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Grammie (Hansariji) and Babaji’s India trip 2008





“India is one place I thought I would never have to visit!” These are the words that I received from Mom when I proudly announced our next posting 5 years ago from a payphone in a Target parking lot. Regardless of age, children continue to suprise and challenge their parents. After 4 years, Mom finally generated the courage, patience, and health to make her epic journey. What a way to bring in 2008! We had a wonderful 3 weeks and cherish the time dearly. We arrived in Mumbai together on January 6th. After 2 days of rest, we headed up to Rajasthan. All visitors receive a christening name and I was eager to search for the roots of Mom’s name. Dad is “Babaji” Cork is “Swami Cheesewieneee” Brian and Jen are “Samosas” Ann is the “Maharannie” and I am “Shri Shri”. I noticed by the second day in Rajasthan that Mom was truly enjoying herself. All smiles and constant laughter. I knew we were in for a great time when Mom replied “Wow, those rickshaws are fun!” And later on at dinner “Please pass more of the Chicken Tikka and Palak Paneer…it tastes great!” and “Oh yes, lets go shopping for more pashminas.” and “What a cute elephant, can we really ride him.” Dad couldn’t believe it. I was getting closer to an Indian name for Mom. I asked our waiter the term in Hindi for a laughing, smiling face and he replied “Hansari”. So mom’s name became “Hansariji”. We had five days in Rajashtan and even though it was our third time doing the trip, we were equally in awe at the simple ways of life, rich heritage, and brilliant colors of Rajasthan. The photos are of Udaipur (quaint lakeside city), Rawla Narlai (small village with charming heritage hotel) and Jodhpur (desert city with an amazing fort). Our second week brought us back to Mumbai and work, while Mom and Dad enjoyed the beach of Juhu and the Marriot pool. Time also alotted for a visit to Harry’s Jeweler–check out Moms new necklace! Mom quickly witnessed the two most difficult things about living in Mumbai: traffic and more traffic. By the end of the week we were ready for our next destination: Goa. A short 45 minute plane ride and we were at one of our favorite resorts in India, Coconut Creek. It is a perfect place to enjoy family and play on the beach. I’ve never seen Dad relax so much. He’d wake us up with the hum of his Buddha bowl and then hit the beach by 10:00 AM. He’d stay until sunset to read, swim (yes swim), and play with the grandkids. Mom had a few massages and enjoyed the poolside. We had to leave after 4 days and Mom and Dad wisely stayed on for 2 more days. Their ambitious plans of seeing more of Goa didn’t pan out-more massages and reading on the beach won. The last five day were spent in Mumbai. We enjoyed more time together and helped Vincent learn how to ride his bike. We opted to take it easy their last weekend and Vincent got to witness Dad at the Marriot dessert buffet. He kept up with him for his third round of ice cream, but had to drop out after that. 3 trips later Babaji was satisfied and Vincent was amazed. Our last day was spent hanging out at our apartment, massages at the Marriot for the ladies, and a little bit more pool time. We woke up the next day to an empty apartment, but full of thanks and joy for such a terrifi visit. Thank you for coming Mom and Dad!