Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics
Recently I’ve been reintroduced to water aerobics. I used to take weekly classes back when I lived in Saudi Arabia, but that was ages ago. My mother-in-law goes to her water aerobics’ classes religiously each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. No matter what she leave to make her class by 9 am. For my in-law’s 50th wedding anniversary, we spent a lovely weekend in beautiful Suncadia, Washington. One of the mornings, Jane and I attended a water aerobics class. From that hour in the pool I became hooked all over again. I ordered myself some water weights and water gloves and have started jumping in the water to workout. I shouldn’t really call it working out–it’s too fun! But, I definitely get sore and can feel the benefits of “lifting” weights in the water. Luckily this habit continue to form since I live near beaches and the school where I work has a pool. Water aerobics is low, low, low impact–something my joints completely appreciate! It’s safe to say thanks to Jane I think I’ll be religiously joining her habit of moving about in the water at least three times a week!

Do you enjoy water aerobics?
I’m included some links and resources down below.

Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics Resources

POPSUGAR Fitness–Popsugar has a great set of videos with in and out of water examples. String these together for a great 30 minute workout.

24 Popular Water Workouts–Over on Youtube someone has already compiled these 24 workouts. With a waterproof phone case and a tripod, there’s at least 60 minutes to go from here.

Water Aerobics Diagram–Army Real has a super diagram with easy to read directions. I’m thinking I’ll print this out and then laminate it. This resource will be perfect poolside.

Pinterest Pool Workouts–Have a hey day with all the options found on this Pinterest page….

Get TrainedAquastrength offers online training to become a certified instructor. Hmmmmm, I might look further into this one!

Water Aerobics Equipment

Do you have any tips or tricks for water aerobics?
Do share. I’m just a beginner. But oh, it feels so good to get in the water and move about!

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  • Judy Gramith

    These shots of you in your cute cover-up swingin those water barbells make me happy! I can tell that you’re thoroughly enjoying the workout and how it’s making you feel. I think this is a perfect way to start slowly and gradually, building strength while protecting recent surgically vulnerable joints. Also, you look SMASHING while doing it!!!
    This comment is late because I was visiting beloved friends in Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin for the last several days before making our big move in September. I was out of range of satellite so got a small break from media myself!

    • I find moving about in the water so relaxing! I have yet to enter our school pool, but I will be soon. It feels so good! Makes me feel strong and lithe–even though I’m not! Hahha! When I go back to work next week, I might give it a SLOW go.

      The other activity that I was loving (before my back incident) was biking. I even have my Hong Kong bike in my office. The year had started so well–I would leave during my lunch hour and go around this very long loop out by our school where there are no cars. I’ll get back to biking soon. Keeping both my legs strong and my core are going to be the ways to recovery. I just have to get there. It’s all a journey right? My goodness! My journey is crazy!!

      I’m glad you had time to visit with friends. The move is coming REAL SOON! September is just a couple of days away!

      Love, Ann