Waiting for the Sale

Black Embroidered Tunic | Jeans (on sale!) | Sneakers

Before you read this post, pleace check out this picture of Carmen. The woman has amazing, no covetable, style. When I saw this picture of her, I knew I had made a mistake and maybe should have just bought this black, delicately embroidered tunic. But, it was very pricey–at least for me–at a $130. I just couldn’t guarantee I’d wear it enough at that price tag. Instead, this was one of those items where I’d be waiting for the sale, and hopefully, I would get lucky….and guess what? I did! Before returning to Hong Kong after our travels through India, we had a stop over in Kuala Lumpur. We were staying at the iconic Traders Hotel that sits directly across the Petronas Towers. Right at the base of those super tall towers is a mall, and of course we went in–a couple of times. During one of the mall visits, I went in for a very quick jaunt to Zara. The moment I saw this piece, I instantly thought of all the times I had wanted it but said no. I could even remember commenting on Carmen’s pic describing my discouragement with myself for not purchasing it. But, lo and behold, there it was, and lucking my waiting for the sale came through. This is a beautiful piece that I know I will now get plenty of wear out of, AND I only paid $50 instead of $130! The funny thing is…don’t ask me about the price of my shoes!!!

What item has you waiting for the sale?

The one thing I seem to have no problem spending money on is my ever-growing sneaker collection. I had plenty of options of tennis shoes that I could have brought with me on my trip to India, but I wanted to just bring one pair, and one comfortable pair that looked good with evertyhing. Enter my Ash embroidered kicks. I wore these shoes almost every day; I am happy I bought a separate pair because these shoes got dirty! I’m still wearing them often, but I do find it interesting that while I had a hard time buying a $130 tunic, I didn’t bat an eye at these $190 shoes. Go figure!

What will you splurge on?

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  • Judy Gramith

    I am really coveting this gorgeous embroidered tunic/dress. I’m checking the Zara website as soon as I finish commenting. Sometimes waiting for the better deal pays off beyond our wildest dreams! I’ve actually found items I had craved much later at my local Goodwill!!!
    Perhaps your willingness to drop the big bucks for shoes is due to the fact that your footwear options have been so restricted for quite awhile (?). Since you can’t currently wear the heels you’d love, you treat yourself a bit on a “special” but comfy sneaker.
    You look happy and so pretty. A breath of spring !

    • Hi Jude!

      This tunic is no longer at Zara, but I found it at Zaful. I linked it under the first picture. I’m so glad I was able to get it, and I’m looking forward to styling it here in Hong Kong. I feel like it will make for the perfect beach coverup too. Now just to work on that beach bod. I’m actually going to try something extreme starting this Wednesday–the day after my 45th! I’m going to try to quit sugar–at least for 21 days. I’m going to try the 21 day bone broth diet. Heck, it’s just 21 days. Perhaps some of my pain is too much inflammatory foods. And yes, I think my willingness to buy expensive tennies is a result of not being able to wear any shoe I like! Ugh. The pain! (Literally and figuratively! Hahaha!)

      Hope you’ve been having a great weekend Jude.

      Love, Ann

      • Judy Gramith

        *SUGAR*!!!! SO TASTY AND SO EVIL!!!!!
        I’ll be really interested to hear how the bone broth diet works for you Anne. I know I’m no your mom but …I’m sure as a librarian you’ve done ample research.

        • Yes! Of course. The funny part of the research was when I told my knee doc about what I was going to do and explained how bone broth should help arthritis. He kind of laughed at me and said it hadn’t been proven scientifically. Hahah! I told him I didn’t care; I’m desperate to lose some weight in any which way I can! I’m really looking forward to weighing myself on Wednesday, but to be honest I’m nervous too. What if it doesn’t say much? :S I’ll be really sad. D:

          We’ll see…. A x

          • Judy Gramith

            Don’t get discouraged. Perhaps you need to remind yourself that this diet can cause your mood to be less predictable/manageable and just decide now that you’ll push through (?)

      • Judy Gramith

        I got one!!! Thanks for your redirection to Zaful Anne!!

        • Yay!! I’m so happy to have inspired you Jude!! Makes my day!! A x

  • I do this too Annie!
    Things are too expensive but if we bide our time we can get them for a more realistic price.
    Sometimes we miss out but more often than not….success!!!
    {Insert smug face}
    A great piece!

    • Yay for this time around! Plus, you know how attached I get to the story behind my clothing. Now I have a great story to match my fabulous tunic!

      Love, Annie

  • Dottie Poole

    Hi Anne. I love that tunic. It looks great on you.
    Good luck with your diet. I need to lose some weight too. Spring is just around the corner.

    • So far so good, but I’m only on Day 3! Tomorrow I drink bone broth all day like I did yesterday. It actually wasn’t too bad!

      Thank you Dottie for the compliment.

      Much love, Ann

  • Ann, I missed this on the Zara sale when they had it! I wasnt fast enough. I love how you are wearing it over your jeans and adorable embroidered sneakers. Certain things catch my eye and this was one. I read one of your responses saying you found it at Zaful, may I ask what size you got if you got it there, as I would have bought the xs-small and have no idea what Zaful’s sizing is like! ? You look fab!!
    thank you!
    Stop by and link up if you have time.

    • I got mine at Zara and got a large. I have a feeling Zaful is similar to Zara. This is my theory: many clothes are made in China. I think Zaful, Zalora, and Shein have access to Zara’s clothes or at least the manufacturing shops of Zara’s house. Somehow they are getting the designs and fabrics just right, yet when you order from them you may notice that there is no tag inside. Recently I bought a velvet crushed tee shirt dress
      –it was exactly like the one at Zara, but there was no tag inside. I would order what you would have purchased at Zara. Also, it’s a roomy tunic. Oh, one more thing…do you know Jude? She ordered it so you could ask her.

      Go for it!!

      Love, Ann