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Jakarta Krembs

We are so lucky to have family in Asia! We’ve got two sets of Krembs in Hong Kong–us and Cork and Sally. Then, my sister Mary is in Shanghai. Plus we’ve got another set of Krembs–Brian and Jen, in Jakarta. For the past weekend we’ve been visiting the Jakarta Krembs, and we’ve had such an amazing time! Here’s a little compilation of our time with them pulled from my Instagram account.

1. & 2. Pool time at the Pondok Indah Waterpark.
3. Delicious lunch at La Trattoria
4. Happy hour at Hacienda
1. & 2. Pedi and cream baths (for the hair) at Puri Santi
3. & 4. Jen and I were going for a drive, and I spotted this garage sale. I immediately said, “Stop the car!” We went and met Nancy–plus bought some of her fabulous goods!
1. & 2. Pool time in the Krembs’ Cave Plunge Pool with happy hour on the side settee
3. Krembs’ Dance Party!
4. Gigi just has a way with the kiddos
1. We’re determined (well I am!) to get a treatment a day in Jakarta. Here the four of us are getting foot massages at Martha Tullir.
2. Cousin Anthony giving more love to Gigi.
3. Kevin and I were able to catch up with Catherine Roback–a friend from our days working together at ASB in Mumbai!
4. It was pretty neat to see Uncle Kev with the babe! Brought back some fond memories for me.

Jakarta Blogger Roundup

JakartaBloggerRoundupBannerWhenever traveling I find one of the best sources for getting the very best out of the destination is from the bloggers of the area. Right now my family is in Jakarta visiting the Krembs: Brian and Jen and their two kids Anthony and Henry. We had such a great weekend with them (stay tuned for a Krembs’ weekend recap tomorrow), but now with Brian and Jen at work today, we’re on our own. Aside from their advice, here are the Jakarta bloggers I turned to in planning out our day:

1.Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 8.19.01 AMThe Diplomatic Wife chronicles a trailing spouse of a diplomat to Berlin, Manilla, and Jakarta. The DiploWife as she calls herself, left her job in marketing to embark and support his husband’s profession. In turn the DiploWife writes with tons of tips and experiences on how to get the best out of expat life. I really, really like this site and will most likely continue reading this blog outside of learning about Jakarta.


Amelia is the author of Duckling to Swan. First, Amelia was in Seoul, Korea for five years, and now she is in Jakarta. Duckling to Swan is a blog about life and style–including a love of nail polish! There are tons of travel posts around Indonesia, so if you’re looking for an intimate and luxurious place to stay, you should look on Amelia’s blog.

3.GlistersandBlistersMichelle is a photographer and stylist. Glisters and Blisters has always been Michelle’s spot on the Internets to share her passions. In 2011 she was awarded Blogger of the Year at the Elle Style Awards. There are some pretty awesome fashion photos to be found on G&B!

4.HotChocoloateMintDiana Rikasari is adorable! She is the creator of Hot Chocolate & Mint. While I couldn’t find an about page for her, I can learn this just by scrolling through her posts: she’s got quirky, bright colored style that I love, and she’s extremely upbeat and determined to put a smile on her readers’ faces. I love this blog and have a feeling I’ll be revisiting it once I return to HK because I just love how dang cute she is!

5.MummynistaThe Mummynista would definitely be considered a Sassy Mama! She’s created a portal filled with all sorts of goodies for living in Jakarta–for advice on hiring helpers, to reviews of gynaecologists, to spa and restaurant reviews. If you are a mom in Jakarta, I have a feeling you would seek out the sound tips and opinions of the Mummynista daily.

6.Myrrh GoldframeMyrrh Goldframe is the fashion on goings of Lauretha. She’s got great edgy outfit posts. I can relate to her matching of outfits to scenery. You can really tell she cares just about as much about the location of her outfit posts as she does the actual outfit. I like that. She also adds a collage at the end of almost all her posts giving her readers a chance to shop the looks. Lauretha is also a DJ which adds another dimension to her site.

7.WanderbitesWanderbites is a site filled with “stories of food, travel, culinary hits & misses.” If you want to choose where to eat in Jakarta, you should definitely use this site as a reference point. The photography is beautiful and the reviews are extensive. Street food reviews are also included. Plus there are even posts filled with tips on how to become a better food photographer–yes, I have bookmarked this section of the blog to revisit as I sometimes take food photos here on Kremb de la Kremb!

Family Date Night: Motorino in HK

MotorinoThe other day during our skating outing we finished off our excursion with a Family Date Night to Motorino in Wan Chai. We had been meaning to try this pizzeria for some time, and oh! We were pleased! The ambiance is super cozy–especially with the motorino oven burning right before you. It’s a small place, so tables are close adding to the intimacy. Our waiter was awesome–hamming it up with Gigi and bringing us a dessert on the house. And the pizza….really, really good! In Hong Kong, because it a pricey place, it’s nice to find good restaurants that we can bring the whole family to. Motorino definitely made the family list!





The beet salad was quite good.


In-house prepared sausage took this pizza with mushrooms to the next level. It’s called the Cremini Mushroom, and it has a cream base. It was delicious!


This is the Soppressata Piccante, and yes it was spciy–perfectly so. The pepperoni used was sliced nice and thick with a great punch plus added chili flakes spiced this number up It also was really good!text here


Gig’s not the only photobomber!


Tira-mi-su–yes, definitely a delicious pick-me-up!

Motorino HK

Wan Chai
+852 2520 0690


+852 2801 6881


ShangMarLa6Mary is in Shanghai! I feel so lucky that I was able to zip up and spend some fast yet furious time with her. I had a really neat time catching up with Mary; I’m very happy for her to be living in such a vibrant city, and she is settling in well. In fact, she is doing great–as witnessed by these pictures. Of course I wanted to take a chance to highlight ShangMarLa–that’s the new name I’ve given her as she resides in Shanghai! (While she was in Dhaka, Bangladesh, I called her Marladesh. I like ShangMarLa better!) Isn’t she just so beautiful!?! (Mary was last seen here and here.)




Autumnal Equinox

Autumn2It’s official! Yesterday marked the start of autumn. Over here in Hong Kong though, we have about another month or so until the weather begins to chill. Once I found my mom’s cowboy boots out at the cabin this summer, I started scheming their wear. Here I paired them with some army green jeans and a lovely kimono. I also couldn’t resist hopping over to my neighbor’s and using her cozy cabin for this shoot. I love the colors of her cabin–they actually match my kimono! Or is it the other way around?!




Some Outfit Details
Sunglasses–Forever 21
Jewellery–Silver necklace from Mary via Dhaka, Bangladesh and Hamsa from the Portland Saturday Market
Cami and Jeans–Forever 21
Boots–my mom’s

An Essay: You Never Know Until You Try


Here my mom and I are in Jaipur–freezing our buns off! Joanie was visiting us in India, and she was able to come on the student trip I was chaperoning. What a fun trip!! She was my adventurous travel partner up for anything!

I wear leopard–a lot. I love patterns–paisley being one of my favorites. Super bright–well maybe on the verge of loud clothes are my staple. As I am writing this my skirt is bright blue and hot red leopard, and it has been paired with a polka shirt–not to mention red lips and blue eye lashes. Basically I take risks daily with what I wear. I whole heartedly admire an urban chic look, yet it’s a look I can never pull off–I end up always adding some pop of color or a gazillion accessories. I feel naked without a bold lip or a slew of jewellery. My clothing usually has some story attached to it and helps to lift my mood and set my day. I definitely have an adventurous spirit with clothing and style; I believe this may be attributed to my mother. Recently she celebrated her birthday, and although I am not with her, I wonder if she knows how much she has helped to shape how I dress. I have so many memories of her that revolve around clothing or shopping or deciding what to wear. I thought I’d take a walk down memory lane and celebrate this gift of my so called style that she gave me without her even knowing it.

Basically as a young girl, I would try anything! If she thought it would be cute, I completely trusted her. Wearing a uniform everyday meant I didn’t have many clothes, but I always had one nice outfit for any special occasions and of course the yearly class photo. I recall one year my school picture was especially sharp: I felt utterly cool and definitely stood out in this alternative get-up. It was the matchy-matchiest of outfits, but it made me feel so put together. I’ll start from the bottom and work my way up to the grand finale: black loafers with white knee highs, tailored black bermudas that hit right above the knee, a white oxford shirt, and to (literally) tie it all together a red, black and white tie. No, no other girls were wearing ties! Nor were the boys for that matter, but I felt so cool in this extremely well put together outfit. I was the epitome of preppy chic! My mom encouraged me to take chances, and with her approval I always did–and as a matter of fact I still do.

Around the end of summer, we began to notice our mom would vanish for a day. We never had any idea where she went until she arrived home. On these special disappearances she’d come into the house and unleash bags filled with clothes and school supplies. The bags were plastic indicating she’d been to K-Mart (Target and its coolness hadn’t arrived yet). No matter! Oh, this day was second best to Christmas! The items would just keep pouring out. With five of us, there was little envy but more excitement for each other’s gained treasures. Once we’d all been parcelled our new goods, the fashion show would start. We’d try on our new digs just hoping that they’d fit. They always did–back then I don’t think returning items was even a consideration let alone an option. Plus, our mom just knew; everything always fit, and we always really liked what we got.

Once I got into high school, it wasn’t so easy to just bring home a dress for dances or special events. It was time that I joined her in the art of shopping. At this point in my life, we actually started walking into department stores–usually the Bon Marché–which is now Macy’s. These shopping excursions with my mom were pure bliss for me. It was during these shopping trips that I gained my eye for fit and body type. I can just tell if something will look good on someone. Basically, I would try on every single dress because “you never knew till you tried it on,” as my mom would say, and she was right! There were so many dresses that I would have never considered, but on the body (in particular my body) looked great. My mom was teaching me to have an open mind and not count anything out until a chance was given. While I’m talking about clothes, I like to think this application goes much further, and I am a pretty open minded person.

I was recently asked what I think my style is. For the life of me, I don’t know how to categorize my “look.” What I do know is that because of my mom, there are a few traits I do have when it comes to how I dress myself. I always take chances, I embrace color and pattern, I am thrifty and crafty with my wardrobe, and I absolutely adore all of it! Mom, thanks for helping to shape one of my passions–which is fashion!



Red, White, and Cute Dress // Polka Dot Trench // Ivory Cropped Cardigan // Pearl Bobby Pins // Red Stud Earrings // Navy Suede Heels // Pan Am Cabin Bag // Heart Polka Dot Battery Charger
When Modcloth asked me to participate in their Polyvore Uniquely You Challenge, I said, “Of course!” I love creating mood boards–it’s like getting dressed with cut-out dolls! The clothing item I was given was this cute dress appropriately named the “Red, White, and Cute Dress.” I instantly knew I wanted a cream little sweater to add as a layer for warmth since it is fall and the temperatures are beginning to drop. Rain is also starting to pour, so the polka dot navy trench is a perfect top layer. I wanted to pull out a bit of the red in the dress, so these earrings match perfectly–especially incorporating similar lines to the red bordered white collar. Pearls are so on trend this fall; I would wear a messy bun made neat with all these little pearls haphazardly placed. The blue suede shoes again match perfectly with the shape of the red earrings. The Pan Am bag offers a bit of flight attendant chic. Finally, if I were actually a flight attendant, I’d want a cute and matching battery charger for those long transatlantic flights. All together, the outfit is just as the dress states: red, white, and cute!

I love creating mood boards. When I visit the whole Modcloth dress collection, I feel inspired to style more: like this floral dress is so utterly chic, or this geometric lace dress. I can’t decide which “Story of Citrus Dress” I would choose–probably a the black and white polka dot one. There are so many to choose from! But if I had to have one, I think it would be this Travelin’ Twirl Dress! It’s red and screams Hong Kong!!

3rd Links á la Mode on IFB

My Cross the Line collaboration with Tora Northman was a very exciting post for me: a company loaned me the clothes, I used a gorgeous model, I styled the looks and took the pictures. It was an obvious choice for me to submit this article to IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers). I was thrilled when they decided to include me in their Links á la Mode and even more stoked to see that they used this image as one of their four choices to highlight! In return, check out the other 19 folks that were chosen for last week’s IFB Links á la Mode


That Natural Look

Maybe it had something to do with that post the Man Repeller wrote about not wearing makeup. Maybe it’s about the Normcore sensibility of not trying too hard. Maybe it’s because everyone is fed up with hyper-photoshopped images in the media. But now? Now that natural look, unretouched has never been more perfect. This week we visit fashion month, with all the trends hitting the streets and the runways, so look into the future, it’s returning to the basics.

Links à la Mode

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#SeptemberFormulaDressing Week 4

September has been an easy month to dress for with a simple formula Monday-Friday. So far over 100 posts have been made with this hashtag, so that means Kremb de la Kremb has helped other people get dressed Monday-Friday in the last three weeks. This is the last week of this style challenge–if you’re in a rut, just follow these style prompts: KrembdelaKrembChallenge4

Shanghai Musts


CC image from

Today I fly to Shanghai to see my sister Mary Margaret! I am so excited to see her!! Of course I’m also happy to return to one of favorite cities in Asia. Although it’s going to be really strange to be in Shanghai and not see my good friend Mary Kelly. Giovanni and she were always such amazing hosts each time I traveled to Shangers.

Because of my time with the Bellos, there are a few things I will want to do–based on my previous fabulous visits with them. I hope Mary doesn’t mind! (After the visit, I’ll post pics!)

M Glamour Bar on the Bund
M on the Bund is absolutely DIVINE! It is one of the most fantastic bars in the world. The view overlooking Pudong is splendid, but if I’m honest it’s the glasses that impress. Every glass is different and unique and beyond glimmering. All those varying glasses hover over the bar creating a colorful rainbow. I’m excited to walk around all day with Mary to end at M on the Bund for a sunset cocktail.

Lost Heaven
My first night in Shanghai Mary Kelly and Giovanni brought me to this amazing restaurant. I was living in Mumbai at the time and had never in all my life tasted such delicious Chinese food–in particular Schezwan cuisine. I can still remember the eggplant I had on that night! Coming from an Indian palette, I was so enthralled by the new experience for my tastebuds!

French Concession
All I want to do is spend a couple of hours wondering through this magical neighborhood. Trees everywhere and colonial architecture take one back in time. All we’ll need to do is wander into little boutiques, stop for coffee, continue on, stop for a drink….you get the idea!

Zen Lifestore
The ceramics in Shanghai are really special. For sure I’d like to go into Zen Lifestore and stock up one more time. My apartment in Hong Kong and my cabin out at Spirit Lake are filled with soap dispensers and little dishes, but…maybe I could use some more.

Underground Market at the Science and Technology Museum in Pudong
I’ve never been to this market, but I’ve always heard of it. I really want to check out this fake market. I’m sure it will be bustling and chaotic–I will make sure we carry snacks Mary and a determination to bargain!

Hey Mary, see you tonight!