Typhoon Hato

Today was a typhoon day: Typhoon Hato came and rocked Hong Kong–especially the south side where we live. These typhoons that hit Asia can be quite devastating. Luckily the infrastructure of Hong Kong is so strong that Hong Kong will be back to running within the next day or two. Some places in the world have snow days; here in HK, we have typhoon days. So, to be honest, it was nice to have a day home with the family with nowhere to go, nowhere to be. Basically we were stuck with one another, and it wasn’t so bad. At times we were quite scared–like early in the morning when the storm turned to a T10 and we could actually feel our house swaying. We were a bit scared, but we had one another. Kevin reassured us that buildings are meant to sway–even though it is definitely an odd feeling in the midst of it. By one in the afternoon, we finally ventured out together. The wind was still blowing, but not too intensely, there were spurts of rain, but not heavy, and the waves were really coming in, but we were careful. Yes, we were cooped up today, yet no, it wasn’t such a bad thing! We do hope Hong Kong recovers quickly from Typhoon Hato. Most likely school will be back on tomorrow…

You can pick up my cute Gucci-esque sweatshirt from Forever 21 and here’s a link for my 80s Reeboks.

I’m a complete sucker for anything that says “Créme de la Créme. I basically can’t say no–and for obvious reason! *wink wink*

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  • Judy Gramith

    YIKES!!! Back injuries and now typhoons!!?? You are one tough gal/family. Love to see how the kids are growing and you should wear red more often my dear! I’m glad you’re all safe and I sincerely hope that your area is back up and running.
    I’m also hoping that the back issue was a treatable glitch… I’m not 100% certain of when you created this post and when you actually put it out for viewing…? Regardless, I’m sending healing, warm and loving karma to you Ann. (NOT on hurricane/typhoon force winds however)

    • A typhoon day is like a snow day. We were all stir crazy by noon. I got myself all gussied up, well make up anyway, and asked for someone, anyone to take pictures for me. Then, with all of us out there together, the fam let me take pics of them too. I LOVE IT WHEN THEY LET ME DO THAT! (Yes, that was a scream because I really do love it when it happens, and we all know it rarely does!)

      I walked slowly, was careful, and came back to a hot pad on the back. It was nice to get out and walk around. The destruction is devastating though, and actually the city will take a day or two to get back to running.

      By now, with all my comments you got the gist of my ailments. Ask away if I haven’t covered anything! Hahah. I’m a wreck. But I try to be a happy one!

      Love, Annie

  • Wow – I bet that was a bit unnerving. Good to see all of you venturing out together. Super cute tee and looks great with your cutoffs!

    • In the morning it was so freaky Jennie. We could feel our building SWAY! That was weird. But, like Kevin reminded us, they are supposed to. My daughter sat in the middle of the apartment away from all the windows. It was rather comical actually. My husband and son tried to watch the Mariners play. I read my book. And used a highlighter! It was a weird sort of relaxing day. It felt really nice to have this family walk together by 1 pm. We were all going stir crazy!

      Wranglers Jennie, the best cutoffs out there. I’m on my second pair!

      Love, Annie

  • señora allnut

    glad that you’re ok!, a typhoon sounds like something really dangerous, even if you told us that it’s just like a snow day to stay at home!
    Always love your shorts & pullover outfits, you look so summery and genuine!, and very stylish!
    besos & get well soon!