Oversized Denim and Summer

Once one vacation is over, I instantly start thinking of the next….And the next vacation is summer–which this outfit reminds me of. Basically, oversized denim is my summer uniform. We’ll reach our cabin by June this summer, so I’ll be layering in oversized denim and lots of cozy sweatshirts. Then later on in the summer, Kevin and I will drop Vincent off at a baseball camp in California which then allows us to have a little private getaway! With Gigi staying with her cousins, Kevin and I will cruise up the coast from LA to San Jose–in a convertible! I can’t wait!! This is our little adventure to celebrate 20 years married this July 25th. Other family fun includes a Krembs’ reunion in the middle of Washington State to celebrate my in-laws 50th reunion. Isn’t that cool?! They’ve been married for 5-0 years!! Oh, I forgot to mention what will kick off our summer: the Lawn Mower Races on Spirit Lake Main Street! Yes, I’ll be wearing this outfit for sure because it will be time for me to fit into that rugged Idaho look.

Panoramas and Cabin Candids with Rusty and Ted

Rusty and Ted
I can’t say Rusty is our oldest friend–that’s not correct, but he is the friend that Kevin and I have shared for the longest amount of time. We met Rusty exactly five days after getting married when we arrived with him for both of our first posts overseas in El Salvador. That means Rusty has been a friend of ours for 19 years! Now with Ted as his partner and fiancé (Rusty proposed this last November), Ted has also become our good friend. They were with us this past weekend. Even though the weather was bad, with plenty of sleepy rainy mornings, we had a great time playing ladder ball, barbecuing plenty of flat irons, and returning to poker games or campfires at night.

Panorama Ted
These panoramas are a no-brainer, but we’d never done them before. What fun!! Here Ted is contemplating Ted and below Gigi and Ted pointing with some oohin and awing.

Panorama Gigi and Ted

Panorama Ann
I managed to get an #ootd in plus some smooches.

Panorama Kissing

On to the boat for some true cabin candids…

Gigi Wakeboarding
Gigi wakeboarding and her broad, toothy smile after.


Vincent Wakeboarding
Vincent is so strong now behind the boat. He’s now at that age when you can feel him pulling the boat back. That equals man. Yikes!

Vincent Krembs

Annie 2
I had to pose with my tied scarf. While these little bandanas are half for fashion they are fully for warmth. I slept with one around my neck last night. They serve as a make shift turtleneck.

Annie 1

Kevin Krembs Lake
I love catching a candid of Kevin driving the boat–there will be some more. And even though we don’t actually see sun set, we receive glorious sunsets all the same.

The next round of visitors arrive on Wednesday. I’ll try to catch some candids of Kevin’s family during their visit to the Kremb de la Kremb cabin to post next week. Stay tuned for some more pics from our trip to San Diego later on this week. And as for a little DIY–I do have something up my sleeve there as well.

I hope you are enjoying your Summer ’16. Have you joined the Snapchat craze. I have….it turns my day to day life into a reality show! Hahha! No but really, if you’d like to follow what happens out here at the Kremb de la Kremb Cabin, follow me on Snapchat–I’ll let you guess the username. *wink wink* (Ok, it’s krembdelakremb.)

Summer Candids: A Week in Seattle

The summer is well underway, so before too much time elapses, I felt I should post the summer candids from our week in Seattle at the start of the summer. Usually I post my Style Stories on Fridays, but since summer style out at the lake consists of jean shorts, tee shirts, and swimsuits, I’m switching it up be recapping all the candid shots taken during the summer. Next Friday I’ll post some candids from the baby shower my sisters and I hosted for our brothers and their pregnant wives.

Summer Candids

Summer Candids

Summer Candids

Summer Candids

Our week in Seattle consisted of visits to the waterfront and hitting a Mariner game. We eat really well each night with Kevin’s father starting a new hobby of cooking. We managed to take a little road trip down to Mt. Hood with both the grandparents and cousins. We even made it to the Summer Solstice Festival in Freemont where we saw a naked bicycle parade. Every visit to Seattle is always such fun!

Summer Plans, 2015


This is one of my favorite pics from last summer. It’s from a dinner date at our local pizza joint out at Spirit Lake. Here’s the original post.

School just ended! The kids are at a friend’s house swimming. The teachers here at work will celebrate the end of year with a party this afternoon. Then, we come in for one last day tomorrow. I’ve got Friday off to pack and finish any last errands. But basically, for intents and purposes, it’s summer for the Krembs!

Summer, Part 1: Spokane (June 13-19)


Mom, Dad and Trouser!

This Saturday the kids and I fly home to Spokane, Washington. A week later, Kevin will join us; he’s required to spend a week working later and a week earlier each school year. For the first week, the kids and I will stay with my mom and dad in Spokane. There home is lovely and cozy and perfectly Americana! The kids will gorge themselves with American TV and time with the cousins while I’ll most likely be making daily trips to Target ten minutes away and drinking rosé in the evenings with my sister. All of it sounds just perfect after an entire school year aways from the U.S.

Summer, Part 2: Seattle (June 19-26)


This is a pic from our road trip last summer with the Krembs. Here’s the original post.

Once Kevin arrives, we’ll shoot over to Seattle to do the same thing with his folks. Except during this week on the Westside, we’ll most likely take a little road trip up North to Vancouver. It’s always really fun to travel with the Krembs. During our married life, they have maintained to be our most loyal travel buddies. Somehow when we’re all away we manage to get in some serious quality time that replaces the lack of quantity time while we’re living abroad. Last summer we ventured down the 101 all the way to the Redwoods with Jane and Alex, and it was such fun. While we can’t take that long of a road trip this summer, we will shoot on up north to Canada.

Summer, Part 3: Baby Shower! (June 27-28)


Last summer all the siblings were together! It’s so rare, but I think it might happen again at this baby shower!

The end of June will celebrate a baby shower for both my brothers and their wives. One babe arrives in July and the other in September. It’s exciting times for the Freuen family: more grandkids for the folks, nephews and nieces for the siblings, and cousins for the kids. Julie and Matt are hosting this party in their new home–which I cannot wait to see. You can bet it’s stupendous. I’ll make sure to take plenty of pictures. Also, Julie is always the best hostess, so I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. I plan to be her little helper and learn along the way.

Summer, Part 4: Spirit Lake, Idaho (June 29-August 3)


The 4th of July is always super fun because we usually have a very FULL house!
Here’s the original post.

Finally, starting in July, we will head out to our beloved cabin out at Spirit Lake. I’ve been daydreaming about sleeping out there for a while now. My bed is on the porch, looks out at nature, and is just so crisp. I pile blanket upon blanket, where many layers, and sleep with birds and bees in my ear. It’s quite a shock in comparison to the indoor sleep, but it’s a sleep I crave. Aside from sweet dreams, there will be plenty of good eats and water time. The day revolves around fun cooked meals and even more fun on the dock or beach. We’re on a cyclical “Can’t wait till Christmas/lake time calendar” with time out at the cabin approaching quickly.

Summer, Part 5: Coeur d’Alene (August 4-5)


When we’re out at C d’A, the kids just take care of themselves!
Here’s the original post from our stay out there last summer.

Possibly one of the most relaxing parts of our summer is the last few days before we leave. My sister plays host to us while the kids and I head out to their gorgeous home on Coeur d’Alene. The house is luxurious, the lake is grand, and I’m usually done hosting and now get to play guest. It’s always such a treat. The kids get their last hurrah with the cousins, and I anxiously await our departure, BUT feel relaxed by the grandeur of Lake Couer d’Alene.

Here’s to Summer 2015!

Sunday Summer Sundresses

SidePortrait2I have many more posts from our month of July out at the cabin, but I did want to include a little bit of the gloriousness that we are experiencing in Hong Kong. While it is really tough to always return when the folks back in the States have one more month of summer holiday, Hong Kong makes it that much easier by being so gorgeous! This weekend was filled blue skies and sun beckoning us all to the beach! That’s another fabulous thing about Hong Kong–there are beaches everywhere! So while we do have to work, Hong Kong spoils us with awesome perks. Therefore, I spent this Sunday in a sundress. Well and to be honest a swimsuit too but what can I say, the beach is minutes away!





Some Outfit Details
Earrings–Florence, Italy at some corner boutique that I would frequent during our visits from Saudi Arabia during 1998-2000.
Necklaces–the hamsa and evil eye are Free Press, and the coral was made by my good friend Mariana Morrill for my mom who then gave it to me.
Lipstick–Purty Persimmon by Wet’n Wild (more on this magic wonder later!)
Dress and Sunglasses–Forever 21
Handbag–soooooo old and also from our days in Saudi Arabia from Aldo. I’m amazed at how well the dress and bag match–it’s as if they were made for one another! Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised by the items I treasure for so long!
Shoes–Dolce Vita

Coffee with Diamonds and on the Lake

Coffee6 Waking up out at Spirit Lake is just bliss! Every morning that the sun shines we see these sparkly diamonds glistening on the lake. Because Kevin and I sleep out on the porch, we are awoken by this view with accompanied birds every morning. Sometimes I like to take my coffee down to the dock and enjoy the serenity right on the water. Out at the cabin we also have a conglomerate of coffee mugs–each with their own story or symbolism. The Queen Hotel one in this post was a mug we walked away with over a skiing weekend in Canada during Kevin and my first year of dating. That means that mug is 20 years old!! It’s held up just like all the others. When you come visit us out at Spirit Lake, you’ll find one thing is true: it’s all very personal. There’s a story behind everything!





Some Outfit Details
Sunnies–Forever 21, old (More of their story here!) Similar
Earrings–Silver hoops worn all summer found in an India market
Necklace–Dogeared Karma necklace
Shirt–Solitaire by Ravi Khosla
Skirt–Shrinking Violet
Tote–Mischa (Also seen here and here.)
Sandals–Target Girls, but so old and kept at the cabin so they last longer!

The Outing Club

Tesemini6Our cabin out at Spirit Lake is actually a part of a housing development that started in the 1920s. The Tesemini Outing Club started out as a club for the Spokane elite; the families would make outings out this beautiful setting on Spirit Lake. I can only imagine the fashions that were involved for each visit. I’m sure the Spokane socialites of the day were decked out! They would take the train and then buggy in having picnics for the day on the club lawn or on their own properties. We believe our cabin was built in 1922. In 2022 we’ll have to have a 100 year old party! As for us, we love each and every one of our “outings” to the Tesemini Outing Club!




Tesemini3Do you see Gigi here? She made sure to make a cameo for this one through my reflective glasses!

Some Outfit Details
Sunglasses–Forever 21–out of stock (Read the story on the recovery here!)
Earrings–Indian Market (I kept my jewellery simple and wore these silver hoops all summer long.)
Necklaces–Various charms and Dogeared Karma necklace
Dress–Sans Souci
Tote–Mischa (Also seen here.)
Slip-onsVans (Also seen here plus see my slip-on fixation here.)

Spirit Lake Spirit

SistersThe 4th of July out at Spirit Lake is actually filled with so much spirit. It may seem cheesey, but it’s true. Our little Main Street fills up and a quick parade files through. It may be only about ten minutes, but it’s a neat feat. Then, after, everyone heads over to the community park where there are booths set up and more festivities with a live band and food stalls. All in all, it’s a one hour affair–some years we partake in the actual parade. This year we were bystanders with the kids grabbing for the candy and all cheering the town on enjoying what Spirit has to offer. I took this event as a time to snap some cute outfit pictures of my beautiful sisters and niece. Keep scrolling all the way through to the end, and you’ll get to see the Spirit Lake Twins! They walk the town together daily, and we get quite excited when they are sited!










Stop the Car!


Family portrait agains a stunning backdrop–this wasn’t the first and only, but it did happened to be the best!

The Spirit Lake Library’s wifi is working this time around, and I have finally been able to upload some pictures from the start of our summer! The four Kremb de la Kremb went on a road trip down Highway 101 with Kevin’s folks, Alex and Jane–also affectionately known as Babaji and Grammie. We had such a wonderful time! They joined us all the way down to Miranda Gardens in the Redwoods (more on that later locale later). We had such fun, and as often happens on a road trip, we often had to stop the car! The sites and beauty of the Oregon Coast are breathtaking. We were in awe the entire time–and that’s saying something when you’re sittin’ in a car.


Head out the window just like a pup!


I often started the day with sooooo many layers, yet by the end of the day, hat, scarf, jacket, and leggings were gone.



Gigi takes the BEST jumping shots. She’s my lil’ sporty sport!


Here’s these two kiddos on the roof of the car–don’t worry we were parked looking at a herd of elk.


H U G S ! !



Northwest Layering

SkullScarfCurrently I’m on a road trip with my family along the Oregon Coast. June is not really considered summer quite yet in the Northwest with all the rain (it’s raining in Bandon, Oregon as I write!)–by August the entire area will be sweltering in heat, but that’s a month I rarely see in this area as we always start school in August. The key to dressing in the Northwest is layers: they are an absolute must. For our day of touring through Portland, I was set with a tee, denim shirt, moto jersey jacket, and a scarf. With this assortment of layers, I was set whether the sun shine or the wind blew (on this day, there was no rain but a raincoat was in the trunk!).




Photos by Vincent

Some Outfit Details

Mirrored Sunnies–Forever 21
Silver Hoops–Market in India
Necklace–Various Charms
Moto Jacket–Forever 21
Denim Shirt–Gap
White Tee–Target
Little Purse–Zara Girls
Quilted Skirt–Boutique in Yangshuo
Perforated Slipons–Forever 21
Silver Anklets–Market in India