Alternative Makeup (Vlog No. 3)

alternative makeup
I’m always one to try something. Why not? Lately I’ve been seeing looks of alternative makeup where red is on the eyes and blue is on the lips–this alternative makeup is opposite of what we are used to. But, unless you try, you’ll never know if it looks good on you. In my opinion, the red on my lids compliments the blue of my eyes nicely. Also, the blue lips makes my teeth look not so stained.

Have a watch at Alternative Makeup

Do you think you’ll be trying the alternative makeup look? ;p

What!? I Shave My Face!? (Vlog No. 2)

Yes the following vlog is going to come to a shock to many, but maybe there are a few other shavers out there….Basically, since I take a lot of photos for my outfit posts and such, I started noticing a ton of peach fuzz. Ultimately, I found out it’s a part of growing older. Oh yeah. No, not really. But as we age our hormones continually change, so more facial hair happens for older women. Luckily with some help from my sister, my mom, the lady at Sally Beauty, and the Internet, I’ve found a pretty viable solution to being fuzzy! I shave my face!

Enjoy the vid, and maybe you’ll give it a try…

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It’s Just 21 Days

I would like this waist back!

It’s just 21 days! That’s what I keep telling myself. Really, it’s just 21 days. Here’s the thing: I have to do something! I’m an apple in terms of my figure, so when I gain weight, it goes straight to my tummy. As it is right now, I can only wear so many leggings and long tunics. I miss wearing a belt or tucking in my shirt. It’s really up to me, and if I set my mind to it, I can get back to the weight I like to maintain. It won’t be easy, BUT I can do it. Plus, it’s just 21 days. It might turn out to be more, but by then (hopefully!) it will be easy.

I’m going to go on the Bone Broth Diet. And, because I know I’m going to need help, I’m making the announcement public over here on Kremb de la Kremb. In fact, I intend to use this post as my daily journal. (Hopefully there won’t be too many swear words! Hehehe!)
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Glitter Lips (and my first vlog!)

Red Winter Sweater 8I’m giving a vlog a try. This first vlog of mine is all about creating glitter lips. You have permission to laugh! I know I sure have! But not too much, k? I’m always eager to try new things, so here’s my stab at a vlog. It’s my first one, and I definitely have so much room for improvement. Like, I need to figure out where to place the camera and make sure my makeup looks okay. I also have a lot of research to do in terms of editing. For now, all I could do is figure out how to insert titles….Anyway, give it a look. And if you ended up having as much fun as I did, answer the survey at the end of watching! Thanks. And (try to) enjoy!!

My First Vlog on How to Get Glitter Lips

What do you think of Glitter Lips?

Should I try another VLOG?

Nah, stick to pictures.
Sure, go for it!


But actually the real question is will you try to make glitter lips?

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My Five ~ Short Hair Dos

NewHair2 The last time I wrote about my five hair dos was after I had stopped using shampoo for six months. While that “do” for my hair is still the same, I’ve got a new set of must hair dos now that my hair is short.

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DIY: Nail Maintenance, Part 2

NailPolish2Just a while back I wrote about the problem with my nails and what I do for nail maintenance. Along with using the cuticle cream, nail hardener, and keeping them covered, I also tend to paint my nails with colored polish. I usually prefer color over a nude nail, and two colors have been in heavy rotation since about last spring: bright white or a coral-orange red. The trick to my nail polish however is it’s drying time. I pretty much exclusively use nail polish that will dry in a minute or two. Trust me! It does.

Click here to read about find my four favorite brands for quick drying nail polish.

Haircut #2

Haircut2SetFeatureI enjoyed my first haircut with shorter hair for just a week, but it just didn’t feel short enough! I’ve been wanting to go really short for some time now, so I went back to Aman for the second haircut. When I visited her this weekend she was quite surprised, but she was eager to get started on the next cut. I know this haircut will last longer than a week. Eventually, I’ll get to a pixie, but in the meantime I’m enjoying this flippy new hairstyle!




Haircut5 I finally did it! I got a haircut! I’ve been wanting to chop my hair for some time now waffling between should I or not. Silly. Just go for what I want. I did feel like I had pretty long hair, but recently, I’ve been wanting stylish hair. This first step will just be the beginning. I’m headed towards a tight cut, but I might as well have some fun along the way. Here’s a take at all the looks I’m thinking of as I finally get to the pixie. (This was the look I was after, so this is probably the next cut since I’m not quite there.) Now I just have to figure out how to pace myself and enjoy each step along the way.

I was so excited to find a new hairdresser–especially one that I totally trust. This is Aman from Head Touch in Stanley. She is so sweet but most importantly she was cautious and meticulous in not cutting too much right away. She’s a listener and she speaks great English. I will definitely becoming close to Aman in my upcoming hair ventures. I recommend booking her or any of other stylists at this little salon in Stanley. It was bustling during my whole time there. (Call 2682-9928 for an appointment or venture down the stairs by Ellis Jeweller and you’ll find it right there on the right.)

Special thanks to my dear friend Caron who was the supportive spirit I needed to take the cut! You’re the best Caron!!


DIY: Nail Maintenance

Nail MaintenanceUnfortunately I do not have strong, healthy nails. Rather they peel and split down the middle. When this happens it can be painful, but there are four things I do to combat the state of my weak nails. First, I find that my nails are best protected when they are polished. (I’ve been on a white kick for a long time now–I think it seems to be the best nail color!)

1.When I spend some time on my nail maintenance, I take off my nail polish with Malava Nail Polish Remover Pads. There is no acetone in them, so my nails are not left feeling brittle.

Mavala2. Then I use LCN Nail Hardener. This transparent turquoise treatment dries super quick and just seems to help my nails from peeling as much.

LCN3. For the best natural looking polish, I use Valmy 28. I have about four more bottles stocked of this perfect natural paint. Mary Kelly would always get it for me along with the Zanoria sun lotion on her past trips to Venezuela. Luckily, with a little research, I have found that Valmy is online!! They still have Brillo 28!! (As an aside, the story behind finding this perfect color is worth mentioning. While living in Caracas Kevin and I were purchasing some flight tickets about at the Tamanaco Hotel when I couldn’t help but ask the attendant about her gorgeous nails. “Oh these!? This is just Valmy 28. You can get it next door at Farmatodo for a buck!” That I did!!)

Valmy284. On a trip to Japan I conducted one of my international drugstore hauls. Because my nails are always so weak, I tried out this Nail Treatment cream by Nail*Nail. It works! It has helped my nails become stronger. Luckily one of my colleagues is from Japan, so it’s easy for me to ask her to pick up this Japanese prodcut. You can order it here though.


Some Product Details
Malava Nail Polish Remover Pads
LCN Nail Hardener
Valmy Brillo 28
Nail*Nail Nail Treatment

{International} Drugstore Roundup

DrugstoreRoundupDuring our most recent trip to Jakarta, I recognized a ritual that I conduct whenever I travel. I always, I mean always, enter into a drugstore and just collect a couple of unique items from that place. This got me thinking…I’ve been doing this for years! And because of this ritual, I then hoard certain products when I revisit different locations. Here are a few of the items that I seem to collect from around the world–luckily many of them can be accessed through Amazon!

1. Unfortunately I haven’t had this product in years, BUT! I was happy to find it online in #6! When we were living in Venezuela, we would often head to Margarit Island for little weekend get-aways. During one such weekend, I kept smelling this AMAZING fragrance!! Once I identified the (hot) Latina sporting the scent, I did indeed have to ask. It was none other than her sunscreen–mind you a mere SPF of #2! She was wearing Nivea Carrot Lotion. Well, I became an addict and my Venzeulan compadres, Mary Kelly and Giovanni kept me stocked for a few more years after I left. Sadly, very unfortunately, I doubt this product may be found in Venezuela right now, but if I were to smell it, it would take me right back to Margarita Island….

2. On one of our layovers going home from Mumbai, we stopped in London. (We did this often as it took sooooo long to get home. Staying the night somewhere made it possible.) On this layover, we had about 8 hours, and I have no idea what part of London we went into. But, oh! Did I hit a drugstore jackpot! They had this brand called Barry M (I have since realized that’s as famous as Covergirl or Mayebelline) and all the eye shadows were just so impressive. I had the toughest time choosing, and I think I walked out with at least six colors. They were all just so sparkly and pretty–hence their name Dazzle Dust. If I ever see Barry M again, I’ll buy six more, easily!

3. In Thailand, the grocery stores are phenomenal. I am not kidding. They are just extraordinary shopping destinations. On one of our first visits while living in India, I happened upon Madame Heng’s Care Spa Rose Soap. Oh, it’s decadent! It has little exfoiliating specks in it, and the smell is like nothing you’ve ever sniffed in your life! I adore it!

4. While David Letiecq was in Kuala Lumpur we visited him. During a drugstore visit there, I picked up some Bio Oil. Guys, this stuff is amazing! It’s is so hydrating for the skin! I use it as lotion all the time, and when it’s especially dry, like when we lived in Beijing, I dripped it into my bath. I love how this oil just seems to correct my skin. I highly recommend this for any scar issues as well.

5. Suave Dry Shampoo is my hair’s necessity. When I’m in the States, I go to Target and pick up the 2 for 1 package that’s a little bit cheaper. I keep a bottle of this at my desk at school (along with many other items!) as well as at home. Even though this one does leave you with a little bit of the white powder look, it’s easy to shake out and out of all the dry shampoos I’ve tried, this one works the best! Plus, the smell is nominal.

6. Here’s an honest little bit about me: a couple of years ago I was so self conscious about my body odor. Well, a visit to the dermatologist set me straight. She recommended Certain Dri: it has no smell, it’s a roll-on, and it somehow does the trick. It’s the weirdest thing, but this concoction of chemicals seems to work for me–without any extra scents as it’s fragrance free. I now swear by this product and bring it back from the States in batches. I don’t want to run out of this secret!

7. Here in Hong Kong, I’ve found a number of goodies especially at our magical beauty store called Sasa. These little Japanese wipees called Magic Ice are perfect for those sweaty afternoons out and about in HK. They are little deordorant wipes, and while they’re not the cure like #6, they do work in a, shall I say, stinky situation. I keep one or two of these wipes in my purse pouch for any body odor emergencies….(As far as I know, Sasa is the only place to pick these up–of course I’d be happy to get some for you…just let me know;)

This post has ended, but I’m realizing there are still so many products that I collect from around the world! I’ll save those for another post. Do you have any products that you could share with me? I would really love to know! And then….I’ll have to figure out how to acquire!