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Ballet Urban

My post from Monday depicted the new PMQ Night Market in Central, Hong Kong; today I’m posting the outfit I wore to PMQ. I have to admit I attempted an urban look for attending this new shopping destination–I wanted some femininity alongside a bit of rough ‘n tough, therefore I pulled out my ballet skirt. Last time I wore this skirt with pumps, but to mix the tulle in a more casual way, out came my converse and tiger tee all balanced with a messy bun. Since I was out all day, and one never knows how the temperatures may dip here in HK, I also wore my new (well it’s old) thrifted moto jacket from Swap and Shop. It’s a funny thing, but I just love putting together an outfit!




Some Outfit Details

Crystal Earrings–Swarovski
Multiple silver Rings–H&M
Leather Moto–thrifted from Swap ‘n Shop HK
Tiger Muscle Tee–similar
Tulle Skirt–thrifted from Mee & Gee
Black Converse

PMQ Night Market

Hong Kong has a new and very special shopping destination: the PMQ Night Market. This last weekend was its opening, and it was definitely bustling! The PMQ–originally the Police Married Quarters on Aberdeen Street in Central–has been re gentrified turning this multi-level, multi-roomed, courtyard-centered structure into a hip spot for artisans and their studios. Once all the vendors are settled, the PMQ will house Hong Kong local talent and their wares. In the meantime, for the upcoming weekends through to June, the night market will open in the PMQ courtyard from 5:00-11:00 pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. (Click here for all the exact upcoming weekends.) In the center of the courtyard is a stage for the performers. To the right are vendors selling their craft, and to the left are the food and bar kitchens serving the masses. Picnic tables are all about inviting a sit to stay and enjoy the evening. For Hong Kongers we can thank the Hong Kong Markets Organization for yet another great market.


We ran into so many people! First, we saw our colleagues Kara and Brad. Since they live in the area, they were excited to stumble upon this weekend find. My friend Maria was there from What the Frock?! She’s the gal I threw this trunk show for back in the fall. I ran into Sandra who leads Style by Asia, and I was able to finally put an Instagram account to an actual person when I met Isabel of Shoe Box Living. I was happy to finally be able to introduce Kevin to Jasmine from Dress Me Blog Me. She’s my go-to mentor and role model and well, basically my idol: she’s Hong Kong’s best and friendliest fashion blogger here in the city creating a community for all of us. The really cool thing about Hong Kong it its small world quality;  you are always bound to run into someone you know. This new night market is proof!


There were many different stalls set up. My favorite drink, the Diablo with all it’s juicy jalepeno goodness, was being offered at the Brickhouse booth. Maria was selling her frocks. There was plenty of jewellery, some shoes, and even vintage items from this cutie pie up above. Kobo is going to be one to follow with her collection of goodies on Hey Day Love. Of course the kiddos were super pleased to order up some jing bings from Mr. Bing!


We will definitely be attending this night market again, and I suggest you do too. If you’re visiting, it makes for a fun evening, and if you live here, you have till the end of June!

Cauliflower Roundup

Part of a white cauliflower with leaves on the side

CC Image by Horia Vorlan

Cauliflower has been making the rounds lately in the Kremb de la Kremb house, so I decided to share this cauliflower roundup. While simply tossing it with a little olive oil and roasting it with garlic is very delicious, there are many other ways to prepare this powerful flower-y vegetable.

1. This Cauliflower Risotto from Fork and Beans is so good I made it two nights in a row!

2. On my cauliflower-as-rice kick, I then tried Cauliflower Fried Rice from Skinny Taste–which is also very tasty.

3. Up next on my cauliflower cooking kick is definitely some Cauliflower Crusted Pizza by Nutrition Stripped or this one by 12 Tomatoes

4. You might not have known this, but cauliflower made the World’s Healthiest Food site! Here’s why.

5. While eating cauliflower is the usual route, it also makes such a pretty bouquet as seen from these Wedding Bouquets compiled by Weddingomania.

Juniper + Ink

Something so special happened last week: I got a package in the mail from a previous student from Venezuela. This young lady was a complete StarGirl then and continues to be one today. Danielle, or better known as Dani, Cox has always been that really cool young lady who is charming and confident while exuding all sorts of creativity. I first met Dani back at ECA when she was in middle school. I remember she made me the coolest handbag out of a pair of used jeans. Since then, and thanks to Facebook, I’ve seen her graduate from Rhode Island School of Design, work for Martha Stewart, and now begin her own company, Juniper + Ink. Now, just recently, she sent me the loveliest package with something she made specially for both me and Gigi. Do visit this Juniper + Ink–especially if you are in need of anything, anything at all creative. Dani makes jewellery, stationary, typography, graphic design, photography….the list will go on and on. She’s your go-to gal for anything creative! Thank you Dani for thinking of me!!

Mee & Gee, Wan Chai HK


I gave directions to Me & George a few weeks back. There’s more to this franchise–well, I can’t claim that it’s a franchise, but I do know there are three Mee & Gee type stores: the one in Central, this one in Wan Chai, and yet another for me to discover in Mon Kok. This branch, titled Mee & Gee, is my favorite of the two. While the quantity and prices of the second hand clothing remain the same in both these shops, I venture to say the quality at this branch seems better. Also, the best part about this shop is the two ladies working there; they are so sweet and nice to everyone who comes in–plus, they’ll always give you a little extra off. Their friendliness puts this shop at the top for me. Plus, I first stumbled upon it with my niece Elle where we picked up our tulle ballet skirts! (Eek, since then I’ve picked up two more–enough!)


Birds in the Trees

Standing.jpgThe sun is out in Hong Kong, and the birds have arrived with new songs to sing. There is this one bird that I am enamoured with. He wakes me up each morning with this special call that just enchants me. I haven’t been able to spot him, so I have no idea what he looks like. This is our first spring in this new apartment, and something like the change in birds at the tree level has been an additional welcome. I love our home in Stanley, and I especially love springtime in Hong Kong. (I don’t know why I have determined the gender of this particular bird to be male…)



Photos by Gigi

Some Outfit Details
DIY Pearl Earrings
ASOS Sunnies
Topshop Infared Lipstick
Forever 21 Birds in the Trees Top
Vintage Shell Necklace from Antique Street
Gold Chain from TST
Key Lock from Ben in Causeway Bay
Zara Handbag from Margarita Island, Venezuela
Really Old Belt from Market in India
Old Navy Khakis
Steve Madden Open Toed Booties

AXIOM: HKIS’ Interact Fashion Show


To be in high school at HKIS! I would have loved it. We have a student service club called Interact. All year long, they work on an amazing culmination, a fashion show.  Their efforts support a different charity organization each year, and this year the Children’s Medical foundation benefited. Each year there is a new theme, and this year it was “Axiom.” It is entirely student run from the elaborate event, sponsor search, fashion designs, and catwalk models. All of it is done by the students, and it is AMAZING! I was gob-smocked! And, totally inspired (plus, to be honest, a little envious that my high school career was void of such an amazing opportunity) by the hard work and dedication all of these students put into an event that raised a very large amount of money for the Children’s Medical Foundation.

Following is a round up of pictures taken by talented photographers Jamie Au and Sarah Tan:

Design by Kyra Johnson


Designs by Lydia Pang & Emma Hunter

EmmaEmilyDesigns by Emma Laskowski & Emily Uhrynuk

SamNgCollage.jpgDesigns by Sam Ng.
(In my opinion, this young lady will be a fashion designer–FOR SURE!)

TheoDesigns by Rex Hung, Theo Economos, and Thomas Kim

HilaryKristineDesigns by Hilary Fan & Kristine Koehler

JoyceJADesigns by Joyce Chan & Franziska Cheung

AmiJADesigns by Ami Kurosaki
(I LOVE this line, and if it was possible, would wear the one on the far left to prom 2014!)

CarlotaDesigns by Carlota Gomez Tappia

RanveerDesign by Ranveer Hattangdi

AnishaDesign by Anisha Subberwal
(That’s Anisha on the screen!)

KellyDesign by Kelly Chong

RachelDesigns by Rachel Nagao

KayleeDesigns by Kaylee Kim

HiuHiuCollageHiu Hiu Sau gave an amazing performance.

HKDAs did the infamous HKD (Hong Kong Dancers)!


AnishaJasmineAnisha and Jasmine–two prom com sweeties!

VDL Lippy Giveaway


If you follow along on Kremb de la Kremb, you very well know what I fan I am of anything lippy: I love lipstick! Whether it’s a bright red or orange lip or even just a subtle one, I am a fan of painting my lips. I always have been. I often feel bare without something on my lips.

This week I want to hear from you–what’s your best lip story? Are you a lipstick lady? Gloss? Or are you a lip balm girl? Karmex your thing? Write me (either here on the blog, by email, Facebook, Twitter, hey even in person) about your favorite lip product, and you could win a lip product from VDL!

VDL is an amazing Korean cosmetic company that now has a shop here in Hong Kong. I went to their opening and fell in love with all the products but especially with all the ones they have for lips. Now, when you tell me your lippy story, you will have a chance to win something. Again, contact me in any which way your prefer. That’s no matter. What I do want to know is what you crave for your lippy!

*Three winners, one product each. Closed on Sunday, April 20. Winner announced on Monday, April 21. Product will be mailed anywhere in the world–if it can be shipped to from Hong Kong!

#HKFashionbloggers X @ShanghaiTang


I had such a spectacular evening at the Hong Kong Fashion Bloggers’ Style Summit hosted with Shanghai Tang at the Kee Club. For all of us in this community, we all owe so much thanks and gratitude to Jasmine Smith of Dress Me Blog Me. This woman is amazing! She has helped to form community in Hong Kong that is so awesome. It’s her leadership that serves as a role model for all of us. Jasmine is one of those beautiful people that’s pretty on the inside too. She has helped me out in numerous occasions, and I know I’m not the only one. I look to Jasmine for guidance–not to mention some serious sexiness!

As part of the night’s agenda there were five local and very prominent fashion figures that were part of a panel discussion. Prior to their discussion, interviews were given to the guests. I was able to speak with Tania Reinert from A Boy Named Sue, Carmen Chan of Carmen Chan Jewellery, and James Woodward from Entendre Studios. Talk about inspiration! There was a definite common thread amongst these three: follow your creative aspirations. All three of them come from business and finance histories, and all three of them quit this path to pursue their passions. I find this remarkable.

Tania owns and runs A Boy Named Sue, an online company that focuses on selling ecological, local, and social attire. For them it’s simple: they’re mission is to sell “cool clothes with a conscience.” Carmen, of Carmen Chan Jewellery, would attend workshops and classes in fashion illustration, design, and silver smithing after her day of work. She apprenticed with a 75 year old artisan woman. She then took the plunge and launched her own jewellery design. Her genuine personality shines through her craft. James originally is a mechanical engineer. He also worked in finance for some years. However he recalled his ten year old self admiring pop art advertisements and decided to go after it. Amazingly, James is self taught; he draws all his art with the mouse of a computer. It’s phenomenal art too. James too decided to take the plunge and pursue desires and started Entendre Studios. It was really special for me to speak with these three individuals. I often wonder what I’m doing with this blog “thingy,” but I do know it’s the most creative I have felt in years, and that’s what inspires me here on Kremb de la Kremb.


Shanghai Tang hosted this event for all of us HK Fashion Bloggers at the Kee Club–a sensual and mysterious private club that I was able to enter last night! The night had a theme: focusing on the small details. Hence, the images above were captured on my Instagram feed or from the event’s promotions: the ruffles from my skirt; choosing the red nail polish I’d wear; the model of the launch of Shanghai Tang’s uber cool sunglasses out this May; various styles of the new sunglass style; my business card for passing out; the Wander and Hunt pearl earrings I can’t stop wearing; flats in my bag for any extra walking–no hiking among Central’s streets; famous and beautiful HK fashion blogger Sabrina Sikora sporting Shanghai Tang’s new sunglasses; and my white shirt tied at the waste. The night was about small details that matter. In style and fashion, this is so very true. Every little item adds up to the entire. I feel this when I dress. The ensemble that I put on makes a story.  What do I want to say to others? It can all be expressed in all the little details that make us who we are. Because…small details matter!


Part of the fun festivities at this Hong Kong Fashion Bloggers’ Event is the chance to win a pair of Shanghai Tang’s new Limited Edition Sunglasses out this May 15, 2014. These sunglasses are super cool! They embrace both the strong brow with the straight line frame plus the classic authentic Chinese round lens. I saw these sunglasses on various people in person, and they look good! It was like witnessing the carnation of something classic in terms of eyewear. All of this is due to the extreme talent of Armele Barbier , lead menswear designer of Shanghai Tang. Let me tell you: these will be hot! If you can get your hands on some….

Lipstick Trend: Orange Lippy


I’ve been very into the orange lip these days, trying to find the perfect one. Here is a list of the contenders:

1. Electric Orange by Maybelline

2. Rendevous by Revlon

3. Orange Pop Up by Bourjois

4. Infared by Topshop

5. Kiss Me Coral by Revlon

6. Audacious by Revlon

7. Orange Tempo (Orange Power in HK)  by L’Oreal

8. Carrot Gold by Wet’n Wild

9. Morange by MAC

10. Timanfaya by NARS

Will you be trying out this spring trend?