The Fab 40s are Grunge!

kremb-de-la-kremb-grunge-4I’m pretty proud of my 90s era, and yes, it did include some grunge, but of course it did: I was attending university in Seattle, Washington at the U of W. While my sorority sisters were donning there pledged initials on their sweatshirts, I was sporting my black babydoll dress with white polka dots. No, I don’t have that coveted dress any longer, but when I found it’s 2016 equivalent at Zara, I had to get it for this post. I’d wear that dress every time I’d hop a bus to go to downtown Seattle–which was often. I was the small town girl hitting the big city, and I wanted to see it all. That babydoll dress, with a pair of Doc Martins and my dad’s authentic army jacket, saw the town. Girls in my sorority would call me an “Ave Rat” since I liked venturing around new, and sometimes not so taste-worthy, neighborhoods, but I didn’t care. I wanted to fit into the grunge scene of Seattle–not necessarily the preppy Greek row thing to do, but oh, I was ecstatic to be living in Seattle, Washington. Meanwhile, bands like Nirvana, Sound Garden, and Pearl Jam were playing at small bars getting known, and I was there to witness it all. And now, here I am still venturing around the cities in which I live. I think the travel bug was instilled in me long ago….




Diane Calling Grunge

img_4692-1Thanks for the theme this month Fashion on the 4th Floor. It was such fun Diane! I doubt anyone had to Google their grunge looks this time around–especially not you. And yes, let’s go walk that Ave together shall we!? You look so cool in your white babydoll and stud boots!

Guest Blogger Sherry from Petite Over 40

img_6211Diane invited Sherry, ironically a Seattle blogger! Now I wonder if we were stomping around Seattle’s streets at the same time. Sherry is a writer in many capacities–one of which is her style blog, Petite Over 40. Make sure to also follow Sherry on Instagram @petiteover40.

Fierceness from Cid Style File

novemer-fab-40s-grunge-look-cidstylefileYep, Cid Style File can hang with me too. That burgundy eyelash sweater is the perfect compliment to the all black look–and I do believe my grunge sister Vero here sported the Doc Martens too back in the 90s.

Flirty Jennie

the-fab-40s-in-90s-grunge-2-of-2I love how natural pink hair looks on Jennie from A Pocketful of Polkadots. It’s like, I look at her, and think, “Of course, pink hair is her natural color.” It’s amazing how flirty she pulls off this color. One April Fools I joked about having pink hair, but on her it’s just as flirty and fabulous as it should be. I have hair envy for sure!

Rockin’ Sheela

dsc_0076I know I jokingly call Sheela Queen She, but it is with reason. I mean check her out! She’s rockin’ this look. Now her sister from another mister is Courtney. And with a tiara on Sheela’s head it’s no wonder I call her a queen.It truly is her rightful title.

Samantha Babe

img_6000Ummm, Samantha could seriously pass as a student here, don’t you think? She’s so youthful, and hip, it’s as if she’s truly a uni student. I know if she were in my class, I’d always be looking to see what she’s wearing. (Heck, we’re not in the same class, but as my fellow blogger friend, I already do! I’m constantly looking to Sam for how to be Fake Fabulous!)

Gossip Girl Mary

maryI know Gossip Girl is a show beyond the 90s, but there were certainly times when Jenny Humphry’s style, even Blaire’s and Serena’s, verged on grunge, and to me, Mary represents the Gossip Girl grunge look. Curly Byrdie here is party school girl, but way more party tough grunge!

And Me!

kremb-de-la-kremb-grunge-8I copied the dress I used to wear back then. I can remember it was from The Limited–remember that store? I actually worked there in high school–even back then I needed to afford my (growing) wardrobe. Since I don’t own a pair of Doc Martens, I went for the next best pair: the boots my mom gave me. The military jean jacket was a score from my local secondhand shop, Mee & Gee. I love this graffiti wall–I’ve been wanting to shoot in this area for quite some time, and finally this grunge look seemed to suit her. Thanks for snapping my pictures I’m a Norbyah.


kremb-de-la-kremb-grunge-3I tried to pose all fierce for these pics, but truly I feel better with a smile on my face! Hahaha. Every now and then I try to be something I’m not!

What style stories do you have from the 90s? I bet you have some!! Do share.

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  • What can I say, Ann, you completely rocked this month’s theme! I love it all – especially your adorable polka dot dress. I was wondering if this was the original, so I am glad to have that question answered. Your jacket is an amazing thrift store find and you wear it well. I enjoyed reading about your college Seattle adventures – they sound like so much fun.

    • There are so many items from my past wardrobes that I wish I still had–that dress being one of them. Also, the red and black striped turtleneck I’d wear out to the clubs and my chunky heeled penny loafers. Oh, and the Doc Martens of course. And that’s just from my Uni days–what about that year abroad in Italy–oh don’t get me started!!

      Yes, I do have some fun college memories. Oh, those were the days…. Not really!! Haha!

      We are all having some fun now though aren’t we!?

      Love, Annie

  • You are so COOL Ann!
    Too cool, even!!
    Fabulously feminine and beautiful…but edgy and sexy.
    Those legs!!!!
    Those kohled eyes!!!!
    Gorgeously GORGEOUS.

    • BTW….I was clueless about your college story. (is that the same as university??)

      • College=Uni=University–yes. I have to remember. In the US we call it college even though we go to a university, but overseas everyone seems to call it uni. I think anyway.

        And a sorority is the house you join–like a sisterhood or a brotherhood (fraternity). That’s your house/network/automatic friends. You go through something (at big universities anyway) called Rush where you pledge to a house (I pledged Delta Gamma). Hopefully you pledge to a house with likeminded people. While I made some very good friends in that house, I wasn’t very similar to many of them. I was a bit rogue to say the least. I feel bad about it in some ways, but I just wasn’t ever one to conform. I wanted to see too much of the world! (Still am actually!)

        Am I making things more clear or more muddled?! Hahah! Anyway, you live in this house so it’s both figuratively and literally a house. I lived there my freshmen (first year) and sophomore (second year), but by my junior year (third year) I studied abroad in Italy. When I returned for my last year (senior year), I did not return to that sorority. I was too in love with Kevin!!!

        I went to the University of Washington (U of W–said “u-dub”) in Seattle, Washington.

        Heheh, you are getting a proper US college prep course!

        A x

        • It all makes sense now!
          Thank you.

          My experience of university was utter freedom…no one telling me what to do or how to do it.
          The freedom to express myself without judgement…through style, music and whatever else I fancied!
          Eating what I wanted when I wanted.
          Ditto sleeping.
          The most amazing years.
          My son is at uni just now and I have left him completely to his own devices.
          I showed him how to manage money, cook and clean and now he can do it all for himself.
          He hasn’t even called to ask for help or money…and he is only 17.
          That makes me proud.
          Uni days are THE most fun….and we can meet wonderful people on the way! XXXX

  • Thank you so much Maria! We do have a good time!

    Thanks for stopping by. I hope you come again.

    Love, Ann

  • Debbie Stinedurf

    Ann…so utterly fabulous! Love the entire look; the dress, the jacket, the over the knee socks. I would totally wear this whole outfit as is! And how cool that you were in Seattle when it all went down…

    • It was really cool to be a part of it all Debbie. Makes me feel a little famous when I’m able to share it. Hahah. Not really–but kind of! Heehe.

      Thank you. Love, Ann

  • Love the detail on that jacket! And did grunge really ever die? I feel like we just had softer variations over the years.

    Arielle from Casual ‘n Couture

    • Agreed! It hasn’t!! Neither have any of the decades really. They all just keep cycling around while we continually create our spin on styles. Love it!!

      And yes, I felt like I totally scored with this jacket!

      Thanks for stopping by. Love, Ann

  • señora allnut

    I’m loving all that grungeness, rockin’ style and a fabulous new approach to a ‘classic’ style!, love your polka dot dress with boots (I remember wearing something similar!) and that stunning jacket which steals the show!, gorgeous! And I also prefer to see your beautiful smile, you rock!!

    • Hahah! Yes, I do better smiling. It’s just not in my personality to try to be smug. I do give it a go every now and then but usually fail. I’m a Pisces, and we are emotional folk, so now you know why!

      Thank you Señora Allnut! Love, Ann

  • So I had commented a few days ago on my phone and guess it never posted…ugh! So here I am again, cause I had to see your awesome grunge look one more time! Great look and even better story of your days in Seattle! WOW I could have loved to be there and seen it all first hand. I did get to see Nirvana, HOLE, Pearl Jam and a few other grunge and in concert. Haven’t made my way to Seattle yet but I am looking forward to taking it all in!

    • Don’t you HATE it when that happens! I know I do!!

      You have to let me know when you come to Seatlle, and you have to come during the summer so I can meet you in real life. Speaking of which–you ladies are becoming my dear friends, yet we haven’t physically met. Doesn’t seem to matter does it?!

      Love, Annie