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It’s a Bromance!

My brother Nicholas was in town this last week. We had such fun with him including his fiance Amy. (More posts of her visit and their shower later…) Whenever Nicholas comes to town we are lucky because it also means we will get to spend time with our cousin Corey Freuen. Friendships are very special. The bond between these two is amazing–they’re always devouted cousins, some times even like brothers but always loyal best friends. One thing is for sure: they love each other whole heartedly–no shame at all. They are there for one another. And I think it’s pretty neat.


Broccoli Blast



A few summers ago, my sister, Mary Margaret, made some Broccoli Blast.  This has got to be by far the easiest while tastiest little appetizer every made!

  1. Chop up some broccoli (adjust the amount for the group your feeding) leaving  a bit of the stems for easy eating later on.
  2. Broil for about five minutes give or take a few.  You actually want the broccoli to look charred a bit.  Believe me–it will taste great.  It turns smokey.
  3. In a bowl drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and season with salt, pepper, and red chili flakes.  
  4. Serve as is and listen to the oohs and ahhs.  

    See, easy!  This dish may also be done with cauliflower–or mix the two for a contrast in veggies.

    Blog Roll Cleared

    Before I even begin to start blogging summer events–you know, about all the fun we’re having out here at the cabin in Spirit Lake–I’m going to clear my blog roll.  All of a sudden (and especially now that I have Internet again), I’m finding awesome new blogs to follow and sites for fab info.  While some of the blogs you see on the side will stay (like my sister’s and of course the Target Addict and probably Oh Joy!), I’m gonna start new with some great new finds that have helped with finding tiki umbrellas for showers (soon to be blogged) and awesome recipes found on the web for all the cookouts @ the Kremb de la Kremb cabin.

    Paris in the Rain