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Here’s our one and only family shot from Thailand. (We were silly not to get one while Brian and Jen Krembs were also there:(.)

This is the morning after Vincent said he’d had his best night of sleep ever!

Kevin and I during the New Year’s Eve sunset

Mom’s totally pooped here!  Bangkok shopping baby!  Here she is in the famous MBK mall.

Kevin had a chance to take a hike on Phi Phi Island.  Here he is overlooking the double-sided bay.

The ferry boat started out just fine as we were leaving the port, but once we were in open water, I swear to God, I thought we were goners!

I am scared stiff here!  The ferry boat over terrified me, so the next time we went out on a boat, I made sure to wear a life jacket.  I was holding on here making myself secure!  (The kids also wore jackets—but the other adults would not!)

They’re engaged!

Kissy kissy!

Kissy kissy!