The Fab 40s in DIY

There are times when I feel like I should change the niche of my blog. For example, maybe I should become the denim DIY blogger. Then there are other times when I feel like I should be the “Be stylish in tennis shoes” blogger. Oh hey! Look at that, I wore sandals in this post!! Back to this month’s Fab 40s theme: DIY. I had a little cheer, a loud “YES,” a oh-ya-baby-I-can-do-this moment. My last embellished jean jacket was created over a year ago. While I still do like it, I’ve had the makings of one on my mind. When Diane called this theme, let’s just say I was pleased to share my newest DIY creation! I took the lips from this tee when the Fab 40s styled Pop Art. From another tee I cut out the “I <3 KK" which actually stands for Kota Kinabalu but in my mind it could be the two K's in Kremb de la Kremb. For the collar and cuffs I used a bandana, and for a little extra embellishment I used some denim white trim. Voila, my new customized K de la K jean jacket a la DIY.
Let’s see how the others Fab 40s faired shall we….keep scrolling!

In addition to the jacket, I also made my waist bag. I simply cut to slits in the back of the silver clutch, and then passed my silver and gold skinny belt through. Also, of course, I cut off the white jeans–that’s a given!

Diane from Fashion on the 4th Floor

Diane! Acid wash is my next project!! I’m so glad you offered directions. My niece and I just picked up jackets yesterday at my favorite local thrif shop, Value Village. Last summer we DIY painted denim jeans which is so fun, but this year we are ready to get friendly with the bleach. I was happy you offered directions with this jacket. I turned out SUPERB! There are two other things I totally ADORE about this styling of yours: 1) crop top! Yes!! And 2)cut offs–a summer must!! You’re a total inspiration Diane!

Tracy from The Naughty Forty Diaries

Diane invited Tracy from The Naugthy Forty Diaries. I’ve included two pictures of Tracy, just so you can become mesmerized by here eyes. She has the prettiest eyes on the Internet! I love her DIY! It’s such a simple way to add a personal touch to a tee: patches. Tracy I’ve gone overboard with patches on my own denim shirt. I love how your three say take me on vacation!

Jennie from A Pocketful of Polka Dots

Our very classy Fab 40 named Jennie made this beautiful top: yes, she sewed it!! I am so impressed Jennie. It turned out perfectly. As always you are the effortlessly classy lady–even in a pair of cut-off hem denim jeans. You are our modern day Audrey of the group for sure!!

Mary from Curyly Byrdie Chirps

Oh, Mary, I want your jeans so bad! I’ve already referred to these jeans before, but when I was in high school I had the coolest pair of patched jeans. Instead of denim however my patches were red fabric. Oh, they were so cool. They even made it into my senior portrait pictures. I think you’ve given me yet another denim DIY idea here, so thank you. And of course, one can never go wrong with a Canadian tuxedo–especially one that includes denim heels!!

Veronica, I love what you did to your tee here. I too have done this choker style to my Guns n Roses tee. Isn’t it the easiest! Your camo tee turned out so cool. Now what I haven’t done is the ties on the sleeve–what an extra element of surprise DIY. I really like it. Was it hard?

And me, Kremb de la Kremb

We cover all sorts of themes over here with The Fab 40s…are there any you’d like to see?!

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  • Fabulous Ann!
    You are the cut-off queen…. although Diane might be in danger of snatching your crown! :oP
    Such great looks.

    • Hahah! Diane and her amazing long limbs! Can you imagine!? I only can!!

      I like to pick up used jeans at my local charity shop and make all sorts of cutoffs. I’ve never bought a pair–and probably never will. They’re way to easy to make!

      A x

  • Judy Gramith

    You could never confine yourself to a single definition blogger persona dearest Ann!!! Don’t even think about it. Even if you tried you’d be wiggling and squirming out of that label in a week. Half the fun of DIY is the next big scheme! Most assuredly denim is the most fun to play with because it too is never fully defined!
    Your jacket is a complete delight!!! It is just full of sparkle, shine and smoochiness!!

    • Thank you so much Jude. It was so much fun to make!! I really like it. Now I just need to start wearing it more. But hence it’s 87 while I write and the humidity is at 72%! Hahaha. It will be a while until I can wear it here in HK….

      Until then it looks cute in my closet with my other DIY jean jacket!

      A x

      PS I can’t define my niche! I’ll just write what I wanna share!

  • WOW!! I can’t believe how talented you are, Ann! You look freaking incredible – that jacket is to die for!! I love the addition of the bandana cuffs. You are a genius 😀
    Suzy xx

    • If you ever were interested in having me make one for you Suzy, I’d be delighted to. Just let me know. They’re so fun (and actually easy) for me to make!

      Love, Annie

      • Annie, you are the sweetest!! Thank you so much MWAH <3
        Suzy xx