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Our trip over winter break to Hawaii for my brother’s wedding was fantastic! I was anxious for the trip, but once we all got together I knew I had nothing to worry about. The wedding festivities were beautiful, sharing a condo with the Collins’ was a breeze, the weather was glorious all week long, and the Hawaiian mentality was catching.

They have a term with accompanying hand gesture that solves all: HOWZIT! It basically means how’s it going, but it also means all is goin’ well. It’s like a nice chill term for everything’s gonna be all right.

Here's Julie's Howzit! We had a competition going for "who could pose with Howzit the most."  I think she won!

Vincet Won the Dragon Award

The first week back to school after winter break, and Vincent received the Dragon Award today! He’s so proud. He received it for having a great “can do” attitude and being a great helper in the classroom.