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My Third Bomber Jacket and Bomber Jackets for You, ALL Under $50!

Paisley Bomber Jacket 3
I told you I’d be back today in a bomber jacket! This is my third version of the fall trend that is making its way into your closet! I started getting excited about the bomber jacket back in June when I purchased my lacy Zara version, my letterman “A” jacket, and also this paisley one. Yes, this is true: I have three bomber jackets. To be honest it’s very difficult to choose just the right one–although out of my three I definitely know I will gravitate toward my monogramed one. I’ve received some feedback lately that for you too it’s been difficult to find just the right one. So don’t worry. I can relate, and I am here to help. Keep scrolling through my outfit pics, and you will find over 30 options all for under $50 USD! (Ok, there is one that is $56, but hey, it’s super cute, so there.) Here’s the thing: this is a new-ish trend that is definitely having a moment. It’s understandable to be a spendthrift while trying out the trend. And believe me…the options I found are worth every little penny! In fact there are two down below that I might not be able to resist….

Paisley Bomber Jacket 4
The thing about the bomber jacket is they’re super easy to style: jeans, suede, even sequins pair well with a bomber jacket. Here I busted out my Guns ‘n Roses tee. Since I was tryin’ to be all rocker, I also pulled out the studs. These little booties of mine are so old, but hey, they’re flat, comfortable, and meet the criteria needed for my hip. They stay despite how old they are! I tried out something new with my makeup here in this styling too. I went with a rather nude lip. I’ll be honest: I don’t think I like it. I always end up loving it on others, but on me, I feel just that–nude! I find it funny that bold and bright lipsticks offer me coverage of sorts! Makes me chuckle. By the way, I ask you to weigh in on another style of mine if you can make it through all the bomber jacket options….

Paisley Bomber Jacket 2

Paisley Bomber Jacket 5

Paisley Bomber Jacket 6

Get Your Bomber Jacket for Under $50!


Don’t worry. You won’t hurt my feelings. I’m fully aware I have a mullet; I’m quite proud of it actually (even though the curls don’t allow for the real length to show). I’d really be interested to hear what you think….

Paisley Bomber Jacket 1

What do you think of my MULLET?

So RAD! Keep at it!!
You need to get rid of that thing. :S
Hmm, I’m rather undecided…..You rock it but I can’t stand them.

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The Fab 40s in a Bomber Jacket

Kremb de la Kremb Bomber Jacket  2
I have so much to cheer for! Really, I do!! Besides having pretty much the cutest bomber jacket ever, I have some things to bounce around the bleachers for acting like a cheerleader once again. For one, I’m walking, slowly but surely. I went back to work today–yes, it was only for two hours, but that is a start. Maybe by the end of the week, I’ll work up to four, and ultimately by next week, I’ll hopefully put in full days. And finally, the real thing I was cheering about in these actual pictures was some good news brought to me by my son. He just started high school; as a ninth grade freshmen, he’s now the baby of the school. Yet, his youth didn’t stop him in his tryouts for the baseball team. He made the A-squad varsity team! It’s quite special as a baseball mom to see my son making his dreams come true.

Kremb de la Kremb Bomber Jacket 1

Kremb de la Kremb Bomber Jacket  3
I’ve had plenty of dreams that I’ve had as a youth come true: for one, I wanted travel in my life. Kevin and I have really been able to make that happen when we stumbled upon international teaching over 20 years ago. We both knew we wanted to travel, but we really had no idea how to make it a reality until we got those first jobs in El Salvador. We’ve been traveling ever since. I never dreamed I would become a librarian, but I can admit, that it is the dream job. I love working with kids, reading and talking about books, and helping people find information. Plus, the planning, purchasing, managing, and promoting involved in my job are awesome perks that access other skill sets of mine. The dream that I never once announced, but silently whispered to the extent of evaporation was working in fashion. Now, no, this did not happen, but maintaining Kremb de la Kremb and showcasing what I think to be as my style, that fulfills that unannounced dream I had as a youth.

Kremb de la Kremb Bomber Jacket  6

Kremb de la Kremb Bomber Jacket  8

Kremb de la Kremb Bomber Jacket  5
When Sheela announced that August’s theme was bomber jackets, I have to admit I was pretty stoked. I already own three–the first one being featured for another Fab 40s round up when we dressed up in our sparkles during the day. Since I had already featured this “A” bomber jacket from a date night down in San Diego at the start of the summer, I pretty much thought I’d show off my third bomber not yet seen. (Hey, come again this Wednesday!) But, then, I just couldn’t help but show off this “A” bomber jacket again. I mean, it’s pretty “A”mazing right?! Heehe.

The Fab 40s in a Bomber Jacket

Let’s see how The Fab 40s featured each of their bomber jackets for this super hot fall trend. I’ve tried to link out in tons of ways with either shopping options or Instagram pics, so you too can get in on the bomber jacket craze and get to know The Fab 40s!

Sheela Writes

IMG_1289You must go visit Sheela’s post (or see it here on her Instagram) just so you can see the back of her bomber jacket. I do believe it might be a phoenix–or something quite elaborate, mystical, and out of this world! I wasn’t able to find her exact bomber jacket; however hers is from Romwe where they have 8, yes that’s eight, pages of options! And, I just want to also compliment Sheela on her heel situation. She’s so skilled. I mean, I look at those smashing red gems on her feet and fall. My name, Ann, might mean “grace,” but it doesn’t make it true! Sheela on the otherhand according to the Urban Dictionary means “A female who is known for being physically fit and is sensual in everything she does.” I could not agree more!!

Color and Grace

Since it was Sheela’s turn to pick the theme, it was also her turn to invite a fellow 40 something blogger. Hence I introduce Grace from Color and Grace. Of course I do love this colorful and bright bomber from a newly introduced shop to me–Choise (where the bomber is only $16.90!), but you can all probably guess what I am coveting from this superbly put together outfit….those shoes! I think I must have them! And! They are only $13 from another new to me shop called YesStyle which happens to be from Hong Kong. I mean, where have I been?! Grace, I have two questions for you: can we please go shopping together?! And are they comfortable? (And Grace, I just totally got sidetracked from your where you shop. I need to get back to writing this post…but do you agree with this one?!)

Fake Fabulous

You will not believe the owner of Samantha’s super cute, floral bomber! It’s her daughter’s. This goes to show that it is always worth taking a look through the girls department. While I don’t really fit in the girls’ department I will admit that over half of my crossbody bags come from Zara Girls. They have the BEST little purses! Also, sometimes the girls’ department has the best tees–like this one that’s a size 13-14 with the very best message. Come on, we all know how to tuck our knees into the shirt and stretch the heck out of it until it fits! Right?! Samantha, aside from loving the fact that you are wearing your daughter’s jacket perfectly–in fact it looks large on your tiny frame, your pixie is growing out nicely. For anyone doing the same, make sure to read Samantha’s nine tips on the first stage of growing out your short hair! Look how long it’s growing (and admire what Sam did with this revealing top!).

A Pocketful of Polkdadots

Jennie has introduced me to another winner of a store: Allegra K. That’s where she got this beautiful floral bomber. And now, with three newly introduced shops I do delcare I’ve been living in a cave and only relying on Forever 41-op, did it again, Forever 21 for all my wardrobe. Jennie, thank you for the introduction. Her beautiful navy bomber–that also comes in pink shades–is only $17! I mean really!?! Where have I been!? And also, I have a feeling this compliment is given out in abundance, but Jennie, your hair and its color is so very pretty.

Curlybyrdie Chirps

Mary here has the perfect fall colored bomber jacket. Paired with that slimming skirt, it creates one of my favorite color combos: rust and navy. Mary picked up her bomber from H&M–a favorite high street option for picking up a blazer. In fact, on H&M’s website, they have a whole section dedicated to bombers. Unfortunately, Mary’s isn’t still there, but hey, have a look through 24 more styles! While a bomber jacket is typically a casual clothing item, Mary once again styles with femininity–which is just simply her nature.

Cid Style File

Now this is what I’m talkin’ about! Nice and fierce with the bomber jacket in its original color: army green. I’ve been contemplating this exact color Vero…I like that this version replicates the reason the bomber jacekt is called a bomber jacket–or rather a flight jacket. This style was created for pilots during WWI; the cockpit was not enclosed therefore these jackets were made to help keep the pilots warm. I’ve been thinking how cool it would be to purchase one just like yours and then patch it up with militarise paraphernalia. At any rate, you look very, very cool in this one Vero. Very cool indeed! And I can see you can do fierce very well. Check this pic out! I love it!!

Fashion on the 4th Floor

Here we have peachy goodness that’s flirty and sporty all at once. I think if Diane and I were to compare our sneaker collections we would be onto something. By chance are you a 37 Diane?! I love how she manages to always delicately pair her runners with the feminine pieces she styles. She did this last month in our all white ensembles too. The reality difference between Diane’s wearing of sneakers and mine however is that she wears them for real while I wear them out of necessity. Have you ever seen one of Diane’s workouts? Check this out: lifting while balancing on balls, abs galore, and dexterity beyond belief! I get breathless just watching! Not to mentioned very motivated to one day also work out again. (By the way, is that a tattoo on your hip? I’m thinking of getting one…!)

And me, Kremb de la Kremb

Kremb de la Kremb Bomber Jacket  9
Like I said up above, I’m pretty smitten with this bomber jacket. It’s in one of my favorite colors, red, and accented by my favorite color, blue. It’s shiny and does offer the perfect layer. But most specially, it carries my initial. I “A”dmit. I like that part the best. while this exact “A” is no longer available, I got it over at where there are over 150 reasonable priced options. The searching options at Boohoo are very convenient, so as the last option mentioned in this post, I highly recommend checking out their selection. I can’t finish this post without mentioning three other notable items within my styling of this bomber jacket: first, of course, I’ve paired it with a cute “K” tee. It’s pretty obvious I’m into branding! Also, this outfit features my newly upcycled boyfriend jeans that I made and posted about last Friday. I was ready to get rid of this old pair recently, but now, with the star patches I had put in, they will definitely return to being my favorite pair of jeans once again. And finally, these star shoes. Awwww, I sigh. I never, I mean never spend this much on myself, and so I will not admit their price (if you want the link you will kindly have to ask–oh all right, I’m such a pushover. Here’s the link!). I will say that these are my recuperation pair. The pair of tennies that I felt entitled to splurge on as I know my cost per wear will make the purchase totally worth it!

Kremb de la Kremb Bomber Jacket  7

Kremb de la Kremb Bomber Jacket  4

DIY Star Patched Jeans

DIY Star Patched Jeans 1
I often speak of fashion fixations on Kremb de la Kremb. They are a very real thing for me. I will see something (like star patched jeans) and think about it for a long time. I don’t mean for it to happen, and I don’t mean to be obsessive compulsive; it’s just a trait of mine. I’ll ponder and store away a sartorial thought until it comes to fruition–then the fashion fixations is fixed! I could have just bought the star patched jeans online for $115–that’s actually not too bad of a price. But….I knew I could just make them myself–especially with my local tailor Yee. So, I got to figuring out the DIY for these start patched jeans. It was not difficult at all. And now, I have revitalized a pair of very old jeans (that have almost been given away a couple times)!

DIY Star Patched Jeans 4

DIY Star Patched Jeans 6

How To Create Star Patched Jeans:

DIY Star Patched Jeans 10
The fashion fixation happened when I saw these star patched jeans seen on Eva Chen back in March at the Fashion Week for Autumn/Winter 2016-2017 have haunted me. First, I figured out who made them to see if I could buy the original. They’re made by Paige in their very famous Jimmy cut. The price isn’t too bad, but…these old boyfriend jeans of mine needed some new life! They were the perfect candidate for the star patched jeans.

Here’s what I did in working with my tailor:

  • I grabbed two pair of jeans–one for receiving the star patches and one for creating the denim patches.
  • I printed out star templates for the patches AND the pictures of the front and back of the actual Jimmy Paige jeans.
  • I brought all of the above to my tailor and trusted her to do the rest. She said they would take a bit of time–I gave her two months since I’d be away for the summer. She was relieved by no time constraint (something for me to remember for future projects!).
  • Presto! Done!! And even better than the original! Wait till you see how I styled them for The Fab 40s post coming up this Monday!
  • DIY Star Patched Jeans 3

    DIY Star Patched Jeans 8

    DIY Star Patched Jeans 2

    How about you? Do you get fashion fixations like me? Do you just buy what you the item on or do you try to DIY (do it yourself)?

    Tweet me @krembdelakremb, email annkrembs at krembdelakremb dot com, or comment below in the comment section!

    *This post has been linked up to #iwillwearwhatilike and Sheela Writes.

    Seal Rock in La Jolla

    Seal Rock in La Jolla 6
    It’s hard to believe school has started for the Krembs family and August is just about to end. Summer in Hong Kong is gratefully still going strong, so trips to the beach will continue on into October, maybe even November. Meanwhile, I am reminiscing about how our summer started in La Jolla, San Diego. The last time (and first actually) I had been to San Diego was as a junior in high school. For this trip to southern California, it was so very fun to start out with just Kevin. We had three nights all to ourselves; it had been years since we’d gotten away like that. Then, three days later Kevin’s folks joined us with our two kiddos. We have such fun traveling with his mom and dad, and while this is going to sound very spoiled, starting our summer vacation out with a little trip away to somewhere new sets us up for an amazing summer as a family!

    Seal Rock in La Jolla 10
    There are so many highlights to visiting San Diego. One of our top activites included a trip to Seal Rock. The seals are just with in reach perching and sheltered on their rocks. Meanwhile, out at sea, the waves are ginormous and the surfers are crazily going about catching them! I mean, whoa! I’d be totally scared of running into the rocks or even more scarily being taken out to sea. The surfers on the other hand were apparently not phased. My other top activity was biking: we biked around Coronado, along Pacific Beach, and all around La Jolla. It was such fun to hop on a cruiser and, well, do just that–cruise!

    Seal Rock at La Jolla
    We really do have the best time traveling with Alex and Jane. We’ve taken road trips with them as well as gone camping with these two. They’ve always come to visit us wherever we’ve lived, and we’ve also taken trips abroad–one of our favorites being a trip to Greece. A lot of times couples have other couples that they travel so seamlessly with; I never would have guessed it would be with my in-laws, but we truly have the best times together. I find it to be so valuable for our kiddos too. Living overseas obviously means we aren’t around for the entire year. That’s why quality time definitely has to outweigh quantity times. Luckily this is the case with Jane and Alex!

    Seal Rock in La Jolla 9

    Seal Rock in La Jolla 3
    I have so many layers on in these pictures: underneath that DIY patched denim shirt is a sweatshirt and a long sleeved shirt. It is very important to wear layers while visiting San Diego–it’s a gloriously hot/cold place especially in June. One minute the sun was out, the next the wind was howling. At all times it was comfortable–just so long as I had my layers. (I get cold easily!)

    Seal Rock in La Jolla 5

    Seal Rock in La Jolla 7

    Seal Rock in La Jolla 8
    These two….Alex has always been called The Wild Zuper and now his son is definitely Wild Zuper Junior!

    Seal Rock in La Jolla 1
    Finally, here are the kiddos: Gigi and Vincent. What fun memories were had during this first summer trip to La Jolla, San Diego in June of 2016!

    Seal Rock in La Jolla 2

    Rust Shrug–Ping Pong Post No. 6

    Kremb de la Kremb Rust Shrug 1
    Like my mother always said, “You never know until you try it on.” This was the case for our sixth instalment of the PPP. That means for half a year Anna (who got us started!), Samantha, and myself have been sending clothing across the globe for our own interpretations of styling a clothing item. I was definitely a Debbie Downer with the last piece. I did not mean to hurt the clothing item’s feelings (or the owner of the piece), but I just didn’t like it. But see, that’s part of our transatlantic fun! Who knows what will arrrive….and once we get the item, we have to figure out how we would actually style it. Which brings me to the item of this month’s ping pong post: a shrug, a rust colored shrug.

    Kremb de la Kremb Rust Shrug 7

    And again, I didn’t meant to be, but I was a bit of a Debbie Downer with this piece as well. I opened it, and was like, “Oh no!” I have always hated shrugs–well, hate is a strong word, but I just haven’t really liked them. I’ve thought shrugs were kind of silly–like not a cardigan and not a scarf. However, I did have the perfect sundress to pair it with–a dress I’d never be able to wear to work as it breaks the dress code. Because of circumstance, I put the rust shrug on and wore it with the sundress around the house for a good full hour or so before venturing out to take the pictures. And guess what!? I loved it! I found that the shrug provided me with the perfect amount of layering while in the air conditioning of our apartment. Then, walking down the promenade of Stanley to the Murray House where these pictures were taken, the shrug provided me with the perfect layer. I found that I actually liked the shrug; I was so surprised.

    Kremb de la Kremb Rust Shrug 8
    Initially, the reason I haven’t liked shrugs was because I know I’m a bit heavy on top, and I thought this clothing item would just draw attention to this area of insecurity. In turn, it actually distracted away for my décolletage providing me the perfect layer. So, mom is always right, right? I had to give it a try, and now I don’t want to have to send the item back. I want to wear the shrug to school so I can wear this sundress to work one day. Oh well….it’s already on it’s way back to Sam. However, guess who’s on the hunt for a shrug? Me!

    Kremb de la Kremb Rust Shrug 5

    Now let’s see what the other ladies did with the rust shrug…I think you’ll find that this is the first time all three of us have some styling similarities!

    Samantha of Fake Fabulous

    I remember when I first found Fake Fabulous and fell in love with Samantha; it was almost about a year ago. Anyway, when I found her blog, I started going through all her posts. I remember coming to this post of hers (you should seriously go look at it!) and just becoming even more smitten. This dress is the BOMB! And look how fabulous it looks on her. There’s nothin’ fake about it! Now notice that she styled the shrug with a patterned dress and tobacco colored clogs. Hmmm….any similarities? (And, ummm, that bag, it kind of has my name written all over it!)


    Anna from Anna Island Style

    Ok, let’s move on to Anna from Anna Island Style–the special lady who got our Ping Pong Posts started (this jacket from her Instagram feed was the impetus). Look at that skirt! It is amazing! I love the black petticoat underneath. It’s so full and fun and flirty. It screams, “Let’s go dancing!” And let’s have some fun while we’re at it. And like a pro stylist, she cinched in her waist with that black belt. And those wedges she’s wearing….ahhh, they make sigh. Again, do you see the similarities? Pattern skirt with a bunch of flare!


    And me, Kremb de la Kremb

    Kremb de la Kremb Rust Shrug 11
    Like I said, I could never wear this dress to work, but I’d always like to. With a shrug that would be made possible. I pulled out the cowboy boots again for this one–just like I did for the very first Ping Pong Post with the famous jacket that got us started.

    Kremb de la Kremb Rust Shrug 2
    Since I’m on crutches (And yes, I walked to this shoot’s location in flip flops. My bionic hip is not ready for the slight heel yet!), I need a small purse to carry that doesn’t need my arms. This tobacco colored waist bag is perfect. All I usually carry is my small wallet, a lippy, and my phone. For jewellery I piled on dainty necklaces to finish the look.

    Kremb de la Kremb Rust Shrug 3
    All three of us paired the rust shrug with a patterned item. I find that uncanny. Usually we’re all quite different in our stylings, but not this time. I think that’s really cool especially since it hasn’t happened yet after six months of rotating clothes. I do believe we’ll keep this up and maybe make the sharing happen for six more!

    Ping Pong Post Facts

    Join us in all the fun platforms out there!

    *This post has been linked to the #iwillwearwhatilike link up twice!

    DIY with a Tailor: Gucci Inspired Jeans

    DIY Gucci Inspired Jeans 8
    I’m restless having to lay low; although I know it’s necessary for the longer road of recovery ahead of me. Today, as I was simply getting bored, I remembered how usually on a Friday I like to post a DIY project. That was the routine I had created during last school year’s blogging rotation. Come summer, everything turns into mush and all routines are lost. Have a hip replacement, and the desire to do something rather than sit, hit me strong! That’s when I thought back to my ultimate summer project: these Gucci inspired jeans. I will never, ever be able to afford Gucci–at least not with my current day job. But a girl can dream….and I usually do! Especially about all the adorable patches found on Gucci denim. To the hardcore DIYer, I am a cheater, but I prefer to call it delegation. I create the desired look, initiate the process, and then ask someone to help with the sewing labor. I may have a sewing machine, but I am not skilled at it–yet! However, George, out at Spirit Lake, he sews patches on to Harley jackets for a living. I knew he was my guy!

    DIY Gucci Inspired Jeans 2

    DIY Gucci Inspired Jeans 7

    DIY Gucci Inspired Jeans 1

    Check out his skills! If you are a reader from Spirit Lake, you must use George Sanchez otherwise known as Guy Plus Sewing. He even made sure that my 3D butterflies were sewn on just right!

    DIY with a Tailor: Gucci Inspired Jeans

    DIY Gucci Inspired Jeans 9

    How To:

    Basically, my rule of them is that when it comes to patch work, a tailor is going to know exactly how to do this. For example you might remember my patched jean shirt. Yee, my Hong Kong tailor here in Stanley, Hong Kong, made sure that the horse was perfectly outlined. (Yee also took over when I knew I wouldn’t be able to sew a straight line with this striped off the shoulder dress!) With these Gucci inspired jean shorts I found a pair of grandpa color blue jeans at my local thrift store. I gathered more intricate, flowery type patches like daisies, strawberry patches, and butterflies. I arranged them symetrically similar to Gucci. Finally I worked with George and let him sew them on. I was so pleased with these shorts, and so was he. I have found that to be the case with all the tailors I work with; they are happy to do a more creative project than the normal hem job.

    DIY Gucci Inspired Jeans 4

    DIY Gucci Inspired Jeans 6

    Meanwhile, while I am resting up recuperating, Rani is a great pal–epecially during a shoot in my living room. And that took all the boredom away! Have a great weekend. Come tomorrow for the 6th Ping Pong Post!

    PS, Here’s where to find some patches:

    If you want to try out this easy DIY I found some places online that sell patches:

    • This Etsy shop, For the Love of Patch, sells in packs–which is a good option. Also, on Etsy, Your Patch Store, has a plethora of fun patches.
    • The Grindstore, a UK online store, has 16 pages worth of patches. From Australia there’s Iron On Patches–the more you buy the cheaper they get, and international shipping is just $3.
    • And finally, the ultimate source for patches comes from the Patch Club–anything is possible from this site!

    Ballerina Wannabe and What It Did To Me

    Ballerina Wannabe 1
    If I were to describe myself, one characteristic comes to mind: I’m happy-go-lucky. I’m a positive person with my glass half full. I prefer to have fun, be spontaneous, and laugh. I have always been proud of my maiden name, Freuen, which in the German language is a reflexive verb meaning “to be happy!” My mom told me once, when I had grown-up, that she worried about me as a young woman because of my go-for-it attitude. She was right to worry; I have many a story to depict my shenanigans–and they didn’t end once I “grew up!”

    Another characteristic to describe me would be my fierce independence. I don’t ask for much help, and not many people really, really know me. I prefer the airy fairy, happy smiling version of myself. I’m also confident–obviously; I’m writing and posting myself all over the Internet. I’m no Kardashian by any means, but I do have pics floating around these interwebs of me in my swimsuit. What what!? Crazy I know! However, just because I appear confident does not mean I don’t have insecurities, but I’ll save that for another post. Today, I’m talking about something else….

    Ballerina Wannabe 2

    The two characteristics mentioned above have kept me tight lipped about something–something major. I’ve been in pain, big time pain, for a while now. I don’t mention it much, but I’m beginning to. Basically, I don’t like to cause anyone trouble, and I don’t want to ever sound like a whiner. That’s why I’m always so upbeat here on this blog, and that’s why in person not many people have known what I’ve been going through. I can’t quite figure out why I’m divulging now, but it could have to do with not wanting to keep up appearances any longer. I can’t. I just can’t do it anymore.

    This by no means is an indication that I won’t be posting all my stylish attempts, posting selfies, posting my favorite lipsticks, and posting pics of more and more of the tennis shoes I’m buying to replace my heels. But, there’s going to be a shift in how I write here. I want to write more honestly. If I have an opinion–even if it’s negative, I plan to start sharing it. If I lose a follower or two, so be it. I’ve had some serious struggles, and I really can’t keep them to myself any longer.

    Ballerina Wannabe 4

    I’ll start with the most recent update that can’t be avoided. I replaced my right hip. It was so utterly painful I could not bare it any longer. The details of this past year from the initial hip operation on August 28, 2015, are so many, both before and after, but suffice it to say that by the middle of April of this last year, I finally had to seek help. I am not in any way embarrassed by this. In fact, I’ll most likely speak more about mental health. To start, if you feel depressed for any such reason, it is ok, and it is even more ok to go get help. The chronic pain I was experiencing was taking my mind, and luckily with guidance I was able to start thinking rationally again. It had been a while…

    I still have a very long road of recovery ahead of me. This is it though–there is no other measure I can take now that my organic hip is gone. I am hopeful however, and I am fully motivated. I have amazing family support from my two kiddos and definitely from my super star husband. My employee has granted me the time off to recuperate, and I feel very lucky for this. But this is it: I have to make the most and best of my situation. Again, luckily with the positive attitude that permeates my life, I will make it through this.

    How did I get here? Well, that’s the thing, we aren’t suppose to look back. But when you’re at the doc, he’ll want to know what you’ve done. All I was able to say was how active I was. I was an athlete at one time in my life. I used to play volleyball and was a cheerleader in high school. As an adult, I ran, skied, stretched with yoga, and hiked. And ultimately, my whole life, I have always been very, overly flexible, AND I have always been a show off. So, I was the girl that was doing the Chinese splits, touching my stomach down to the floor, and then pulling my legs through to lay flat on my stomach. I was the young girl that held my legs high over my head in a raised, extended leg kick begging my mom to let me dance. I wanted to be a ballerina, a gymnast, a dancer. Oh, I wanted it so bad! When I described all these things to the doc, especially the desire to be a dancer–not ever properly trained, he named all of these reasons as the cause for the degeneration in my hip. My right hip was filled total osteoarthritis, and it was progressing at a rapid rate! The pictures made it look like a white, over grown forest. I don’t regret any of it: I’ve always been a ballerina wannabe. And I still am if truth be told. I love to dance. It makes me happy. And as stated before, I like to do things that make me smile–only those things.

    Ballerina Wannabe 6

    But let’s be real. Or I should say I’m going to be real. I’m going to try. Guaranteed I’ll still be smiling because that’s just me. I prefer to be happy. So, here’s to me and here’s to finding happiness with my new hip. I am hopeful to become strong again. I am hopeful that I will be able to walk again. That is really the only thing I want–oh, and to dance!

    Ballerina Wannabe 5

    It’d be a shame not to include pictures of this sweet little lady (who happens to be my photographer!). She fills me with such happiness. Her tenderness in caring for me is beyond precious. I have to stop myself for feeling bad for my kids. I think, “They don’t deserve to see their mom in such pain.” It breaks my heart how many tears they have witnessed. But this Gigi, she’s always there, always consoling me. Always helping me to feel good again. I think I need to borrow her tee, don’t you!?

    Ballerina Wannabe 7

    Ballerina Wannabe 3

    *These photos were taken out at Spirit Lake during the summer BEFORE I got my hip replacement on August 5, 2016. Maybe, one day, I’ll be able to stretch like that top pic again…

    *Also, this post has been linked to the #iwillwearwhatilike and Sheela Writes link up.

    DIY Painter Jeans

    DIY Painter Jeans 3

    Over the summer I came to realize that Maeve, my cute little niece, has some of the same jeans as me. Op, I mean genes! Hehe. Maeve is a budding DIYer as well, and so the two of us got to it a couple of times. One of our main projects was some DIY painter jeans. Just like the splatter booties I made this spring, this is as easy a DIY as it gets. Anyone could accomplish this, and you don’t have to be a master artist to do it–in fact quite the opposite. The messier the better with DIY painter jeans. Here, out at Maeve’s grandmother’s lake home (featured last week), we both grabbed our recent collaboration, a white tee and tank, and headed outside for a photoshoot. I gave her one of my anklets to wear, so we were perfectly matchy matchy. Maeve is a dancer, so she even showed me the way to point the toe with the heel up. During the summer Maeve proved her passion with these other DIY projects: painting a tee, sewing a patch onto a white cap, making some cutoff jean shorts, and using the remnants from those jeans to create a crossover purse. Ya, I’d say she’s a DIYer–just like her auntie!

    DIY Painter Jeans 5

    DIY Painter Jeans 6

    DIY Painter Jeans 2

    DIY Painter Jeans

    Really, these couldn’t be any easier. It’s even silly to include directions, but here are some details not to forget.

    1. Gather the supplies.

    We used a variety of different paints, making sure that acrylics were included as they won’t wash out in the washer. Because we were on the grass we ended up not needing the newspaper, but if this were to be done inside, lay newspaper down. We used both paper plates and ceramic bowls for the kitchen: the paper plates were for smearing our colors onto, and the bowls were used to clean our brushes. The most important item was the plastic gloves. These were the best artist’s brush for smooshing paint around. The brushes, with a little paint diluted with water, were excellent for creating the splattering effects.

    DIY Painter Jeans 8

    2. Start painting and smooshing!

    DIY Painter Jeans 9

    We started of by wearing the jeans so the paint would be placed perfectly on our body, and then for the splattering we laid the jeans out on the grass. Maeve went with a color palette; she wanted pinks and purples to be prominent. Gigi went for all colors just as Gigi would. I was a little like Gigi going for many colors, but I really wanted white to be the primary color.

    DIY Painter Jeans 10

    DIY Painter Jeans 11

    3. Lay to dry and then wear!

    DIY Painter Jeans 7

    Really, it’s that easy. We laid our jeans out on the bushes. Once they were dried, we washed them–especially since the paint made them very stiff. Some of the paint came off, but that made them look all the more realistic–just like an artist!

    DIY Painter Jeans 4

    Will you be taking an old pair of jeans to make some painter jeans? I recommend doing so; they make for the perfect weekend jean.

    When in Idaho….

    When in Idaho 1
    When in Idaho…do as the Idahoans, and to me that means adopt Wrangler jeans when I find them. Every time I travel, whether it be to some exotic location or a homecoming to family and friends, I always notice that my style adapts a bit to my location. Granted, I am more apt to have style liberty while living in Hong Kong, but the moment I hit Idaho, I tend to shift my approach to dressing. After almost 20 years of returning home to the summers in the Pacific Northwest, I’ve gotten used to it. I remember I used to pack my low, see-through sexy tops worn in Venezuela only to be shocked at how out of place they were in Idaho. I also remember packing all sorts of colorful, vibrant prints to wear to the grocery store only to be gawked at our local Miller’s. Oh, don’t get me wrong: I’m still forever and always over-the-top. I’ve just become more subtle in my ways–like a pair of booty hugging, cowboy Wrangler jeans. Now those totally fit when going to market in Spirit Lake, Idaho! When in Idaho….when in Idaho!

    When in Idaho 3

    When in Idaho 2

    When in Idaho 5

    When in Idaho 4

    Shop for Wrangler-like Jeans

    Wranglers rock! Like seriously–whenever I’m in a second-hand shop and there are a pair of Wranglers in my size, I nab them. You’re probably used to seeing these Wrangler cut-offs all over my Instagram account! They were also picked up sedond-hand.) Therefore, since mine are used, I wasn’t able to find this exact pair. I did find some very similar options included in this gallery–I’ve let you know when they’er Wranglers (I found two pair), but unfortunately I could not find this exact style. Who knows how old they are!? But I know they’re gonna get a lot more use!! Get some Wrangler-esque jeans too!!

    What do you think?

    Do you like it when I include shopping options? I love doing it, but I actually never know if it’s worth your while. Please give me some indication of a yay or nay. You could tweet me (@krembdelakremb) or email me (annkrembs at if you’d prefer not to comment.

    When in Idaho 6
    I like to make special mention of the location where these pics were take, by my cutie pie niece Maeve. (You’ll be seeing more of her!) These pics were taken at my lovely sister and brother-in-law’s mom’s lake home out at Coeur d’Alene. Carol and Mike are such special people. Mike passed away last summer from early Alzheimer’s Disease. It was a sad summer remembering how hard last summer was losing him, but there was definite happiness refilled and found back in this lovely home. Carol is always so gracious to allow us a weekend up there. It’s usually the weekend right after we’ve left our own lake home, so it has become the perfect tradition, relieving us from the pain of leaving yet rejuvenating us for the long trip home to Hong Kong. Thank you for having us Carol, Julie, and Matt!

    Thursday is the New Friday

    This Thursday is the new Friday. At least for me. My summer has been a paradox of emotions. On the one hand it’s been so fun to reconnect with family and make  new memories. On the other hand, my hip pain has gotten to such a drastic point, that I must take action. This decision isn’t made all on my own: I have an amazing husband who helps and supports me so much, and my two kids are there to give me the love and attention that they as children should be receiving–not their mom! Just recently the pain got to such an excruciating point, that we made an appointment for my hip replacement this September 2nd. Than, as if it was a miraculous night, the office wrote to say there was an opening this Friday, August 5th. Yet that was the day I was traveling back to Hong Kong with the kids. However, my husband’s nickname isn’t KevStar Travels for nothin’! He managed to switch our tickets home for Wednesday. So, yes Thursday is the new Friday–I leave for Hong Kong today on Wednesday, arrive on Thursday evening, and check into the hospital on Friday morning. To say I’m excited is an understatement. I am so excited to get this hip out of me and start to get the old, yet youthful and active, Annie back. Perhaps this post might give some insight into Kremb de la Kremb’s low activity level these days.

    In the meantime, I thought I’d share some little items that make my 14 hour flight a little more bearable….