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Best Summer–For Real This Time

Each summer gets better and better! All summer long, it felt like the best one yet. I don’t know if it was all the amazing friends and family who came to visit (Khush and family, Mary Kelly and Giovanni, Rusty, Natalie and babe, all my fam, all Kevin’s fam, all the guests for our ten year anniversary…) OR the fact that Kevin and I completed ten years this summer OR that we purchased a rockin’ boat that increased our fun potential OR we started our summer by eating our way through Italy OR summer is just good fun. It just felt beautiful–really. As cheesey as it sounds, this summer 2007 was my favorite one yet. Please, if you wanna have a good time, if you are reading this post, if you need some Krembdelakremb time, you are totally invited to come join us for an even better summer 2008!

Italia Bellisima!

Italy was beyond fantastic. It was beyond fabulous. It was utterly romantic and gorgeous and such a fun place to share with our kids. I’ve asked Vincent if he loves Italy as much as I do. He just firmly gave me a serious nod of approval. From these pictures you’ll be able to note that they love running through Italy, eating gelato, and hanging out with eachother. Kevin and I loved eating, drinking, and smooching through Italy! Gigi even found a cow our first moment there! Enjoy the Italian pictures!

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