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Ladies in Red

Kung Hei Fat Choi! For Chinese New Year this morning, I’ve created a round-up of some of my daily reads, capturing these lovely ladies in red. These women serve as inspiration for me: there’s something about each of their individual style that I just love. I believe it’s how they are all extremely classy and always chic while adding a touch of quirk or boho to their style. Whatever it is they do, I just love each one of these fashion bloggers:

Blaire Eadie of Atlantic-PacificBlaire

Christine Cameron of My Style Pill

Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere

Jessica Quirk of What I Wore

Kelly Framel of The Glamourai

Krystal Bick of This Time Tomorrow

Mary Summers of M.A.S. Fashion

Shea Marie of Peace Love Shea

The Year of the Horse

Year of the Horse
Are you ready for the Year of the Horse, 2014? I’ve put together a few of my favorite horse pieces. For about a month now, I’ve been looking for something horsey to no avail–online however, I’ve hit the jackpot! What would you like? (I’ve chosen a ton here, but for sure-sure I’ve got my eye on the sunglasses, sweatshirt and matching mug, plus this tee.)

For the year of the snake, it was a little more subtle (well to me anyway) to incorporate the snake. I’d wear my snake shirt picked up way back from my Saudi days, or I’d wear my flowy snake print trousers. I also had a few snake wrap necklaces and bracelets plus shoes that made for fun baubles. The year of the horse will be a little more blatant; that’s why I want to get it just right!

Horse Sunglasses
Horse Signet Ring
Origami Horse Pendant
Horse Satchel
Horse Mug
Horse Nail Art
Horse Clutch
Bronze Horse Statue
Horse Lunch Box
Horse Head Pillow
Horse Eyeshadow Palette
Dainty Horse Ring
Horse Pendant

Year of the Horse Fashion
Horse Sweatshirt
Horse Silk Pants
Horse Cap Sleeve
Horse BW Jeans
Horse Silk Shirt
Horse Sweater
Horse Tube Skirt
Horse Tee
Horse Jeans


*The Horse Illustration is from CG Vector: Free Vector Graphics.

Journey of a Dress

Ann Krembs
All month long and all around the world there have been celebrations happening for the wrap dress style first introduced by Diane von Furstenberg back in the early 1970s. It’s been 40 years since the style was created, and now from January 11-April 11 DVF has the “Journey of a Dress” exhibition. For me, here in Hong Kong, I was able to attend a little soirée at Polkadot Boutique on Hollywood Road in Hong Kong this January. There we would celebrate with our own local queen of the wrap dress, Maria Estrada of What the Frock?! (You may recall this trunk show for her back in September.) For the occasion, I sported a wrap dress of course, but I layered it with a pinstripe button down for warmth, some sparkly tights, and a very special statement necklace from Maria.
Wrap Dress

Ann Krembs Side Portrait
Wrap Dress
Some Outfit Details:
This is a simple little navy wrap that I picked up at an end of summer sale at Forever 21. I’ve mentioned before how the whole family always scores during those frantic shopping sprees right before heading back overseas. This was such a dress. It might have been $10–maybe less, but I just knew it would become a staple for the teacher librarian in me with the classic wrap cut in a gorgeous navy color. I scooped it up without hesitation, and I am glad I did.

The fun of DVF’s exhibit is the story Diane is encouraging behind every woman’s wrap dress. It’s true: all of my wrap dresses have had a bit of a back story to them. I’ve got my little black one that I wore to pieces–I still have it stored away somewhere to copy when I get around to it. I have my bright red wrap that I wear around the holidays. Then, I have my printed peacock wrap that I wear when I’m feeling bold. I had an electric striped colored one that I copied twice with fun knit prints found in India. Oh, and I cannot forget my  very first wrap dress purchased back in Saudi Arabia–it’s a gorgeous cream chiffon with little black, taupe, and red polkadots. It’s the flirtiest of wrap dresses and makes me feel oh, so sexy when I wear it. I think that’s what Diane intended with this dress: confidence exudes from a woman when she’s wearing a wrap dress. It’s a bit sexy while remaining extremely classy. Do you have a favorite wrap dress?

Other Stylings of the DressNecklace, and Sunglasses

Elle went with me to the event at the Polkadot Boutique. Here she is dressed up in her sweet lace dress that her mom got for her while visiting me in Beijing. Elle added my chunky gold necklace (I have a feeling it will go home with her;) and a bold red lip with her Stila in Beso. Then she roughened it all up with some Doc Martens and her Deena and Ozzy handbag. Trés cute in my opinion!

Best Boots

JeanBootCroppedI have the best mommy ever! And she gave me the best boots!

Here’s what happened when Joanie was here in Hong Kong: she arrived in these boots, and I immediately thought they were so cute. I knew I wanted to wear them at least once while she was here, but for some reason I waited till like the last day. After moments of wearing them, I warned my mom: I would be taking them! They were like pillows on my feet. Seriously, they are so comfortable. I figured out that I could keep hers and order her a new pair to arrive by the time she got home. Unfortunately, at that time, she couldn’t agree to that, but she did manage to get me a pair. When Elle arrived this January, my mom had passed on something to give me. Elle pulled out the best boots ever! Joanie got me my own pair. I am so grateful. They are beyond comfortable. Aside from being so cozy, they are also super cute, looking great with just about everything. Here I’ve showed how I’ve worn these boots in just three ways: with boyfriend jeans,  slouchy printed trousers, and a skater skirt (not shown) with leggings. Thanks Mom for giving me the best boots ever!

The Best Boots: Dromedaris’ Kara that you can buy here.

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Go HAWKSWe all watched the game together later than when it aired. We had to wait all day on Monday, and if we found out any results of the game, we were NOT to say a word to Kevin. I’m not sure if he really did remain ignorant, but he definitely tried. What a game! I mean, really. I think it’s ok to be a huge fan now at the end: Seattle is going to the Super Bowl! Of course I’m a fan! I’m Fan #12. (This by the way is the coolest part of immersing myself in the Seahawks. The FANS make the 12th player–that’s really cool!) No, but really, it was an amazing game. So much so that I felt inspired to create a few optional outfits if I were to attend the game. Rather, these are some outfits I could wear to my house for the little breakfast I plan to throw since Kevin’s folks and brother with family plus my niece will all be here. February 3 (We’re a day ahead….the game is at 3 in the morning for us), Super Bowl Breakfast at Kremb de la Kremb! GO HAWKS!

Going to Prom? Go with Fame & Partners!

Fame & Partners
Recently I found out about this awesome formal wear site named Fame & Partners Prom Dresses. As the advisor for this year’s Prom at HKIS, I feel like I hit the jackpot for all the girls I know at school. There are so many super fun parts to this site! First and foremost, the dresses are gorgeous! There are tons of amazing styles all on trend and at affordable prices–anywhere from US$69-$399 with most options coming in under $249! Yes, you can browse and order any dress as is, but there are some other pretty cool options on Fame & Partners for choosing your dress. For example, you can take a quiz and receive suggestions along with a synopsis of your style. (I loved finding out that I was 29% GLAM! You all know I want to be Gloria!)
Fame & Partners Quiz
Another great option found on Fame & Partners is the option to customize any dress: you can change the color and fabric, neckline, and hemline. This is a great option for tailoring a dress to suit your body type and coloring.
Free Customization at Fame & Partners

Aside from taking a quiz or customizing a dress, I found the variety of styles on Fame & Partners the best part. Below I’ve put together my four favorite short and long dresses.
Short Fame & Partner Dresses
Long Dresses Fame & Partners
If you want to get social with Fame & Partners you can; they are on Facebook plus the have some super extensive Pinterest boards. Also, found from the site is their blog where you can tell they are matching their styles to the most fashionable celebrities. (For example, the red long dress up above was seen on Rihanna at the Grammys, 2013.) Finally, if you want, you can join their network by applying to become a Fame Chain Blogger.
My Favorite Fame & Partners
While this is a sponsored post for Fame & Partners by Kremb de la Kremb, I’m pretty sure I’m going to get this dress to wear to Prom 2014.  It’s called “Cocktail Hour.” I envision it would suit a variety of different events: Prom, Christmas Party, Auction Night to name a few. I love how glamorous yet flirty it is, and I plan to customize it in navy but keep everything else the same. It will definitely fit my profile of 29% Glam, 28% Classic! Don’t you think?

Karen Jessen, The EcoChic Design Award Winner, 2013

Wednesday night was pretty remarkable! One of my little benchmarks while writing this blog has been that maybe one day I would get to go to something during a fashion week. Well, it has happened and now I am hooked! A fashion show is just amazing! Just dreamy!!

The Eco Chic Design Award Show (as detailed here) was my perfect first fashion week event. The show highlighted six pieces from eight finalists. The finalists were from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, UK, France, and Germany. All the designs were so amazing–and more importantly conscientious. Sustainable fashion is just so much more special to our earth and environment; being a cautious consumer is something I need to work at–to say the least!

Karen Jessen won! She was my first pick all along too. Not only did she when first prize, but she also won the special prize as well. Her styles were made out of shreds of denim and t-shirt material. They were amazingly intricate and just spectacular works of art as detailed below. The dress and better yet collar on the second model to the right of Karen was INSANE!

Somehow the man’s hand in this photo works out just right. He’s pointing to Christina Dean, the master mind behind it all. She founded Redress in Hong Kong and with her team organized this show. I don’t know how she does all that she does. I find her amazing and so kind. Her team welcomed me at the door congratulating me on winning the ticket. I was one of hundreds attending this show, yet he entire team made me feel so special to be there.
For the event I remixed my lbd one more time. For this occasion I pulled out my leopard faux fur plus my DIY booties. I pulled my hair up into a high pony, and my niece Elle let me borrow her handbag. I kept my jewellery very simple yet I added a bold red lip. Really, I could have worn a bag over my head–my clothing didn’t matter. It was the perk in my step from excitement that I was wearing!
Some Outfit Details
MAC Ruby Woo
LBD–Funnily enough this dress is actually from Walmart. When we were passing through the store in Hawaii during Christmas of 2009 for my brother’s wedding, I saw this hanging there for $5. I scooped it up knowing that I would get a lot of use out of this little black shift.
Faux Leopard CoatASOS
LeggingsForever 21
Gold Bootiesself made DIY here
Hand Bag–Elle’s
SunglassesTom Ford

The EcoChic Design Award Show

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 7.53.17 PMI won a ticket to go to The EcoChic Design Award Show happening tonight during Hong Kong Fashion Week. It’d be an understatement to say I am excited. One of my (day)dreams while writing this blog is to make it to Fashion Week events, and now I am! And my first show is a really cool, really important one!

Let me back up…first, take a look at Christina Dean from Redress Hong Kong.
Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 12.36.23 PM
Christina (you can follow her on Instagram @getredressed) wore clothes that were discarded or donated every single day of the year 2013.  When you scroll through the 365 days, you will be amazed at how beautifully and stylish Christina looked day after day. And to think it’s all from clothes that were dumped! Christina founded Redress in Hong Kong which is an NGO with this mission: “to promote environmental sustainability in the fashion industry by reducing textile waste, pollution, water and energy consumption.”
Because I follow @GetRedressed with a close eye, when I saw her challenge to redress an lbd (little black dress), I went for it! The winner of the redress would win tickets to The EcoChic Design Award Show. Here are my two remixes that won me a ticket:

So tonight, I will attempt one more lbd ensemble. Hmmm….I wonder how I’ll style it this time?Hopefully, I’ll be able to take some good pictures at my first fashion week show. The EcoChic Design Award is a “sustainable fashion design competition challenging emerging fashion designers to create mainstream clothing with minimal textile waste.” Artists and designers from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, UK, France, Belgium and Germany have submitted their designs, and tonight the winner will be announced. I hope to post more on this exciting night later…Plus, I’ll make sure to share how I wear my lbd!

Elle in HK

We have a special guest here with us for a whole five weeks! Elle arrived this last Monday on January 6th, and she’ll stay with us until February 8th. We are all so excited to have Elle in HK! She’s fitting right into our family, has moved into Gigi’s room, and is attending classes at Hong Kong International School until the end of January. Then when we start vacation, she’ll have a chance to partake in the Year of the Horse Chinese New Year festivities .

One of the very best highlights for us living overseas is when we have visitors; it gives us a chance to literally show off our life. While everything is pretty much the same in terms of family routines, there can be some big differences because of where we live. It feels really special to be able to share our different choice of lifestyle with Elle, my Goddaughter. Kevin and I have talked with Matt and Julie so many times about creating this sort of exchange, and now it is actually happening! I’m really proud of my sister and her husband for embracing this opportunity for their daughter, and I am excited that my family can offer her this chance to experience a different part of the world. Some of the funny things Elle has noticed so far are the cars are all very shiny, our paper is a different size, and there are a whole heck of a lot of people! One thing she reports that’s the same: the teenagers. She finds the kids at HKIS very nice and very similar to her classmates back home. This is good. Each weekend we’ll try to do something urban as well as either natural or cultural. For this past Saturday she got a taste of the completely bustling Causeway Bay, and on Sunday we took her on the Peak walk around its top. (To see all the fun happenings just search this hashtag on Instagram: #elleinhk.)



One thing’s for certain and always has been: Elle’s a beauty. You can bet It’s fun for me to have a stylish teenager in the house. This Thursday when she got dressed for school in this cute outfit, I asked if I could post it on Kremb de la Kremb. She indulged me! I love her style: it’s quirky while understated all at the same time. She’s very effortless with her sartorial decisions, yet she always just looks good. She takes after her mother! With Elle in HK, I hope to see more of her on Kremb de la Kremb. I’m sure you do too.

Some (of her) Outfit Details
Sunnies: Forever 21 She bought them this Saturday during her first trip to Causeway Bay!
Sweater: Urban Outfitters This was a Christmas gift.
Skirt: Nordstroms Her grandmother Frammie picked it up for her one day walking through Nordies.
Socks: ASOS A “Just Cuz” online purchase–Mama is so nice!
Boots: Urban Outfitters A back-to-school purchase

Nerdy by Nature

Neon OutfitBlue Leopard Blue Beanie
So, this whole get-up might be a little over-the-top, but when has that ever stopped me!? I’ve always been a little “nerdy by nature!” However, there’s this fashion blogger I admire, Blaire Eadie, of Atlantic-Pacific; I like to believe that she would pull off something like this quite successfully. Me? Well, I don’t know. It was fun to put it all together, but I don’t know if I’d actually wear it out about–definitely some variation of this though. That’s the fun of writing this blog. It gives me the chance to experiment and try new things. Some may flop, and some may rock! And that’s the beauty of fashion and style: testing and finding what works for you.

What do you think? Does the quirkiness of it all work? Or is it just not gonna make it. Go ahead…It won’t hurt my feelings. Before leaving take this poll:

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Some Outfit Details:
Bright Blue Beanie: I was able to score this beanie at the Swap and Shop exchange, but this one looks pretty similar.
(Cheapie) Knock Off Ray-Bans: Asiatique Night Bazaar in Bangkok–if you go to Bangkok, spend an evening at this new night market. So fun! And so much to look at, not to mention purchase!!
Lips: MAC Party Parrot (This was part of a special collection, but I found it for you on Amazon;) This is a really great bright pinky coral color. Your lips will P O P !
The Rest: I’m a Forever 21 Girl. The necklace, sweatshirt, skirt, and pumps are from there!
Silver Clutch: My sister Mary gave me this beautiful clutch for Christmas. She picked it up for me at one of my favorite Indian textile stores, Fabindia.