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11th Links á la Mode

I’ve made Links á la Mode 11 times!! Sometimes when I write a post, I just have a feeling it will definitely make it into Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Links á la Mode. I was correct: my post about the bag with the worst wrap–the one about the awesome fanny pack–was chosen!

Links á la Mode

Links à la Mode: March 26

Style Story: Work AND Resort Wear

What to wear for a four days of work at a resort!? I love my job! This past weekend I was away in beautiful Kota Kinabalu for a work conference. Meeting up with teachers from all over Asia meant I was able to catch up with many friends made at the different posts we’ve had. I ended up packing only black and white items. I was quite happy with this theme as it gave me plenty of options to wear but not a lot of choice–if that makes sense. Basically it was fool proof. I ended up wearing 8 different outfits during the four day time just because there were so many different kinds of dressing: workshops, pool time, parties, plus travel time. I never got to the black jean shorts or the white kurta–they were there if I needed them. I receptively wore the black skirt and the white jean shorts as they were the two easiest options for the pool. I’m traveling again for our spring break, so I’ll be packing again real soon…ahhh what to wear!

Outfit 1: Travel Wear 5/5

wearI felt super comfortable and utterly adorable in this travel outfit. Yes, it’s totally over-the-top–wearing an “I <3 KK" tee, but I was going to Kota Kinabalu, and it felt like a must. Kevin had traveled to this same spot back in October. When he pulled out this little sentimental tee for me, I was ecstatic--like literally jumping up and down. I think it's up there with one of the sweetest gifts he's given me. Because, let's face it: I do love KK!! I always travel in these black trousers accompanied with the black blazer. I now only save the pants for traveling; they're getting so worn. Eventually I will make the necessary time to replace the completely done blazer, but until then, both the pants and blazer are a part of my travel uniform with the newest addition being my FANNY PACK!

Outfit 2: Workshop Wear 4/5

wearFor the first day of workshops, I wanted to be comfortable obviously, but also dressed up a bit. The pants hit high enough that I can pair them with a crop top. The mommy waist though did make me feel self conscious a few time though. I liked how the nipped me in around the backside, but I kind of felt like they also accentuated my ponch on the frontside. All the more reason to hold in the core! The blazer did not last–even in the ac it was not needed.

Outfit 3: Poolside Wear 5/5

wearOur room was super close to two different pools. I went with the throw cutoff jeans on instead of wearing a coverup. It’s reminiscent of the “cool dock” days out at Priest Lake circa 1987! Sometimes though, it’s just easier. Because my halter top feels like I’m substantially covered, I don’t feel to self conscious walking around in this getup. And look at that pool! We were able to swim laps–long laps for four days in a row. BLISS!!

Outfit 4: Party Wear 5/5

wearOn the first night of the conference there was a big shindig. I wore my fringe sundress. I was warned by my family that I was too dressed up, but I didn’t feel it. A party is a party! And, I got a few random compliments with this dress which always ups the confidence value of any outfit hence the 5 for 5! This dress is seriously on trend with all the fringe, BUT it also is a little call to the roaring 20s in style. I love wearing it and see it making a few more appearances this spring. (Here it is from last spring with my long hair and all!)

Outfit 5: Conference Wear 3/5

wearI was so excited to finally find this white shirt dress. The back hem is longer than the front. I had first seen something similar on Shea Marie of Peace Love Shea and became obsessed. I had one made when I was visiting my sister in Shanghai, but it was a bust. Then, when I saw a similar version in the store window at HM, I went in, found my size, and purchased it right away. But, you know what. I just don’t think it looks very good. I’m not sure about this one…I’ll try styling it again, but this one might not work for me. I definitely love this coverup version in a silky crepe, but was hoping a cotton shirtdress would work as well. We’ll see…

Outfit 6: Poolside Wear 5/5

wearAnother run to the pool but this time in my black wrap type skirt and another crop top. I didn’t mind running into other conference folks in this outfit and because the entire conference is at a resort, it’s quite acceptable to attend a couple of poolside workshops as well!

Outfit 7: Party Wear 4/5

wearFor the final night of the conference, there was a final gala. I wore this simple black with white piping dress. I felt dressed up, but I felt more chic in the fringe one from two nights before. This one lies straight down in an A-line whereas the other cinches in at the waist. I think my figure needs that little cinch otherwise I become too apple with the stock arms and heavy chest. I did like this dress, but I feel more comfortable in the other one. This reflection has become very interesting for me, and I’m definitely learning what I prefer.

Outfit 8: Travel Wear 4/5

wearI love this jumpsuit! I picked it up in Bangkok one afternoon shopping away. While I love it, I don’t think it was the best travel outfit. Because of the plunging neckline, I felt self conscious at times, but if this outfit is worn for a party or an event, I always feel in place. I guess it was just a little much for a plane ride–but that doesn’t mean I don’t love this jumpsuit any less. I personally think it’s RAD!

Black and White Wear

Because wearing black and white is so easy, and packing with this theme is even easier, I went out shopping and found some great color coordinated options.

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Packing 101: Choose a Theme Continued

Packing in Black and White 2

It may look like a mess, but there is some order here: only black and white for this weekend work/resort trip.

For my last trip, which happened to be work related, I chose a theme: flowy, culotte pants. Again, I am on a work related trip, and I “resort”-ed my packing to a theme. However for this trip to Kota Kinabalu for a teachers’ conference, I chose a color theme. My entire suitcase is filled with black and white items. To keep things simple and easy to coordinate, I chose a color code which will make getting dressed for the multiple activities easy. There will be workshops right alongside pool time. There are a few cocktail parties and perhaps some touring if time allows. Basically, I’ll need to get dressed for a variety of purposes.

Packing List:

This list might seem like a lot of items, but I was checking in a bag, so I didn’t mind packing a full suitcase. Plus all the options allow for mixing and matching possibilities.

  • 1 pair black and white, high-waisted trousers
  • 2 cropped tops, one black and one white with black stripes
  • 1 white blazer vest
  • 1 black blazer
  • 1 black mini skirt
  • 2 pairs jean shorts–in white and black
  • 1 black one piece
  • 1 black bikini
  • 1 white kurta
  • 1 black and white cover-up
  • 1 black and white cover up
  • 2 sundresses, one in white and one in black
  • 1 black and white cocktail dress
  • 1 black jumpsuit
  • 4 pairs black shoes–flip flops, slip-ons, sandals, strappy heels
  • workout gear and pajamas (that don’t match the color code)
  • silver jewellery
  • bright red and pink lipstick

Stay Tuned for the Style Story

This week’s style story will be posted on Monday after I have worn many of the items mentioned above. I’ll give you a sampling of how packing with a color theme actually works.

The Bag with the Worst Wrap


This sweet version should be arriving any minute. The gold details really attracted me–so luxe but sporty all the same. I got it from ASOS.

There’s a bag out there that is the ideal carry all but for some reason it gets a really bad wrap. I’m not even sure what to call it anymore for care of being politically correct, but I’ll just say it once: I’m referring to the fanny pack. Now a days in order to be respective towards British and Australian English, this ideal little pouch should be called a bum bag or belt bag or even a waist pack. (“Fanny” in both the UK and Australua refers to a woman’s feminine region, so you can only imagine the apall a fanny pack creates!)

Regardless of what this bag is called, it definitely is met with scorn. It’s the tourist’s call for being trapped. It’s supposedly the bag being used by our elders. It’s the identity marker that spots foreigners immediately. Yet! This bag is perfect! It sits gently on the hips, and it is bottomless. The more loaded it becomes does not offer discomfort. Rather it just becomes perkier and more substantial. It allows for texting and sipping a latte while meandering the subway, racks of clothing, or city walls. This bag that lingers on the hips is the ideal carry all for conquering any day.

I remember a couple of years ago I was ridiculed for my fanny pack. And for all the reasons it might have been made fun of, it was so dang cute. Aside from being utterly practical, it was adorable in black with tiny little white polka dots. I didn’t really care that I’d been called out…I believed in both the purpose and style of that bag. To me it was a winner! See, this confidence accompanied with our decisions in what we decide to wear is as much an accessory as the next bag. If I wear something because I like it, no love it, this will shine through. And guess what!? I’m still rocking the fanny pack/bum bag/waist pack/belt bag–oh whatever you want to call it. And yes! I’m rocking it!!

Best Bag Ever

I find the solid black versions to be the most chic. Especially when the zipper details or the material used is sharp.

Or Go Crazy!

Since it’s already a little wacky, maybe just go for it with this bag!

10th Links á la Mode

This is my 10th time making Links á la Mode from Independent Fashion Bloggers! It was my post about short hair bloggers that made it. There are nineteen other posts that made the cut. Links á la Mode is a great way to learn about other bloggers out there plus gain exposure for Kremb de la Kremb. Take a look:

Links á la Mode: March 19th

The Fab 40s in Marsala and Denim

AnnKrembsMarsalanDenimToday I bring you The Fab 40s in Marsala and Denim. The six of us in the fab 40s each chose an outfit themed with “Marsala and Denim.” To be honest, I don’t think about my age that much. I know I’m in my 40s, but it doesn’t really phase me when it comes to my style and what I wear. (For example, my hemline might suggest my disregard!) Maybe that’s what happens at this age: I seem to care less about how things may appear and rather I just go for it! I like my legs, so I’m going to dress them! That’s what these five other fab 40s women are doing too. We love fashion and style and so therefore we embrace this passion–regardless of our age! Take a look at my peers and meet The Fab 40s:

The Fab 40s

Sheela of Sheela Writes

Outfit details

Marsala Tweed Jacket: H&M
Tank: Alexander McQueen
Black Capris: Babushka
Studded Denim Gladiator Booties
Grey Leather Clutch: Weekend Millionaire

Kirsten from The LIFB Issue

Outfit details

Denim Jacket: Levi’s
Crop Top: Topshop
Wide Leg Trousers: ASOS
Pumps: Zara
Bracelet: The Rubz

Dawn from Fashion Should Be Fun

Outfit details

Jacket: Lucky Brand
Necklace: Lucky Brand j
Tank: The Loft
Dress worn as a vest: Vintage Blue
Skinny Pants: Royalty for Me
Shoes: Madden Girl

Jane of My Midlife Fashion

Outfit details

Scarf: H&M
Sweatshirt: Boden
Blazer: Zara
Jeans: Zara
Trainers: Mango

Dixie of Inside Outer Style

Outfit details

Jeans & Clutch: Diesel
Cape: New York & Co
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Sunnies: Burberry

Sequin Shift

Sequin Clutch
And Me!

Outfit details

Sequin Shift Dress: New Look
Denim Jacket: Gap
Clutch: Janpath Market, New Delhi India
Leopard Kitten Heels: boutique in Hong Kong
Earrings: Amrapali
Lipstick: Bonjour Velvet Rouge Edition in Nude-ist
Henna: Rishikesh, India

Are you in The Fab 40s? A woman passionate about your style feeling passionate about your fashion? Introduce yourself! We’d love to meet you!

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Style Story: Back to Work Outfits

My style story this week has returned to work outfits–well at least three out of the five days! On both Monday and Friday I was able to dress down which is rare for me. In fact, I seem to rarely wear jeans; I think it’s time to invest in a new pair…

This is the 10th Style Story. Should I keep them up? Tell me in the comments.

Monday’s Outfit: 4/5

Casual DayI think it’s time for me to get some new boyfriend jeans. I’ve had these one forever, and while they’re still doing pretty ok, they feel too slouchy. I can’t put anything in the pockets because they’ve fallen through with holes. Maybe it’s time for me to invest in a modern 2015 pair–these ones are from 2009 after all. I felt ok in this outfit; I was cozy for a visit to the spa, but during the time spent out and about getting there, I felt too sloppy for the urban Hong Kong. This outfit is better suited to a visit to the beach in the winter or hanging around my neighborhood.

Time for new Boyfriend Jeans:

Some of these jeans are more expensive than what I usually spend, but the cost per wear on a pair of jeans usually turns out even in the end.

Tuesday’s Outfit: 4/5

Repurposed SariTo continue with my enthusiasm for India, I wore this olide but a goodie from the night market in Goa. It’s a kimono wrap blouse made from an old, discarded sari (you can see a bit of mustard on the wrap bit of the blouse from the old sari). I love this top: it’s totally timeless, sentimental, and seems to always look good on me. My black, silk, wide-legged pants on the other hand, to be honest, were a bit too tight all day long! That’s my doing, and now it is definitely time for my UNdoing!

A Wrap Blouse is Timeless

There’s something very professional about wrap blouses. I tend to always feel very polished when wearing them. I found a few to choose from to add to your wardrobe if you need a piece to spiff you up instantly.

Wednesday’s Work Outfit: 4/5

Lace and PlaidI felt great in this work outfit. It combined some boho with classy–I’m not sure it actually looks all that good put together, but sometimes how you feel overrides the actual look. Does that make sense? Plus, I wore my mom’s cowboy boots which is a total guarantee for a great day!

Another great piece for your closet is a lace blouse

There’s something very classy about lace, and if it’s layered over a nude camisole and a pair of pearls, it very work appropriate. (The first one also comes in a beautiful cream when you link to Forever 21.)

Thursday’s Work Outfit: 5/5

Paisley PantsI nailed it on Thursday! Well, at least I felt that way…Basically my earrings matched my shirt that matched my pants that matched my shoes making everything match all together, right? Well, who knows!? But if I feel good, I think it is good. Each piece individually is such an awesome item, and sometimes it’s just fun to mix it all up: chandelier earrings, pinstripes, paisley, and leopard!

One More Wardrobe Staple: A Pinstripe Shirt

Friday’s Day Outfit: 5/5

Leather ShortsOn Friday, I had to go up to China to finalize my designs for the Interact Fashion Show happening on April 25th. The weather here in Hong Kong has flipped–and literally it’s like a flip of the switch. We skipped any freshness and have gone straight to muggy, hence shorts for me. Layers will start to become important though as the air conditioning kicks in about now. I love these suede leather shorts–they’re my second pair. The first pair I’ve stored away for a DIY project–any ideas?

Suede Leather Shorts for Spring

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India’s Beautiful People

This will be my last instalment from India–until my next trip. And there will be another one because India has become that essential place that replenishes my soul. I know I’ve been writing so much about India whether it’s about packing, my adoration of Ganesh, fashion bloggers from India, or the outfits I wear traveling through this land. Perhaps all the posts just emphasize my complete love for India–and mainly its people.

Two Indian Ladies

Look at those happy eyes! Smiley eyes get me every time. You know how they say there’s a body part that we all find ourselves attracted to in others. Well, mine is definitely the eyes. I love eyes. They say so much.

Kajol EyesThe children of India are adorable, and this little gal especially caught my eye–with her eyes! Kajol (or kohl) lines many Indian children’s eyes to ward off the evil eye.

Fashionable Indian LadyThis lady was seriously stylin’. She was with about 5 other super fashionable women, but I found her look the best out of them all.

Woman Washing LaundryI felt very guilty snapping this woman’s pic–she was conducting such a private matter along the river bed. But again, her eyes caught mine and I couldn’t resist.

Indian Village GirlThis little cutie pie is my favorite, and she’s grown since the last time I took her picture

Henna ArtistThis man came to our camp and gave each of us the loveliest henna art.

Indian Old WomanOn one of our mammoth hikes, we cross by the most beautiful garden. This year the gardener was out, and I got a great picture of her. It’s as if you can actually see her humility. She’s precious to me.

Rajasthani WomanOn our last day in Delhi, we went to a market. I turned the corner, and this woman made me catch my breath. She allowed me her picture. STUNNING!

Indian BoysAnd check out her three boys. HANDSOME!

Indian Adventure ManThis is Marty. He’s our guide during our trips to India. I actually know Marty from my school trips when I worked at the American School of Bombay. Even my mom knows Marty! Each year, I come home raving about Marty, and Kevin asks, Do I need to worry about you on this trip? Hehe. Maybe!! He’s so ruggedly handsome! Don’t worry: I know the lesson Mrs. Shrock taught me back in 8th grade, “You can look, not touch!”

So there’s some evidence of India’s beautiful people. Until next visit….

I Love India

I love IndiaI love India!

I know, I know, enough already, but just give me today and tomorrow to express some more of my love for India. I have to get it out of my system for the time being, and then I’ll be all set till the next visit.

I’m often asked out of all the places that we’ve lived (there have been many: El Salvador, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, India, China, and now Hong Kong), which one is my favorite. While I always say each place has been special, hands down I end with India. I say, India has a very special spot in my heart. I also say I could expatriate to India believing I could live there forever. I simply say, I love India. (Yes, I am definitely on my way to feeling a strong fondness to Hong Kong as well!)

Don’t get me wrong. India is a terribly tough and brutal place. It’s extremely dirty and even more poor. It has very backward ways and is abundantly, no overly populated. It’s intense, can be brutal on all the senses, and is pretty much a hardcore spot in the world.

Yet, India has a people that are so gorgeous. The people cause me awe. I love India because I love its people so much. They are kind and respectful. They are nice and welcoming. They let me in with a wobble of their head saying, Yes, I see you, I hear you, I get you. I’m always treated like a maharani queen while I’m there. The men stand when I enter a room, and I never have to carry a bag. The women are humble and soft spoken, yet the very moment I give them my smile, I’m in; they easily return it radiating their bright smile right back. Oh, and the women’s dress–well, the colors and textures amaze. Then the little children….they are so precious, yes so poor, but also just so cute and shy and eager to let me give them my love.

Believe me when I tell you I can remember the day I fell utterly in love with India. We were (safely) witnessing life from our car in a tortuous traffic jam (they can be pretty epic in Bombay!), and life was completely buzzing outside: rickshaws, cows, tons of cars, even more pedestrians, beggars and then children beggars. We were in Juhu so we could see the sun setting on the ocean with a wildly crowded beach and the light was hazy but glowing–it should be called Indian light. Maybe it has already been claimed. It was at this moment that I realized something very important that I carried with me while living there and still believe it to this day. India is beautiful because of the chaos; it is the chaos that makes India so beautiful. That’s when my love affair started, and it still remains.

I love India. I love the people. Their warmth and kindness is always felt. I love the chaos. Somehow it all just moves and flows and works together. I love how energized I fell when I go there. I find myself smiling in awe at so much. Once I’m in India after a few days and giving my own attempt at the Indian head bob, I feel home.

Until next visit….but come back tomorrow for plenty of pictures of India’s beautiful people!

I love India

This moment was so sweet. Indians are very stoic when in front of a camera. I finally got this mamaji to smile alongside a gorgeous student who I could tell loved the Indian people as much as me.

India Blogger Roundup

It’s time for an India Blogger Roundup! It’s no lie: I enjoy rounding up bloggers–especially when I travel somewhere. I found some great Jakarta and Shanghai bloggers, and then last week, inspired by my own short hair, I rounded up some short hair bloggers. Now with India fresh in my memories, I found five, absolutely stunning, Indian fashion bloggers. Go take a look for yourself…

Ritu of Razzle Dazzle Pickle
Indian BloggerLook at this gorgeous beauty! She’s completely ethereal. I love browsing through her posts. The pictures of her are bigger than life–she’s tangible but not quite. She has simple style but then exoctic all at once. This is why I love making these roundups; I find such amazing talent out there, Frazzle Dazzle Pickle being one.
Instagram: @ritu_arya
Twitter: @rituary

Shereen & Kayaan from Love and Other Bugs
Indian BloggerThese best friends make me long for a style sister. Don’t get me wrong, I have many girlfriends, many good, good friends. But I can only imagine a style sister ready and willing to host a full blown fashion blog together. This couple, Shereen and Kayaan, are doing it with amazing style. It must be so fun to plan shoots and outfits together. And their love for boho is simply contagious. They’re a duo for sure!
Instagram: @shereenlovebug
Twitter: @ShereenSikka

Rhea of FUSS
Indian BloggerWhen you head to Rhea’s FUSS, I wonder if you too will feel the same draw that The Glamourai creates. Every FUSS post is impeccably styled. The details, when you look closely, are amazing. I mean, immersing yourself in a pool?! With sparkly gold lips! I love it. She’s got me. I’ll be returning to Rhea’s FUSS because first and foremost she’s an artist.
Instagram: @TheGirlfromFUSS
Twitter: @TheGirlfromFUSS

Nilu from Big Hair Loud Mouth
Indian BloggerNilu’s got short hair! Really cute short hair! And she’s got such funky style–and it isn’t breaking the bank. There’s something about Nilu that’s totally relatable to me, yet she also pushes style limits. I know I’ll be turning to her for inspo–I agree with everything she wears! (And have been shopping from the links on her site! I love a unique find!!)
Instagram: @bighairloudmouth
Twitter: @NiluYuleenaBHLM

Akanksha Redhu, both name and blog
Indian BloggerWhen I was reading one of Akanksha’s recent posts about being settled ing Goa for the next couple of months, I’ll admit to a little jealousy. I want to live in Goa for a couple of months! Her location alone keeps me interested. But then, when I take a look at her style, I’m totally hooked. I feel like the post with the Kimono is just like my post this summer out at Spirit Lake. Now granted, she has way more guts than me (and an awesome body to boot) because I’d never pose in just my swimsuit. But Akanksha, she ROCKS it! She looks AMAZING!
Instagram: @akanksharedhu
Twitter: @akanksharedhu

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