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Recipe: Seedy Crackers

A while ago, I came across this recipe for Nordic Crackers¬†while I was browsing around on Tastespotting. Since, I’ve been making them plus our helper Emma has been perfecting the recipe. These crackers are sooooo good! The process of baking the cracker is a little time consuming, but the end result is pure delicious-ness!

Look at all the seeds in there!

Look at all the seeds in there!

Basically, at minimum choose three types of seeds that you want in the cracker–you can choose more of course. Our favorites tend to be sesame–black and white with sunflower seeds.

Set the oven to 400 degrees.

In a large bowl, mix 3/4 cup of each of your seeds.

Add 2 1/2 cups of a very hearty whole wheat flour. Within those 2 1/2 cups you could jointly come to the amount with some ground up oatmeal–basically anything hearty and healthy.

Add a tsp of salt and baking powder and optionally, any other herbs or flavors you might want to throw in.

Mix in 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil–this is where Emma has saved some calories and modified the original recipe. (You can add 3/4 cup oil as the original recipe states, or save on some cals.)

Finally add 1 1/2 cups water.

Mix this all up–it should be a very watery batter.

Now for the tricky part–baking the crackers. You want to take three pieces of parchment paper. Take a spoonful, and plop it onto one of the sheets. Take the second sheet of parchment, and place it on top of the batter. Now with a roller, gradually flatten the batter out–you can choose your thickness by rolling more or less. Take the top parchment sheet off and bake for about 12 minutes–or to the crispiness of your choice. Once you take the crackers out of the oven, you’ll want to score the cracker. Once the crackers of cooled, you can break them apart. We store ours in a large lock box; they keep forever! And, we always have them available.

You can see this batch has been scored and is ready to be broken apart.

You can see this batch has been scored and is ready to be broken apart.

These crackers remind me of a crispy version of this bread. Serve them with hummus or use them to make a simple sandwich. More often we just munch on them for a healthy snack!




Team Kremb de la Kremb for St. Baldrick’s


Before….and after!

We are so proud of Vincent and Gigi! When they both found out that our school would be running St. Baldrick’s, both of them very willingly wanted to participate in this great event with such a worthy cause.

St. Baldrick’s is a fundraising event that raises money through sponsorship of shaving one’s head. The donations made are given for cancer research–more specifically children’s cancer research. Shavees receive pledges for money and then shave their heads in order to show compassion and empathy for those children who lose their hair due to chemotherapy and radiation.

Gigi and Vincent went about several ways of gaining sponsorship: first they joined the St. Baldrick’s website, made a page and team, and used that forum in order to receive donations from friends and family overseas. They wrote emails to friends and family asking for sponsorship as well as going from door to door in our neighborhood seeking more pledges. They made a poster to tape up in our elevator, and hopefully, in return for the donations they managed to thank all those who gave. In total the two of them, between two currencies, raised US$750! Yes we are so proud of them!

And to top it off, they made the South China Morning Post the very next day!




…..and after!


Gigi looking so proud–as she should!


I’ve always wanted Vincent to have a Mohawk–if even for five seconds. It suits him, don’t you think?


Just getting a lay of the land….


Making the paper!

Biking in Tai Po

I work with such a cute lady: her name is Pion. She’s sweet, kind, totally efficient (she helps me greatly in the library), and quite adventurous. Since I know she goes either biking or hiking every weekend, I asked her to take our family on our first biking excursion. She took us to an area called Tai Po where we biked 20 kilometers along the harbor. It was great fun!


Here I am with Pion–our bike guide for the day.


Couple Shot!


Kevin was gently giving Gigi her pep talk. We’d gone half way–which was 10k. Now she had to gear up for the return trip of 10 more!


Even the day was overcast, riding along the harbor was quite breathtaking; plus the clouds provided shade, so we were never too hot.




Family Biking Shot

Incredible India


I love elephants–especially the Indian ones.

Many schools provide students with a traveling experience that promotes service, culture, adventure, and most importantly bonding amongst each other. At HKIS this trip is called Interim. There are 40 different locations for the kids to choose from. When I arrived this school year to HKIS, I was told I’d be going in one of the trips to India.

I was thrilled! I’ve been wanting to go back to India ever since I left!


She’s gorgeous isn’t she?


It was at this time when we had just arrived, just in a simple restaurant bathroom, that I wrote to Kevin saying, “When do we get to move back to India?” Even the beautiful lights set me off with nostalgia!


Someone’s tomb. I’m sorry but I forget whom. Pretty amazing though.


Rickshaws! (In Delhi they’re green where as in Bombay, the base is black.)


Of course, it’s mandatory to see a camel whilst in India–even if it’s at a tourist trap!


You can imagine my horror! I wouldn’t ever normally step foot on the trains when I lived in India let alone spend the night on one. Well, I can say I have done it….


It’s true: I’m smitten with Marty on the right. Now I have a new guide crush with Karan on the left. Snow Leopards provides the most extraordinary experience thanks to their kind and generous guides.


My first tent named “Elephant” at Camp Tusker.


Biking was a blast!


While out hiking, I came across some very large dung. I wondered whatever animal it could be. Using my hat to show the size, I took a picture so I could ask the guides. Turns out we were hiking out and about where about 500 elephants live. They come out at night.


One majestic evening, we sat on the Mother Ganga and experienced a very holy Arti ritual ceremony. It was so, so very special.


We arrived to the Ganges River camp at night. Imagine my delightful surprise in the morning when I opened my tent to this!


One day we hiked all the way up into the mountains to visit a village school. Here’s one of their cuties!


After the hike up to the mountain village school we passed by this Avatar-like waterfall. Spectacular!


My last ten minutes in India were spent at Good Earth. It should rather be called, Heaven on Earth!


I was so excited to get home and see my kiddos and Kevin. I missed them so very much. The whole time it was as if I was missing my limbs as India is such an important part of all of us–together as a family.