Style Story Link Up No. 2–I Learned a Lesson This Week!

Style Story Link Up I Learned a Lesson Weekly Style Work Style

Oh! I learned a lesson last week. Basically, I found out that I really like my options. I was trying to follow the October Capsule Wardrobe I’ve been offering as an optin if you join my email list. I mean, if I’m going to promote a capsule wardrobe, I should be able to follow it. But, this past week I found out that I like my options. No, let me amend that: I love my options. While I tried to follow the items in the capsule, I deviated greatly. I think this is ok, but also rather hilarious. Now that I know this about myself, I am definitely not adhering to something for one very long month! I can see how capsule dressing is a great idea for travel or certain situations. In the meantime, I’m scheming of a better optin for all of you to join my email list–unless you’d just like to join just for future Kremb de la Kremb updates. If so, link here. (Don’t worry. I’m not creating an email list to spam you rather for the day coming soon when I can really, professionally offer my style services to you. I’m just one assignment shy of becoming a certified stylist!)

Style Story Link Up No. 2

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