What’s Your Emoji?

Do you have an emoji? That emoji that you always use, that one that perfectly depicts how you feel? That emoji that you use in the text to your sister or the one included in your Instagram comments. That emoji that you connect with because it feels like yours. Well, I do! I have an emoji that I always use: it’s the emoji winking with a tongue sticking out! For me, it’s the trickster yellow face, the joking one. There’s that winking eye laughing, “Hahahhaa!” but also sticking a tongue out like, “I’m so silly!” For some reason I absolutely love this emoji and totally relate to it. In fact, I just recently (and finally) made my bitmoji, and when it came to what I would have my character wear, I chose a t-shirt with the winking eye and tongue sticking out. So, of course, when I saw this adorable, glittery, little crossover bag–in the girls department mind you–at J.Crew, I had to have it even though it wouldn’t arrive for months later since it was on backorder (It’s in stock now if you’re interested, and there are a ton of other cute options. Don’t be afraid of the girls department!). Oh this bag! And this emoji!! I love them both. Enough said.

Now, what’s your emoji? I’m dying to know!! (Insert winking emoji with tongue sticking out!!)






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  • Judy Gramith

    You are just too cute Ann! You actually making the face of your favorite emoji is pretty darn adorable!
    Sometime in the 90s I got a big ol smiley face poster for my classroom and that poster stayed with me until I retired in 2011. A few of my colleagues believed in the theory that you shouldn’t smile until Thanksgiving in order to convince your students that you were a no nonsense instructor. I thought that was just complete crap. The smiley face poster was always the first thing students saw when they walked into my classroom. So, I guess that’s it! 🙂

    • That is total CRAP!! How odd! A smile says so much, and they need to be given out so much more often! I love standing at the door of my library greeting hellos and goodbyes–sometimes a high five thrown in or a TGIF! In fact, next passing period, I’m making a point of standing at the door. Hey, maybe I’ll wink and stick my tongue out at them too!! Heeheh! ;P

      I love that you are also a teacher! A good one too, so you just get it.

      Have a great weekend Jude! ;* (That’s a wink with a kiss!)

      A x

  • LOL this is such a BRILLIANT post, Ann! I love that emoji but I’m more likely to use the wink and kiss or the hug emoji. I have been told before that I give really good hugs so it seems quite apt for me lol! Unfortunately I don’t know how to do it here so I’ll settle for a big smile 😀
    Suzy xx
    P.S LOVE LOVE LOVE the bag!!!

    • Awww, I want one of your hugs!! Here’s a kiss: ;* (You use the semicolon and star.) I’lll look up hug….. To hug you use the brackets–so here’s one for you! { }

      It is a fun, fun bag isn’t it!! They have so many cute ones–including the wink with a kiss!

      Love, Ann

  • señora allnut

    ohhh, you look so adorable!, comfy&cool and elegant too!, I love your pants and those sandals and your cute top!, and that shiny bag!! mwahaha, I’m not an emoji heavy user, but this is one of my favorites! I think it’s pretty useful to mark any joke, irony or ‘don’t take it too seriously’ attitude.
    But my favorite is the unicorn!, yeah, it’s like saying ‘let’s enjoy some absurd and imagination’

    • Oooh! The unicorn. You know, I have never used it. But, I think I need to start!!

      And yes to this emoji: ;P I love it!!

      A x

  • totally love the emoji and the outfit