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Lakeside Great Wall Hike

We had a beautiful, totally windy weather filled day today in Beijing. We took advantage of our Sunday and ventured out to try a hike. Granted, the directions from the hiking book did not make sense, but with teamwork, an iPhone, a lot of patience, and a few turn arounds and stops, we found it! And, it was definitely worth it! Check out Lakeside Great Wall:

It was a neat location. All around you are glimpses of the Wall while you have this beautiful lake to walk around.

(No family pic on this hike--same pose, different parent;)

Time for lunch....

YUM! Leftover pizza for lunch!

Vincent was the first to spot the fisherman catching a fish!

Here's a glimpse of the fisherman--they are very devoted.

Of course, I got a new Facebook profile pic out of the whole deal! ;P


With Spring here, we’re back to touring around Beijing. And to start we stumbled upon such a fun find: Wangfujing. Wangfujing is known as a downtown shopping area, but it’s also famous for it’s street food and snacks. We entered into the market and had a blast just taking in all the culinary delights! Granted, we were too shy to try, and you’ll see why!

We just entered here.

This man gave a thumb’s up to what he’s serving: scorpions!

Check out the aray of options: scorpions, cicadas, seahorses, starfish–just to name a few!

The kids especially love the little apples coated in sugar on a stick.

Vincent’s goin’ at it.

Kevin’s happiest with a beer and some jiaozi!

This cute man pretty much hovered over our entire lunch. While Kevin was taking a pic of me, he reversed the camera and caught this man.

We’ll be going back to this cute little alley way cafe.

Even though the sun was out, it’s still a little chilly. It was a gorgeous day!

More culinary options! We’re now out of the market and on actual “Snack Street.”

Chinese version of hamburgers.

Next time we’ll return at night.