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Date Night: Heirloom Eatery & More and ABC Kitchen HK

photo (9)For March’s date night, Kevin and I took the advice of a fellow Hong Kong enthusiast, JJ of The Wanderlister. It was recently JJ’s birthday, and he celebrated with a week’s worth of dining. In his first write-up of three nights out, JJ wrote about the ABC Kitchen in Hong Kong (not to be confused by the one in New York City!). My interest was peeked. I tweeted (the restaurant in NYC) for a reservation and luckily followed up with an email. Within an hour of the email, ABC Kitchen had called me back, and my table for two was booked. Because a Kremb de la Kremb Date Night involves a drink beforehand, I also asked JJ for a recommendation in this department also. We were advised to try out Heirloom Eatery & More.

Heirloom.jpgI really enjoyed the ambience at Heirloom. We sat at a small little table for two right on the sidewalk. It was a very charming spot for a glass of wine and beer before we headed to dinner.

Dinner at the ABC Kitchen is a real treat. First of all, you are in a Hong Kong cooked food market, so be prepared for a more chaotic atmosphere–stalls around the periphery with tables packed in the middle. You could tell which tables belonged to ABC Kitchen because of the red and white checks. The service was spot on; we felt very well attended despite the very casual atmosphere.

ABCKitchen.jpg The menu was nice and simple making our choices easy. The salad upon entering looked divine, and it came as a very large serving, so it was easy to split. The suckling pig was recommended, so we went for it, and both of us were drawn to the beet root risotto. While the pig wasn’t our favorite, we could see why it would be for others. The risotto was to die for! It melted in our mouths–and well the color…it would make a perfect shade of lipstick! We finished with their signature pavlova–something neither of us had ever had. Oh, was it good! All the textures and flavors just bursted in our mouths.I envision a return trip back to the ABC Kitchen; it’d be a great place to go with a big group, and for sure we’d like to take the kids. Do try out the ABC Kitchen in the Queens Road West Cooked Food Market! Here’s the number: 5114-9760.

Beach Braids

There’s nothing like having beach braids while on vacation! Every day on at the beach on Koh Samed with Mary over Christmas, we would have our hair braided. We found a cute little gal named Fai who would experiment and try new styles on our hair each day. On our final day before leaving the island, we had matching crowns that started at our left ear and wrapped and wrapped until it made spiral into the center of our head.

On the first day, Fai asked if she could make a heart. Of course! Each braid started in the front at my middle part and looped around to the back. This was a nice half up, half down braid that was very comfortable.

Mary started with a simple headband braid that swept across the front–again a very comfortable half up, half down way to wear your hair.

For this braid it started at my right ear, swooped across and then wrapped and ended again under my right ear. This one felt really pretty.

On Mary this braid started on her left and ended on her right. It was like a perfectly slanted braid across her head.

SikhBraidWe called this the Sikh braid as it started down at the base of my neck and work its way up to a braided knot on the top of my head. This one felt very fun and quirky.

FaiThis is the lovely Fai. She expertly braided our hair when we asked. Some days she’d do what we wanted like the wrap around braid, side braid, and Sikh braid; other days she felt inspired and created the heart braid or the wrap around crown braids. It was fun to watch her work. Plus, she’s so lovely. If and when I go back to Samed Villa on Koh Samed, I will look for Fai–you should too! She also gives lovely massages and pedicures–the works!

Wander and Hunt

Geneva.jpgRecently I had a bit of a fashion fixation with these earrings seen and made by Geneva of A Pair and a Spare. Luckily, Geneva has created Wander and Hunt, an amazing site where many of her DIY projects are available for purchase through various kits. Since I kept going back to look at these perfect earrings, I finally just gave Wander and Hunt a try and purchased the DIY Pearl Embellishment Kit. Oh, I am so glad I did!

These are the perks of Wander and Hunt DIY Kits:

  • Free shipping!
  • Super fast shipping! My kit arrived a day and half after purchasing (this is most likely because Wander and Hunt is Hong Kong based, but still!);
  • Super organized plus very cute packaging;
  • Easy as sin DIY–it took me less than five minutes to put together my earrings with about ten minutes to dry.



I seriously recommend Wander and Hunt for your next DIY–especially if you live in Hong Kong and feel intimidated by our very intense Sham Shui Po Market. I’m pretty sure my next purchase will be the DIY Coin Jewelry Kit.

*Did I mention FREE SHIPPING worldwide?!

Recipe: Eggs Benedict

There’s a breakfast dish that I have always been so fascinated with, and I finally gave it a try this past weekend: Eggs Benedict! I used my America’s Test Kitchen Cookbook’s recipe. Basically, making this delicious brekkie seems to be all about the prep work plus mastering the Hollandaise sauce–which I still need to practice.

First tip, get all your ingredients ready: grill the Canadian bacon, dice the chives and parsley, and have the English muffins ready in the toaster._DSC8715Next, boil water in a pan and have your eggs ready in individual bowls or tea cups. This makes poaching them much easier–you slowly mix the hot water into the bowl with the egg so that the egg starts cooking immediately hence making it stay together as one. _DSC8721Prepare the Hollandaise sauce. This is the trickiest part! First blend the butter and lemon with hot water all together, but then to thicken it, slowly simmer and gradually stir it on the stove. (This is where I need to improve! Our sauce was a bit watery plus egg tasting. Next time…)_DSC8729With everything set aside, start layering. First the toast, then the ham, topped with the poached egg, doused with the sauce and finally sprinkled with diced chives and parsley. _DSC8739Emmmm, enjoy the pure decadence!

*As an aside, I would say the best Eggs Benedict in Hong Kong may be found at the Brunch Club & Supper on Leighton Road. And just to prove it, while looking up this diner’s website, I found out that indeed Eggs Benedict is their signature dish!

{Annie} Indian Street Style

Annie7My turn! Dressing in India is such fun for me. It’s pretty obvious I love two things: color and patterns. When in India it’s standard to embrace both. I love it! I remember loving it!

These pictures come with such gratitude also. I was basically the group photographer; hence there were not any photos of me–which was fine by me. But then, this cute gal, Maddie, says, “Mrs. Krembs, what about you!?” It was so sweet her and Hannah took over and got some pics of my Indian outfit of the day!


Some Outfit Details:
Two items stick out from this outfit–the colorful ones! Both of which I had purchased the very night before. The necklace and skirt were bought in the hippy street market of Rishikesh. First, the skirt I bought with two other wrap skirts–those made of old recycled saris! The necklace was then scooped up later on down the road along with a beaded handbag that I can’t wait to wear. Ahhhh, shopping in India. My spring outfits will definitely have an even more boho look after all the goodies I purchased (rapidly–we didn’t have much shopping time!).

*I feel like my smile looks different! I think it’s India:D

All photos by Hannah Frohling.

Diwali Blues


Well, we’ll just call this India Week on Kremb de la Kremb! I was going through some old photos and came across these blue beauties. Oh Vincent and Gigi are just so cute! This was taken during one India’s many festival celebrations–in particular Diwali. I must have put them standing up on our Juhu apartment tv room. They’re standing on the Indian settee against our great blue wall, I just shot away with pics .(This sampling is just four of the many!)

Since Kremb de la Kremb has turned a bit, ok a lot more focused on fashion, there’s always a bit of me that feels guilty that I don’t post more about the kids. I’ll have to throw in an extra post like this more often;D

Here’s to cutie pies that I used to be able to dress up!!

Indian Street Style {Round 2}

ThreeWomen.jpgHere’s the second set of Indian street style pics I took during my day in Delhi. I found out around this time that it was Woman’s Day–which helped to explain all the finery. Everyone, but mainly women, were so dressed up on this day. It made the touring around historical landmarks all that more remarkable.
PregnantLady.jpgThis babaji on the left was not going to let me get a picture of this lovely lady. I pretty much followed her around–by zooming in of course. Up close, he yelled at me just twice.
_DSC7851This might be my favorite pic of the whole trip. The cooing sounds this lady was making grabbed my attention first; then I zoomed in and got the kiss. So sweet!
_DSC7758Two beauties from our trip, Tora and Minnie (I covet their sunnies and will have some!) multiple3
Next up… a little of my Indian street style! Stay tuned for Friday.

Indian Street Style


I love India! This place has my heart for sure!! I just arrive, and I actually feel home. I lived in Bombay for five years–that was the longest I had lived anywhere since I had lived with my parents for 18 years in Spokane, Washington. The people of India are so amazingly kind that their beauty therefore simply radiates. I cannot believe I didn’t have a decent camera while living there. No worries, I made up for some lost time on this trip! Just in this day alone I think there were 200+ pictures. Don’t worry–I won’t post them all! I have the pics to strum through though to bring me back to this land I cherish. Here’s the first collection of Indian street style that stood out to me. They dress so colorfully!


Many times I would simply sneak up behind a perfectly taken picture and ask if I too could snap the shot. That’s how I got this beautiful pic of this handsome couple. Love radiates for sure! And the girl above–she was their photographer.



Oh, the children of India! They are GORGEOUS! Parents paint kohl around the eyes to ward against any evil–or maybe it’s just to enhance their beauty! Probably a little of both!!


I couldn’t help but take some photos of the mamajis and babajis of India. They too are so glorious with each of their steps beckoning some sort of history. I love meeting people in India and the stories they all have to tell.


I just thought this guy looked cool, neh? (That’s Hindi for no?)


We ran into this white hatted tour group later on in the day at the next tourist destination….


This scene was too cute. This lady was definitely suffering from some sort of fashion malfunction with her chappal (Hindi for sandal). Once she finally fixed her shoe, her son helped to reassemble herself. Just the sight of the son helping his mum made me miss Vincent terribly.


This pic was fun. I took a picture of this photographer shooting another guy–posing so funnily. Then, they caught me! So we decided to exchange pics–me getting him and then he got me. I wonder where my picture will end up….I should have exchanged cards so he could see that he was up on Kremb de la Kremb!

If you don’t mind too much there will be more [wonderful] pictures from India! Stay tuned….

Snake Camo

As stated before, Stanley has no shortage of photo ops! Recently, on a beautiful sunny day, right when the glow was just right, Gigi and I headed to these rocks. We can see these rocks nestled in the sea just to the left from our apartment window. I was like, “Come on Gigi! Let’s go!” and she was game. Since the sun was setting, and I had moments to spare, I slipped into my snake pants to set up some perfect snake camo. One thing I don’t leave the house without these days is my new black bucket bag that I received as a gift for winning the #orotoneye challenge hosted by Jasmine Smith of Drese Me, Blog Me and sponsored by Oroton. I love this bag! It’s so luxe–I think I might be a luxury handbag convert. Gee, that wasn’t too hard!



*This hairdo is super easy! Pull your hair back for a pony tail, but instead of wrapping it with an elastic, start twisting it downward. As you twist downward, pin the twist to your head down to the nape. It stays put all day just like a pony but with a little bit more elegance. (Please comment if you’d like a full tutorial…)

Some Outfit Details

String of Necklaces (on repeat!)–“A” from Kevin, a gold bar, and a new “Créme de la Créme” pendant from two great library lady friends plus I added my peacock charm.
Black CamiForever 21
Knit Henley–old from American Eagle. Oh, this beauty goes way back! I do believe this was the first Julie/Ann “I must have the shirt off your back” exchange. I had met Julie with her new born Maeve with my new born Gigi in Atlanta on a layover back to Venezuela. We were chatting and reminiscing in our hotel room plus going through our bags. I spotted this sweater, and I just had to have it! It would be perfect for the very light chill that could be felt on fresh Venezuelan nights. Julie conceded and let me take it. In exchange I gave her a khaki colored tunic sweater that I’d picked up from my years in Saudi at Promod. It seemed like a fair trade at the time, but I doubt Julie knew what she was in for, OR that to this day I still frequently wear this very special sweater.
Snake Capris–old from Zara
Open Toed MulesSteve Madden
Black Bucket BagOroton

Second Hand in HK

second handSecond hand shopping is a must for me. Sometimes  I want a tulle skirt, or a denim skirt to cut off. Well, slowly as I continue to inhabitant this city and increase my love affair with Hong Kong, I am learning about neat and new-to-me shopping destinations. Recently, with the encouragement of Redress Hong Kong accompanied with the influence of my fashion forward colleague, I’m a Norbyah, I’ve been scouting out places to buy second hand items. For a larger sized woman (at least in Asia), this can prove more difficult, but I have found a shop! Me & George in Central is such fun, and it’s stocked with tons of goods. My only requirement upon entering is to stay focused with the mindset of quality over quantity brimming on the edge of my wallet! Please do check out this great haunt–you too will find some goodies. I am sure of it! (Stay tuned for Mee & Gees in Wan Chai next.)
Me & George