USS Midway

USS Midway 6
Just in time for Labor Day, here is one last summer post from our trip to San Diego where we spent some time aboard the USS Midway. I’ve mentioned how great the trip was from sunsets on La Jolla Beach to alone time and date nights with Kevin. We cruised along promenades on bikes and watched surfers and seals on the rugged beach. Summer is so long gone now–we’ve been back in Hong kong since August 4th (Kevin July 30th!), and the Hong Kong rainy season is definitely settling in. Gone are days at the beach and long gone are days our at our summer cabin. This is the last series of pictures from our time in San Diego, but the memories are here for keeps. One of the best things we do at the start of each summer is take a little trip with Kevin’s folks. They happen to be our very best travel partners with half exploration and the other half sitting around looking for the next ice cream shop. I feel lucky that we are able to travel so much with my in-laws; this sort of bond doesn’t happen for everyone. Enjoy these pics from our touring upon the USS Midway, and if by chance you copy this same itinerary, make sure to eat at Puesto afterward–best darn tacos in all of San Diego! (Ask for the kitchen special!)

USS Midway 3

USS Midway 4
Of course I caught a candid of Gigi in front of a wall of her very favorite color: GREEN!

USS Midway 13
Wild Zuper Junior and Wild Zuper Senior (apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!)

USS Midway 19
“Danger” meaning stick your arm in all the way to find out why….!

USS Midway 18

USS Midway 1
Busted–I did match my outfit to both the tour of the USS Midway and the taco stop at Puesto later on. I can’t help it. I like to match my occasions!

USS Midway 9

USS Midway 11
I guess we really can’t fault him: another example of the apple not falling very far from the tree!

USS Midway 17

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  • Judy Gramith

    When I was teaching it ALWAYS seemed like summers went incredibly quickly. I hop you’re continuing to get stronger and more pain free with each day. I also hope you’re finding ways to go a little easier on yourself back at work.
    Your top and skirt are such a happy combo!!!

    • Well, what do you know, I’m back to work full time! There’s a little bit of me that secretly enjoyed sitting at my Command Center (aka bed). While I know I need to be here, it sure was nice to have some time off and just veg. That’s exactly what I did. I have nothing–well a new hip–to show from that time off, so I guess not working was very treasured. I didn’t even really read, and I’m a librarian! I think I just really focused all my energy on this new hip of mine. I’m glad I did though because I’m feeling great!

      Thanks so much for your love Judy. It’s felt all the way over here in Hong Kong!

      Love, Ann

      • Judy Gramith

        Oh yeah and hooray!!!!
        SO good to hear from you Ann!!!!
        I was a little uncertain but it’s so clear that all the demands of blogging would be too much. You were wise to invest in full on, hip health focus.
        Vegging with a purpose isn’t really vegging . You NEEDED to just heal, and regroup, and think about all the things you’ll do and the places you’ll go and of course there’s the physical therapy and the pain (I hope it wasn’t too terrible). Not reading…who cares!!! I hope you enjoyed some entirely unhealthy chocolates and chips too! Getting healthy takes a variety of unique efforts 😉
        I look forward to knowing you’re continuing to take care of you and your darling family first.