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Fashion Bloggin’ on Kremb de la Kremb

So, I’ve been thinking for many months now where I should attempt fashion blogging. I’ve been posting outfits to my Tumblr,, but I end up frustrated by the lack of followers, and I can’t figure out how to enable comments. I’ve been trying to come up with a new blog name where I could post my outfits of the day, but then I’d be writing 3 blogs: this one, plus another one. Then, from some inspiration from, I realized the family blog could include some of my fashionable aspirations. Why not? Right?!

So, if you read Kremb de la Kremb, be forewarned that my #outfitofthday may be appearing here more often than not. I’ll try to also step it up a notch with what’s going on for us over here in Hong Kong. Admittedly, we are finally feeling settled in. Thank goodness! This place is amazing, and I am so excited to be living here!

Here’s the first style pic: it’s from my first assignment at The London College of Style. (Yes, I am in school again, but this time to become a stylist. Why not? Right?!) The assignment–due back last spring–was super fun. I had to create six looks as portrayed in the fashion collage.


Clockwise from top left: Classic, Fashionista, Bohemian Luxe, Urban Chic, Rocker, and Red Carpet


Gigi and Mommy in Red


Sundress, Forever 21


What sort of caption do I write for this? Maybe just that I have such fun with my little Gigi! She’s our clown, our ham, our family member to make the rest of us laugh.

This picture was taken in October–right before the weather changed. It is now way to cold to even think that a sundress could be worn. I do love the weather in Hong Kong so far. We were just on our way to Ocean Park when this picture was taken. We’ll go to Ocean Park real soon during our winter break once my sister Mary arrives. I’ll make sure to post my outfit again;D

Evil Queen from the Library

Blood Dripped Prabal Gurung Nails

Wearin’ the Universe on My Shoulders

Kurta Love

Gettin’ My Lace On

Polka Dots & Lotsa Red

Lace & Cheetah

Abort Ship! Abort Ship!

So, our move to Hong Kong has not been very smooth, but then when is a transition smooth? We were all very excited about trying out a houseboat. It meant an extra 3 weeks in the serviced apartment, but we were willing to wait. When the day came for us to move on, the landlord delayed. That should have been our first warning. On the next day when we attempted to stay the night and the electricity went out should have been our second warning. On the third day, when we actually moved everything onboard (including 60 boxes!) without proper access to the boat should have been our third and final warning. We were optimistic though; we wanted to make the houseboat work.

Finally, when the landlord asked for rent and we asked for our contractual expectations like proper electricity–the boat would trip with one ac, two lights, and a fan running and proper access to the boat–not three buoys tied together for us to slink and slip down, the landlord wrote to say, “I told you  you needed to be tough to live on a boat. When will you be vacating?” That was our final warning. The landlord was not planning on fixing our electricity issues nor our access problem. We got his email two Saturdays after moving onboard, and we found a new place to live the very next day. Ironically we moved into our cozy little apartment over looking the sea (a post to come once we’re settled in!) one week after being told to leave on the next Saturday (the 8th of September).

It has been a tumultuous entry into Hong Kong. It has not been easy. We’re gonna make it though, and eventually we are going to go out and TOTALLY enjoy all that this city has to offer: parks, beaches, hikes, museums, shopping(!), and not to mention tons of culture. One of these days….Until then check out the access we were embarking and disembarking on and off the boat. Can you imagine Rani getting on or off!? As Vincent would say, “I don’t think so!”