the deal!?” All the best to you too:D A x

  • Great goals! I’m also trying to buy quality over quantity.
    xoxo Aimee

    • It is hard though isn’t it!? How’s it going for you? I went shopping last Sunday, but did not buy any repeat items. Only unique!

      Thanks for stopping by Aimee!