Velvet Blush Dress Dressed Down with Denim

Velvet Blush Dress 3I love this velvet blush dress! I purchased it solely for the very fancy event we went to in India. I liked how the wrap emulated the curves of a sari. I was hoping I’d fit right in with all the extremely gorgeous guests, yet looking back, I actually wish I would have gone with a sari. Regardless I did feel pretty in this dress at our friends’ daughter’s Navjote. However, now that I don’t need it for a fancy event, I wanted to see if I could dress it down so that I could get some more wear out of the pretty velvet blush number. It’s time to insert the denim tuxedo. Everything is the same: I wore a clutch and even the same sparkly booties, yet this time around I just layered a denim shirt and pair of jeans underneath. And guess what? I think it totally works!! I now have a velvet blush dress dressed down with denim!

Velvet Blush Dress 6

Velvet Blush Dress 4

Velvet Blush Dress 5

Velvet Blush Dress 7

Velvet Blush Dress 1

Velvet Blush Dress 2

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  • It does work – very clever fix! The dress goes beautifully with the boots and denim.

    • Thank you! I love it when I extend the wear of something that would normally only receive one to two wears.

      Love, Ann

  • seƱora allnut

    wowww, such a brilliant outfit!, I love your dress and love how you layered over total denim!
    You’re Gorgeous!!

  • Judy Gramith

    Really cool Ann! The color of that dress is SO LOVELY!!! I think velvet texture does something special to every color. Satin is another fabric that does something almost chameleon like to a color.
    You’re kind of a guru of the unique and unexpected combo you know?

    • Oh gosh Jude! Thank you! What a compliment: guru of the unique and unexpected. I love that. Thank you!!

      I find velvet to be so much more forgiving than satin though. I don’t think a satin dress would let all the crinkles of denim settle underneath, you know what I mean? I’d need proper spanx in satin!! Hahah!

      Thank again for that awesome compliment up there! A x

      • Judy Gramith

        You are SO right about how satin lies on the body!! Yikes! every teeny bump and hair is visible!! So I agree that it’s tough/tricky to wear.
        I do maintain that there’s a color morphing sheen in both satin and velvet. Oh! Also in taffeta!!! Like oil on water…

  • Oooh, this dress in emerald for you?! PERFECTION! Emerald is soooo your color! I never saw it in that color. Isn’t that funny how all the Zaras around the world are a little same and a little different!

    A x

  • Thank you Maureen! I’m glad you can make comments now. I will look forward to more (maybe?)! Regardless, you always give me “in real life” comments which are even better! Thanks for being such a faithful reader. You help me out with Kremb de la Kremb so much! Love, Ann