Wide Legged Pants: Ping Pong piece No.5

It’s the twentieth, so therefore Samantha, Anna and I plus Liyana are brining you a Ping Pong Piece. For August we are featuring wide legged pants. I must say right off the bat that I may have not taken the challenge all the way. I probably should have featured these wide leg pants: my flowered very full pants. But, when Samantha called this theme I instantly thougth of my wide legged white jeans, so there you have it. I also wanted to style the purchase I made back in June with Debbie again with my favorite slides–but this time in yellow. You hear me talk a lot about Krystal Bick from This Time Tomorrow. Folks not only is she one of the most stylish bloggers out there, but she is also one of the kindest. I keep seeing her in yellow satin slides paired with just about anything, like a neutral, that I had to be the copy catter that I am and give it a try. I have to say; I like it! Finally, you will be seeing a lot, I mean a TON, of this Hustle & Hide Co waist belt from my sister. I can’t not stop using it; it’s the best! Julie, I am publically thanking you here on the blog. I love it so much! Let’s see how the other PPPers did this month with real wide legged pants…

Samantha from Fake Fabulous

Sam’s picture came in first, and I was like, “Uh oh, I should have worn my really wide pants.” I mean look how cools these wide pants look under a dress! Sam is used to layering as exemplified here. I wear plenty of short hemlines and need to take note: pair pants underneath. It not only looks super chic but keeps things more modest. I love how casual cool Sam is here. I will be copying this look dear friend, I’ll be copying for sure. And it won’t be the first time!

Liyana from Affordorable.com

Samantha invited Liyana from Affordorable. I have been following Liyana from her travels to her life in Malaysia for a while now. Liyana is the “modest personal style blogger.” While she always maintains modesty, she also always remains totaly and effortlessly stylish. Like me, she loves her kicks. I always enjoy seeing what she puts together–like here, she’s got classy pinstriped wide legged pants, with a tailored long blazer, and fun print head scarf. Plus! She’s carrying a wonderful matching title. (This is something I like to occasionally add to my posts;) I really appreciate each and everyone of her outfits. Follow both her blog and her Instagram. This was the second pic to come in, and yet again, I was like, “I missed the boat on this one!”

Anna of Anna’s Island Style

Now Anna’s wide legged pants are very similar to the pants I should have styled for this Ping Pong Piece. Mine are floral like hers yet in different colors, and like her I usually wear mine with a plain colored top because the pants seak for themselves. It was with Anna’s mail with these pants, that I considered retaking my pictures for this collaboration, but as time would have it, just couldn’t get it together. I do love Anna’s pants. They’re so fun, and they’re a definite last flowing goodbye to summer with their fresh colors. Oh, I sure don’t want summer to end–I’m pretty sure my friends here may agree…

And me, Kremb de la Kremb

In this photo if you look up above in the lefthand corner you will see two windows of our apartment. I cropped the picture so you could see where we live. Often times if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see the view out my windows. Here, I’ve offered a pic of those two windows. I have to admit: I love living in Stanley, Hong Kong. It’s a wonderful, incredibly vibrant neighborhood of Hong Kong. 

Now… let’s take a look at the wide legged pants I should have featured as founded on my Instagram feed… 

Here’s my flower power styled with my navy pea coat.

And here’s another styling back when I had super long hair. I was also able to wear high heels back then! Goodness, I was quite thin too! Something to strive for….both the hair and physique!! The heels I don’t care so much about (although I still have these boots just in case!).

One Dress and Three Belts

I remember reading something from a blogger once (It was Christine from My Style Pill): she said she always saves the belts that come with a dress, but she never wears that exact belt with the dress. For some reason, that style tip has always stayed with me. Here, I took one blush dress and styled it with three different belts–including the one it came with. I chose two other belts that I don’t wear very often and have even considered giving away. I’ll be interested to hear which belt you like the best….and whether I should get rid of the other two.

The Original Belt

I actually kind of like the monochromatic look the original belt offers plus the way this velvet sash flows in the wind is rather nice.

Twice Around Leather Belt

I’ve had this belt for a very long time–long enough that there are stray threads coming off the belt if you look at it closely. Since it’s a double wrap belt, I always like styling it with a tie rather than using the actual buckle.

Kimono/Aztec Belt

It’s quite possible I got this kimono belt around the same time as the double wrap one up above; in fact, I also got a purple metallic kimono belt like this one as well. I like the kimono part of this belt, yet I often feel like the Aztec print might be dated. Or perhaps I just don’t know how to style it in the right way.

Which Belt?

Please tell me: which belt do you prefer? I actually, despite Christine’s style tip, prefer the original velvet belt. I’m inclined to get rid of the other two. What do you think?

A One Shoulder Sweater

One day a couple of weeks ago, I was in the belly of Hong Kong riding the MTR (that’s the name of HK’s subway system). I can’t remember what stop I was at, but one of the advertisements really caught my eye: it was of a woman in a gorgeous white one shoulder sweater with a string of pearls around her neck. I’m pretty sure the advert was selling the pearls and not the sweater, but no matter. The image stayed with me, and once I got to a computer, I went searching for a white one shoulder sweater–granted the one I saw on the model was cashmere and mine is cotton, however I think I’ve emulated her look exactly.

This made me think… what grabs your style attention? Is it ads? Magazines? Blogs? Is it the colleagues you work with our strangers on the street? For me, I think I am forever and always examining what people are wearing. In fact, I often remember the outfits people were wearing when I first meet them, and I always remember what I was wearing. I find style inspiration all around me. Where do you?

[Read more…]

Zara DIY Pants: Gold Button Trousers

zara-diy-pants-19Here are the last pair of Zara DIY Pants: the gold button, side seam trousers. So far I made a pom pom hemmed pair, a double red stripe pair, and now this pair. Every time I entered Zara, these luxe gold button trousers especially took my fancy. The authentic version actually does offer a couple of functional buttons down by the side cut of the seam; mine however only have the side cut at the hem with gold buttons adorning the seam. I’ve had these wide legged, high-waisted trousers for a very, very long time. In fact, I think I purchased them during our time in India, so that’s before 2009! Regardless, I love these trousers, and now, with an updated look, I have a feeling I’m going to love them even more. They have always been super long, so I have to wear a heel with them. Luckily I have my new flatforms that give me almost 3 extra inches! Ahhh, high heels for Annie again! It’s been a very long time, but I’ll take a high heel any way I can get it. Another irresistible trend this fall is the bell sleeve. In my opinion this sleeve elevates any top, so here I’ve got the boring combo of a white top and black bottom, but the look in my opinion is super chic with these extras details.







Zara DIY Pants: the Gold Button Trousers

Since the real gold button trousers are actually functional at the slit opening, I needed to choose a very wide leg to pull these Zara DIY pants off. Luckily as mentioned up above, I’ve had this pair for a really long time. They are definitely worn, and I’ve often thought of getting rid of the, but I just couldn’t do it. The high waist and the fullness of the leg kept me from giving them away. I’m glad I never did. This pair was perfect for my final Zara DIY pants. And again, just like the pom pom trimmed hem and the double red stripe, these were super simple. All I had to do was purchase similar flat, gold buttons. I brought the materials to my tailor, Yee, with a picture of the pants from Zara online, and she added the buttons to the side seam. The last step was opening up the bottom seam–something she resisted at first, but then finally accomplished after some prodding. Voila, another very easy pair of Zara DIY pants!!

Which pair do you think you would try out? The pom pom hem? The double red stripe? Or this gold button trouser?

And, are there any looks that you want me to try and figure out with a little DIY? Let me know in the comments…

PS May I make a recommendation? Elevate your standard white top with a bell sleeve. You won’t regret it! Just make sure it’s not a day of cleaning or cooking when you wear it. Wink wink.

Cute White Bell Sleeve Tops

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The Fab 40s Attempt Preppy

I knew what I was going to call for this month’s Fab 40s’ theme: preppy! It was during May when we were all dressed in boho style that the idea came to me. Jennie, who used to be our most preppy, and who has now become one of our most boho, asked me if it would be hard for me to dress preppy. I had to think about that…I am not every very preppy in my sartorial ways even though I love so many elements of preppy: plaid anything, white and pinstripe shirts, navy blazers, and rolled up pant legs. I definitely have all these elements in my closet, but I would never call my style preppy. I have to many other things to add to my looks: patterns like paisly, texture in favor of sequins, and frequent short hems. Plus I always end up adding some element from one of the places I’ve lived making my style way more boho than preppy. But it was funny; when I was required to dress in a bohemian way, I struggled, yet for this look, my preppy came out easily. Maybe it’s the librarian in me!




preppy-look-from-rcmFor this month’s blogger collab, I invited someone I have admired for a long time: Michelle from RetroChicMama. I love Michelle’s style, but I love the story behind her blog even more. Wow! She has so many different experiences in her life–some of which I wanted way back from when I could daydream about what I would become when I grew up. Besides visiting her blog and becoming addicted to her beautiful style, do take a moment to read her story. It’s pretty awesome! As is her wide legged, casual blazer, preppy lewk!

Curlybyrdie Chirps

photo-23-10-2016-3-31-11-amWell isn’t Mary perfectly preppy! Look at this striped dress–yes, I do not believe Mary has featured anything other than a super stylish dress (maybe there’s been a skirt or two, but she is OUR dress wearer!). The thing about Mary is I do have a hard time believing she is a day over 30. We (The Fab 40s) need to request her beauty regiment, because that lady looks like a twenty-something in my honest opinion. And that youthful dress proves it!

Sheela Writes

dsc_0229Is this a Blair Woldorf double? I do see it as so. Oh, Queen She, I’ve been meaning to watch Gossip Girl all over again, and you have pushed me over the edge into the binge. You may be all sultry shy sitting there, but I know better: you are a true vixen!! As per usual dear Sheela.

Fashion on the 4th Floor

photo-1-1-2000-12-02-00-amOk, the preppy outfit is amazing. Diane has rocked the look. But, for just a second I want my readers to notice something else: look at all the perfect lines. The “V” of her vest, the perfect symmetry of the handbag, the cross section lines of her body as well as her feet. I get really into editing pictures, and my goodness Diane, yes the outfit is amazing, but the edit is equally spectacular. Call me geeky, but this pic and styling could be an advert in a magazine!

A Pocketful of Polka Dots

fab-40s-go-preppy-5030Jennie, my preppy friend! Of course you got the preppy look nailed with a mix of stripes and gingham, perfectly worn jeans and riding boots, the blazer and pearls. I am so anxious to read your post to see what you thought of styling preppy–especially since you have become so much more bohemian in your style since May. It’s funny isn’t it? We are chameleons–especially when we have such fun playing dress up with one another. Great look here Jennie! And now, I’m off to read your post…You’re post sounds similar to mine from Boho May!

Cid Style File

When I look at Vero‘s styling it made me remember I missed something vital in my own interpretation of preppy: leopard! I love the shoes she’s got on here. Of course that bold yet subtle pattern makes the outfit–along with plaid, a vest, and some skinny maroon pants. Veronica even has the leopard accent with your handbag too. Yes! I love a hashtag (or two) for this: #leopardlove or #loveleopard. Take your pick!!

Fake Fabulous

photo-16-10-2016-9-42-57-amI love this modern preppy rendition from Samantha! Everything is typically preppy–BUT the cold shoulder adds such a marvellous modern take to the preppy look. It’s still gingham, with pegged pants and tobacco pairings with the brogues and handbag, but the cut out shoulders and ruffle add a real youthful, 2016 spin to preppy today. I love this outfit, and Sam, I love your hair! That side sweep part with your grown out pixie are super chic!

Kremb de la Kremb

kremb-de-la-kremb-preppy-7There are two proud pieces that I have been holding out for with this post: first my penny loafers! I am pretty darn excited to proudly wear these shoes again. I won’t go into the long story of the last time I wore this style of shoe, but I’ll leave a hint by saying that when I last wore penny loafers, I lost one during a very scandalous moment of my 16th year. (Please go ahead and ask if you’d like to know more…) The other proud piece of this outfit is my spectacular tee because, yes! Reading is sexy!! I’m a librarian by day, and of course, I wore this exact outfit to work, and these pictures were taken in my very own library. I’m so proud of being both a librarian and a reader. You’d think by definition I would definitely be preppy, but pretty much every librarian I’ve ever met also has a little spark of boho in her. Just check out a librarian’s jewellery–it’s usually always overly artsy! Which by the way, I scaled down my accessories for this post. I opted for heaps of sentimental gold, especially with the charm bracelet, and I even wore my glasses which I never ever wear. (They’re only for one eye, so I usually just let the other one see.) I guess there’s more to this outfit like plaid pants and a navy blazer that I added gold buttons to just to be a perfectly preppy as possible. Yep, it’s definitely in me!




I couldn’t resist! It is my library afterall!

So, are you a preppy dresser? If you are, what’s the signature to your preppiness?

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I had to have these Embroidered Jeans!


Earrings, Forever 21 (old, but similar) | Cold Shoulder Top, ASOS | Embroidered Jeans,
Zara (sold out, but this is their new–and even better–version!) | Glitter Bag, Zara Girls
(old, but similar) | Glitter Boots, Zara (last year, but these are very close)

I had to have these embroidered jeans. I mean I really had to have them. And, I was prepared to go to whatever lengths to find them! I first stumbled upon these embroidered jeans while I was resting in my Command Center post my hip surgery this fall. Check out how beautiful these Zara gems look on the stunning Maria Bernad. You can see why I had to have them!

embroidered-jeans-6The first pair I got were a size 4–yes, that’s laughable because I have only once fit in a size 4. It was a brief and glorious–if even short lived–stint, but it hasn’t and most likely will not happen again. I’m ok with that. But the drugged out mom told her kids when they went to the movies to get me whatever pair they could. I didn’t care about size at that point. I wasn’t even able to pull them past my knees, but I held on to them just for the patches in case I weren’t to find my proper size.

It was time to head online, but there they were not an option in Hong Kong. Next I went to the Zara US site: I had my sister ready to receive them and ship them over, but to no avail they were sold out there too. It was at this time I turned north to China, and guess what? I found them!! But there was now a new hitch. China does not take Hong Kong credit cards, and I no longer have a Chinese bank account–once we left Beijing we closed our accounts.

embroidered-jeans-4Oh the struggle was getting real. I felt desperate by now feeling that I must, I had to have these embroidered jeans. I had the very small pair sitting as standby–I planned to used the patches on another pair of jeans if need be. That’s when Andrew came in! I used to work with Andrew in Beijing, but he has since left the school and now runs a business purchasing items in China for expats. This was the perfect solution for my dilemma and so easy. Within a couple of days, I finally had the proper sized embroidered jeans thanks to the help of Andrew. (If you need Andrew’s contact information, just let me know.)

embroidered-jeans-5Are you like me? Desperate when you become fixated on an item. When there is a will, there is a way–that’s way I say, and WEAR! Let me know if you need help finding an item. Chances are it will become my fashion fixation too, and I’ll be able to help you out. I mean it. Let me shop for you! All you have to do is ask….

Breton Stripe Shirt–Ping Pong Post No. 7

It was my turn this month for the Ping Pong Post collaboration running between me, Anna, and Samantha. I’ll be honest: I wanted to go with a simple classic. What’s more sure than a Breton strip shirt? The version I chose–a hand-me-down from my sister–has a bit of spunk to it; it’s boxy and cropped. I love when I’m able to sigh sartorially around my sister, and she instantly hands over the piece. I was interested to see how my friends would style something so simple, and of course, I was instantly impressed! For me, I simply pulled out my inner pirate. My hair is out of control these days, so often the best thing to do is tie a kerchief around it. I strung tons of gold upon myself with even a pearly thumb ring. I went for Johnny Depp coal eyes to increase my Caribbean seawater look. Of course, when it comes to shoes, I went with runners, but even those are rose gold!


Anna from Anna Island Style

I love this. I repeat. I. Love. This! Anna took my breton stripe shirt and turned it into a skirt. Isn’t it genius! Gosh, she’s so svelte and cool in this look. I want her arms and figure and everything! With a quick glance, even the tan belt cinching her waist with looks like a tan stomach. I really admire this ingenious look!


Samantha of Fake Fabulous

Now Samantha, she could pass as French here instead of Scottish! How flirty and cute she styled this basic breton stripe shirt. I swear I think this styling makes her look like she’s ready for Paris Fashion Week to begin momentarily. Also, she has the red skirt I’ve been wanting for a while now. But one quick question Samantha: is it really the season for tights again? Your cold weather happens so quickly!


Me, Kremb de la Kremb




What about you?

I bet you have a Breton stripe shirt in your wardrobe or at least something close. I’m curious… How do you usually style it?

Get connected with the Ping Pong Posters

  • Anna Island Style is @AnnaIslandStyle on Instagram and a Facebook page here.
  • Fake Fabulous is also @FakeFabulous over on Instagram as well as @FakeFabulous on Twitter, and a Facebook page under again the same name, Fake Fabulous!
  • And I’m @krembdelakremb pretty much everywhere! Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
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    March, You Give Me a Style Rut

    Yellow WallThe fog has hit Hong Kong. If the sunny weather comes back, I want to wear this dress to Easter Sunday.

    Oh March. You really do put me into a style rut! And this is coming from someone who loves getting dressed! March drags on forever and ever. It’s not quite spring, and most are surely feeling finished with Winter. Poor March. This month really does get a bad wrap. But here I am in a serious style rut not knowing what to wear. Hence, a jaunt down memories lane….I went to last year’s spring posts to seek inspiration. Ahhh, now there I go–I can almost feel my style rut leaving!

    Two Suede BottomsSuede seems like the perfect almost spring material. Paired with bright whites and denim, suede acts as a warm yet playful layer.

    ginghamI keep thinking I should get rid of this red and white checked shirt, but then I think of how cool it’s worn as a skirt, and it stays. How do you like it better? Top or bottom? And would you ever wear your shirts as a skirt?

    Off the Shoulders Dress 4We can almost feel the beach weather ahead of us. This will be the first beach dress I pull out–plus the black off-the-shoulder dress is safe without a tan after a pasty winter.

    Fringe PurseI love this jacket! I’m pulling it out of winter hibernation today!! It’s the perfect boho vibe I crave. This is such an easy outfit too–jeans and a grey tee.

    Culottes DressyI’m almost tired of culottes but not quite. I love this black pair dressed up with a sequin and beed embroidered top. (Look at the henna on my feet and ankles from my trip to India last year. Oh, I’m really missing this trip right about now!)

    Sequin ShiftWho says you can’t wear a sequin dress after the holidays!? Not me. Paired with a denim jacket, this dress is totally dressed down.

    Rainy Weekend Wear 4Here’s another great transitional piece–long sleeves with off-the-shoulder. I love how simple this outfit is, and I’m looking forward to pulling out my sandals.

    Menswear 14This outfit was worn in the fall, but I think it will be perfect for the approaching spring.

    Go Away Style Rut

    Awww, that feels better. There is hope for fun outfits ahead even though the weather doesn’t know what it wants to do during March. I’ll bide my time and experiment with new ideas on how to make the most of my wardrobe.

    Hmmm, did you notice a trend I’ll probably be back to incorporating this spring? I think it might be the OTS (off-the-shoulder) top!

    Also, my hair was so short last spring!!

    I Dare you to Wear More than Four Colors

    Kremb de la Kremb Colorful 7
    You know how we used to all look at the J.Crew catalogs, and think how are they mixing all those colors and prints together? Well, I used to think that anyway, but these days, it seems every outfit I put together is filled with this style called “pattern play.” I’m making some pretty great friends in this blogging community–who are all embracing this colorful style of dressing. Lead ringer among us is Sheela. She got six of us together to style four or more colors. Four colors could include different patterns as well: you know like leopard and plaid paired with a winter sweater, bright gloves, and a luxe bag! Here’s a take of six style bloggers who interpreted more than four colors:

    Colorful 3

    Colorful 2

    Colorful 1

    Colorful 5

    My Outfit Details of Four Colors:

    Leopard Fur–ASOS
    Mountain Sweater–Zara
    Plaid Pants–Forever 21
    Earrings–Macy’s (similar)
    Lippy–Maybelline Lip Studio Color Blur in Berry Misbehaved (my new fave that I just found–I always check out what’s new at the drugstore when I’m home in the States)
    Tote–Louis Vuitton Speedy 35
    Red Gloves–from a market in China (similar)
    Boots–from my Mom

    Sheela 4 Colours 08
    Here’s my good friend Sheela from Sheela Writes. Somehow, through both physical distance and time difference, we have become really good buds. In fact, while I’m in Hong Kong, I’ll sometimes wake and start chatting with her on Whatsapp. One of these days I do know we will meet with either a visit in the States or in Asia. Even though Sheela will say this was a difficult challenge for her, she still looks great–evidence that confidence is another item we wear. Sheela, special thanks goes to you for coordinating all of us!

    Samantha writes Fake Fabulous, and believe me there is everything fabulous about her and nothing fake. I’ve already stated my inspiration for Sam here. As per usual, she is bold and quirky and it always just works. When Sheela and I were figuring out a style challenge beyond our monthly Fab 40s, we turned to Samantha’s style. She definitely served as inspiration for this challenge. And of course, she totally rocked it!


    Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

    Liyana is a blogger I’ve just met; she writes Affordable.com. (I think she scored with the url, and I wonder how often she’s asked to sell it….) I love how simply colorful Liyana is. Look how expertly she’s paired dots. Can you find them all? Next time I go to Malaysia I know who I will be meeting! Make sure you go to Liyana’s “About Page;” her pic there is just about the cutest blogging portrait out there.


    Nicole writes Lipstick and Brunch. I always have a little hair envy for those who so boldly color their hair. I always wish I could just go for it (and not just on a photo shopped April Fools’ joke.) When I read about Nicole, I became very fascinated by her history. She’s Honduran, so I have a feeling if we become texting buddies like I am with Sheela, we might write a bit in Spanish. I love how colorful Nicole is–she definitely had no trouble with this challenge.

    20151217_151113 (1)
    Anna lives on an island–just like me, hence her blog, Anna’s Island Style. However her island is tranquil and isolated, hardly comparable to busy-busy Hong Kong. Yet, I think our commute to go shopping is similar in time getting there! I first met Anna when she started reading Kremb de la Kremb. Because she’s always been so supportive and encouraging, a friendship was sure to begin. Since her finding me, we email and Facebook: in fact in the new year, you can look forward to a travelling sort of collab between Anna, Samantha and me…

    What do you think? Do you ever wear more than four colors? Do you need help figuring out how to do this? You could call on anyone of us, and we would totally be ready to help you.

    Call on the Four Colors Style Pros:

    Here’s Sheela in Houston.
    Samantha is in Scotland.
    Liyana is in Malaysia.
    Nicole is also in Houston.
    Anna is on Cornwall Island.
    And I’m in Hong Kong.

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    What’s My Too Bold?

    Ann Krembs Too Bold Kremb de la Kremb 8
    What’s my too bold? Every individual has an interpretation of what’s too bold for themselves. Take lipstick…it’s an every day, routinely worn accessory for me. I pretty much feel a little naked if I’m not wearing any lipstick. For another though, a bright lip might be completely intimidating. This is the conversation that started between bold dresser Samantha of Fake and Fabulous and me. I was suprised when she admitted that a bright lipstick was something she wasn’t comfortable wearing. On the other hand, I am in awe with the colorful boldness in which Samantha wears her clothes. In fact, I’ve been awestruck! Watching post after post of Samantha in amazingly vivacious colors, it is no wonder that I have been inspired by her style. I always thought of myself as a somewhat bold dresser, but I’m actually kind of mild, maybe even muted. Therefore, for a while now, I’ve been contemplating how I could dress more boldly. Could I do it? The best way to try seemed to be to start with a pair of blue tights–Samantha Fake and Fabulous Style!

    Ann Krembs Too Bold Kremb de la Kremb 2
    I knew I wanted to incorporate some bold colored tights. I saw this mock shirt at Zara, and thought to myself, “Samantha would totally rock this!” So I picked it up for a mere HK$100. It seemed like the piece to get me started on Fake Fabulous style. I loved the multiple blue stripes with the mustard yellow streak–my suede mini doesn’t get enough wear, so I was excited to pair the two together. I also love any excuse to wear my blue suede boots! Next up, purchasing the blue tights. Luckily blue legs were easy enough to find in anyone of Hong Kong’s side alleyways with a lady street market.

    Ann Krembs Too Bold Kremb de la Kremb 3With a starting point established I added my cutoff jean jacket and a bright blue beanie to match the tights. Somehow adding these two items settled me a bit. Beforehand, I really felt like me legs were screaming, “Look at me! I’m blue!”

    Ann Krembs Too Bold Kremb de la Kremb 4Not being too sure if maybe it was the tightness of my shirt that made me self conscious, I swapped out the striped mock turtleneck and replaced it with the top from the co-ord that I wore to the first day of school. I feel this boxy cut actually looks better on my top heavy frame.

    Ann Krembs Too Bold Kremb de la Kremb 5Maybe it was the skirt? Too bold? This question makes me chuckle as that’s the point right? Go for bold! The black skirt with this top does look better–more put together. Now the blue suede boots are all wrong, and I didn’t want to give up on them. I think my fringe, knee-high black boots would have made this outfit a winner. Next time…

    Ann Krembs Too Bold Kremb de la Kremb 9In the end, it was the second look that I think accomplishes me being bold but still feeling comfortable. Somehow the denim vest calms things down for me while the beanie compliments the bright blue tights. Without those two additions, I really felt way too bold. In fact, when I was seen by a colleague on the way to shooting these pictures with Norbyah, I blushed and made excuses for having such bright blue legs–granted at this point I was still in tennis shoes and not hobbling along in my blue suede booties. Regardless, the way I feel has and will always greatly effect how I dress. If I don’t feel confident in something, I’m not going to rock it.

    So….will I dress this boldly? I don’t know. But Samantha, thank you for providing me with examples of bold dressing. I love, no adore your style. You make me want to wear more bold clothing. I see your posts, and I feel inspired. I can try to be more bold, and I will–as long as I feel good at the same time. Everyone’s bold is different, yet being bold is an important move toward self confidence.

    Ann Krembs Too Bold Kremb de la Kremb 6

    Pictures by I’m a Norbyah in Stanley Market

    *Now I know why you don’t wear bright lipstick. Samantha, your boldness is elsewhere. Speaking of which, I almost left the house with an orange lippy for this shoot, but then rapidly took it off and went for a natural lip instead.

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