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Big Buddha


On one of our summer vacation days in Hong Kong, we headed out to Lantau Island to visit the Big Buddha. It was a haul–with bus and MTR rides plus a gondola ride with long cues along the way, but it was totally worth it! The pictures are proof as was our calmness after the experience. As my buddy Jabiz reminded us, “The buddha says relax. Breathe. Enjoy the moment. Even in stress.”

Collage 4



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Fully Vested

TopShop I finally made it to TopShop in Hong Kong. Yay! What a treat! It’s not as if we were short of shops of course, but the addition of this UK trend setting store is a welcome addition for all us HK shoppers!

I admit to feeling overwhelmed, so for my first purchase I limited myself to something I didn’t already have in my closet: a denim jean vest. I love this new addition to my wardrobe. It offers a perfect layer for the Hong Kong ac. Also, it dresses up or down many an outfit. Here I paired it with some stripy-stripe shorts (these are old, but I found an even cuter pair here). Plus, my metallic bronze chappals from Bombay are still holding strong. (Here’s an authentic source for buying more Indian chappals: Exotic India–just type in “toe ring chappal.”)


I love my jewellery–fine or costume. Here, I’ve mixed plenty of delicate necklaces and a friendship armoured band for my arm (similar here). The two beaded necklaces were made by my dear friend Mariana in Venezuela. We started as neighbours and colleagues but became close with our love our jewellery. She helped to get me started on making my own jewellery again–something maybe one day I’ll return again to. The Ganesh, well this piece is a family piece. It’s my second one given to me on my 40th, and I will state again that one day it deserves its own separate post.


Vincent and I headed for cover in our stairwell for this outfit post. I have to say, I am really surprised by how much rain there is in Hong Kong. Don’t get me wrong; I love this city. But, I’m not so thrilled with how grey it normally is. (At least it’s not grey from the air like it was in Beijing.) Just as a sample, I took a screen shot from MyObservatory from July 17th, the day these pictures were taken.

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 7.42.13 PM 

Hong Kong Money


We have many activities to fill our Hong Kong portion of the summer. (In fact we have a jar full, but more on that later….) One of the first things we set out to do when started our summer vacation in Hong Kong was to try and venture to the top of the IFC building. While that isn’t possible, we did learn that one can reach the 55th floor by visiting the Hong Kong Monetary Authority Museum.


We were definitely able to see some fantastic views from up on the 55th floor: we could see the Peak, all the buildings in Wan Chai and Central, plus Kowloon Harbor. I wore my summer white booties–of course, plus some leather Zara shorts (time to grab them now–they’re on sale here!) along with a mirrored cheetah tank. *As a note, amazingly when I loaded my pictures in to Google+, it arranged the panoramic city scape portrayed here. You can tell as there is some discolouration in the middle left.


This purse was a total score! I got it a couple of 4th of July’s ago at the picnic that always takes place in the park after the Spirit Lake Parade. The picnic is awesome; there are always a couple of vintage stalls set up alongside the barbecues and other vendors, and whenever we attend the town parade a highlight after (aside from the free ice cream) is seeing what treasure might be found. For this particular year it was this awesome white purse. I finally decided to bring it back to Hong Kong with me on my last trip home–why let it sit at the cabin all year long! If you like this little bag, I went on Etsy and found some similar styles here, here, and here.


Here’s a pic I got of my photographer as he was gazing out at the majestic views. Oh, we did pay a little attention to the monetary histories of Hong Kong–but only a little bit!

CSJ 7/3/13


While the parade at Friday Harbor was very eventful and grand, the parade that will stick out in our memories is the one at Cape San Juan on July 3rd. The kids helped to decorate the wagon, and then they pulled it through the “strip.” There were judges, and the Krembs were in it to win it!



Do you think they won? YES! Of course these cuties did!


(Moms walked along in support;)


Ferry Fashion


Dressing for the ferry rides in the Northwest is tricky. You never know exactly how cold it will actually be, therefore scarves and layers are extremely important!


Luckily if the sun is out, you can bask on deck and warm up–eventually taking off each layer at a time.


I wonder how many times these Zara shorts will show up this summer–either in black or white…


Ok, not such a natural pose, but I had to get in with the orange life saver!


More layers for the return plus another scarf. It really does keep you warm! Plus, my Tom Ford cat eyes;D


For a similar denim shirt, head over to J.Crew.



This was my San Juan Island purchase. It’s the coolest purse with lots of color and fringe. (Here’s the company if you’d like to copy: Precious Hands.) I bought it with my father-in-law. I can always count on Alex to join me in a fast and furious shopping spree. He likes to wonder and snoop around just like me whenever we travel. I feel lucky to have a partner is cri–I mean shopping! Proof below in Alex’s new sneakers for the trip:D


Red, White, and Blue

When I saw this red, white, and blue number, of course I knew it would be the perfect 4th of July dress–no matter what I was doing. Luckily for this past 4th of July I was up on San Juan Island visiting the Krembs (Brian, Jen, Anthony, and Henry) at their new home in Cape San Juan. We had such fun! Plus we got some excellent cousin time with cutie pie Anthony and Henry. (Gigi found out she is a natural born babysitter for sure!)


The parade was very action packed with at least 3 ambulances needed during the parade. It was rather wild actually. Luckily, the medics were all right at hand.


Later Vincent and I found a perfect little boat decorated with our American flag.


Shirt Off My Back

Julie1I’ve mentioned on this blog before how my sister Julie and I have this unwritten code: if there is ever an item owned by one sister (usually within reason and most always clothes or costume jewellery although not limited to cute storage bins from World Market) that is so coveted by the other, we will just give it to that sister. Julie3It happened this summer with this plaid red shirt from Forever 21, worn only once by me as shown in this Instagram pic:

Julie is an amazing photographer. We all know this. But, I love it! When Julie comes out to our cabin, I somehow get free reign with capturing pictures of her. Usually, she always shies away from the camera preferring to be the one taking the pics. I can always get her though, and I love it! I took about 100 photos of her in this little five minute lapse of time, so it was hard to choose which ones to post. But, look it! She looks sooooo good! She might be the photographer, but I say she also makes an amazing model!


Should we get back to the shirt…? Sometimes, well a lot of the time, ok, most of the time, when I’m shopping, I always ask myself: would Julie like this? When I saw this shirt I didn’t even have to try it on; I instantly put it in my bag. Which makes me wonder…if I knew Julie would like it so much, and I already loved it, why didn’t I just pick up two!?

Time for another pause; I know. What are those precious gold lines around Julie’s neck? Well, one she just found in her move–the longer necklace that looks like a dash with a dot, dash with a dot. Yes, it’s so delicate and perfect, but, the other bauble, the dainty little [US] is actually quite H U G E! Matthew and Julie have founded Uptic Studios, an architecture and design firm in Spokane, Washington. If, and oh, I would love for an IF I could build a home, office, library, anything, I would be knocking on this talented couple’s door in less than a millisecond! (For personalised jewellery, try this Etsy shop and for dainty chains this one.)

Ok back to Julie–she’s G O R G E O U S ! Look at her adorable smirky smirk and the glow of her skin (I’m always asking her secrets–maybe there’s another post in there!). The shirt suits her of course, but her beauty far exudes any plaid shirt around. Maybe that’s what I’m always trying to copy!

*These are the cutest storage containers thatJulie4 Julie gave me just because she knew I liked them sooooo much! Obviously Thomas is cute too, but he was lucky enough to stay with his mama;D

*Oh, and the jeans she’s in–I already got them at the Gap (Destroyed Boyfriend) before I even arrived home! Plus, I managed to put Rendezvous Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain from Revlon on her lips;D


Goddaughter Style

My goddaughter might be mortified that I’m making this post, so I’ll start with the pics she took of me:


I felt especially crafty this summer–it was freezing of course, but I planned for the chill! With booties I was always cozy, and when they actually had this studded version at my local Cd’A Target, I promptly headed to the checkout. (Ok, that’s probably not true. I probably shopped a bit more, but….you know, they don’t have Targe in HK!)


I also finally busted out the new version of my orange leather shorts. Yes, it’s my second pair. When I found them a second time around, I got’em and quick!


I don’t think jewellery would be jewellery for me without a story. I found these two necklaces in my jewellery box at the cabin. The heart is actually from high school. And I can remember how I wore it! I had a navy pair of trouser shorts that had a white cuff. I wore a nice white silky tee and of course Jazz navy blue loafers. From the 90’s? Remember those? Anyway, I had my Anne Klein navy faced silver chain watch on, and I would wear this lovely long hearted necklace. I don’t know where the Virgin Mary is from, but it doesn’t matter. She found me, and now She and the heart have found Mary Margaret; she is the wearer of these baubles now. May they provide for you love and protection.


Enter Elle. Ok, she is after my own heart! She reads with me, and we are so nerdy together! ‘Nuff said here.


She’s a very safe driver. (Not at all like me here. I drive like I’m in a race, and I will win!)


She’s an amazing cook. Chimchiri will always sound, taste, smell like Elle.


More #ootd (outfit of the day) shots here that she graciously took of me, but the winner is…


E L L E ! Look at this style!


And E Y E S ! Sparkly happy blue ones!


Attitude that says, “I really do rock!


And I pump my own gas.


I’m a cutie.


And my Auntie really does love me somethin’ F I E R C E !” end quote.









Christmas in June

Every summer when we go home, my mom does the sweetest thing for all of us: she has Christmas in June! This year Joanie picked up this precious Peter Pan collared shirt for me. I love how she finds something perfect for me that I would never buy for myself. The sea foam green of the shirt is perfect and the collar–well it’s adorable! I paired it with my modern Zara skort. Of course the heavy sweater was also worn as June in Spokane can feel just like Christmas! Mom also knows my love of baubles, and I always get a thrill seeing what new earring she’s found for me each year. I love you Mom, and I especially love how you welcome us home each summer with a little Christmas in June!

You bet I'm glad I picked up this Zara skort in white. I have it in black too, and when they had my size in the Hong Kong International airport, I zapped them up!

You bet I’m glad I picked up this Zara skort in white. I have it in black too, and when they had my size in the Hong Kong International airport, I zapped them up!

The collar and color of this shirt plus the earrings are all just perfect! Thank you Mom!

The collar and color of this shirt plus the earrings are all just perfect! Thank you Mom!

I got this big chunky sweater from H&M back in April in anticipation of my Northwest summer ahead.

I got this big chunky sweater from H&M back in April in anticipation of my Northwest summer ahead.

My photographer really got the best out of me!

My photographer really got the best out of me!

My photographer was my DAD! And he was such a good sport!

My photographer was my DAD! And he was such a good sport!

Roar Trip

We took a little road trip yesterday–well, drive from Seattle to Spokane. Vincent questioned us on the concept of a road trip. He said the drive across the state like this could not be considered a road trip. He might be onto something, but I told him any longer than 2-3 hours in a car can be considered a road trip. What do you think?

At any rate, it was like having a date for Kevin and me. The kids had gone ahead earlier with their grandparents, so Kevin and I had the drive to ourselves. We’re actually not used to being alone, so we didn’t quite know what to do at first. Half way through at Ellensberg for his coffee stop, Kevin was informed that he’d have to take an outfit shot. When I walked out of Starbucks to see this hot rod, I knew we were in luck. Here’s what we got!


I’m still sportin’ my summer white booties!


As many of you know, I’m a sucker for anything animalistic! This one is actually from the men’s department of Forever21. When I tried to give it to Kevin, he laughed! Lucky me, I get to keep it!


Kevin was like, “Give me something SEXY!” Ha! I’m working on it…..Mostly he just got laughs!


I wanted to get some ripped up jean shorts for the summer–I know, stupid to pay for soemthing ripped up! I found this pair in market stall in Jardine’s Bazaar. I couldn’t try them on until I bought them. Luckily they fit just right. Here’s some similar.