Bright Stripes

Right about this time of year, I switch out my wardrobe. The fall and winter items get stored away, and out come the spring and summer clothes. When I saw this dress, I realized I hadn’t worn it in a while. The last time was during spring of 2015. These bright stripes needed some love again. The thing is, the last time I wore this dress, I wore it with the cutest pair of metallic blue pumps. It’s hard not being able to wear high heels; I miss them so! But, my overuse of sneakers wasn’t going to stop me from these bright stripes. This time I pulled out my white Nike Air Force Ones, white frilly socks, and white sunnies. To add some pops of color I styled the dress with my new turqoise ring from Zoko jewellery and flower power turquoise earrings from India. The final touch was my second hand, cute as can be, little purse that was “Made in Mexico.” I love the way the flowers on the bag perfectly match the flowers on my ears. And basically the only thing that will fit in that little bag is my new tabasco lippy. (At Etude House, it’s such fun! You pick out your lip balm and then the perfect case to match. Yes, I’ll be getting more!) So, see! I can wear cute bright stripes with tennis shoes. I have to. It really is the only type of shoe I wear each and every day! So I will wear dresses with tennis shoes, but I will always still add frills, colors, and jewels!

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What’s Your Emoji?

Do you have an emoji? That emoji that you always use, that one that perfectly depicts how you feel? That emoji that you use in the text to your sister or the one included in your Instagram comments. That emoji that you connect with because it feels like yours. Well, I do! I have an emoji that I always use: it’s the emoji winking with a tongue sticking out! For me, it’s the trickster yellow face, the joking one. There’s that winking eye laughing, “Hahahhaa!” but also sticking a tongue out like, “I’m so silly!” For some reason I absolutely love this emoji and totally relate to it. In fact, I just recently (and finally) made my bitmoji, and when it came to what I would have my character wear, I chose a t-shirt with the winking eye and tongue sticking out. So, of course, when I saw this adorable, glittery, little crossover bag–in the girls department mind you–at J.Crew, I had to have it even though it wouldn’t arrive for months later since it was on backorder (It’s in stock now if you’re interested, and there are a ton of other cute options. Don’t be afraid of the girls department!). Oh this bag! And this emoji!! I love them both. Enough said.

Now, what’s your emoji? I’m dying to know!! (Insert winking emoji with tongue sticking out!!)






*This post has been linked up to Not Dressed As Lamb’s #iwillwearwhatilike.

Stripes on Stripes


Right after our one day of spring sunshine, we have had the typical rainy showers in April that will bring May flowers. Luckily it’s not super, super cold so I can start transitioning my wardrobe–except for booties. I remember wearing booties straight through all the rain last year all the way to August. It’s as if fall weather in Hong Kong is the sunny, strappy sandal weather. Yes, I wore stripes on stripes, but I like it. I felt cheerful all day! Like, in a I-know-I-don’t-match-but-I-don’t-care way! I added my Tutti Frutti necklace to add some bling. And one thing I seem to keep repeating this spring is an orange lip. My favorites so far are Rendevous by Revlon, Infared by Topshop, and Orange Power by Loreal.



Some Outfit Details
Striped Sailor ShirtLandsend, also seen here and here
Tutti Frutti NecklaceWhat the Frock
Striped SkirtForever 21
Treaded BootiesIsland Beverly, shop 306
Handbag–c/o Oroton
Pearl Bracelet–Zara
LipsOrange Power, Loreal


We’ve got just one week left with Elle here with us in Hong Kong. Oh, it’s been such fun!! If you’ve been following her on Instagram, you will have noticed her very own hashtag: #elleinhk. With this, she’ll have a collection of everything she’s done here once she returns. One of her first weekends here I took her to Causeway Bay–of course! While exploring the craziness of CWB, I took her into the quirky shopping mallĀ Island Beverly. Well, after this trip we couldn’t stop thinking about these clunky, treaded, heeled booties–they became our fashion fixation that needed fixing. It was one week later when we went back to each get our own pair. Then, for a twinning photo shoot, we both paired our new boots with a messy bun, our circular, mirrored frames from the Ladies Market in Mon Kok, our matching stripes (hers belongs to her mom which I gave to Julie;), and some black on the bottom. We then went out and really cheesed it up as seen from these shots taken by Gigi.




Some Outfit Details
Mirrored Sunnies–Mon Kok but similar here
Sailor Shirts from Landsend
Elle’s Black Skinnies
Ann’s Black Tube Skirt
Treaded Booties–from Ada’s at Island Beverly, shop # or similar here

Other Stylings:
Striped Shirt
Black Tube Skirt